The Mermaid Librarian

Her long, slightly limp hair hung from a middle part on her pearlescently gleaming pale head and ran down to mingle with the similarly colored green tail below. Wearing wire rims and a jacket made of brown seaweed, she quietly drifted through the undersea caverns, keeping track of the collections, both human and otherwise, the books (written on pressed stones and the rare ancient kelp scrolls), and the ever present giggling horde of irrepressible university students.

In her work force mandated off time she and her sword fish companion (pet, he’s a pet!) watched mortal sit-coms and wrote humorous plot twists to them. (Just imagine if the world of fairy tales was under water instead of in Maine, or what if Dr. Kuthrapali really was AquaMAN?!)

She didn’t take much time off. The librarian was nothing if not loyal to her duty, however much she may have believed the call to have been a wrong number.