Review: A Boy Called CHRISTMAS


Written for Middle Grade Readers (Ages 7-12/Grades 3-6), this book is an origin story, a fable, a history, a drama, a family tale, and much more. In this adorable story we meet and follow a boy who grows up to be Father Christmas.

I read this via the audiobook (provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review) and the story is amazing, grabs you right off the bat and keeps you in its grips…and the narrations by Stephen Fry are so spot on it feels like the smoothest and most natural thing in the world.

There are some difficult issues addressed within the folds of this story: loss of parents, extreme poverty, and violence…but along with that are the trappings of Finnish mythology, the impossibilities of life, and magic (LOTS of magic!).

I am not the biggest fan of Christmas stories, they often seem to be formulaic and cheesy as all get out. This is not one of those stories. This is an adventure, a fable, a legend in the making. This is a story to listen to every year, for all the years. Haig has created a story with a life of its own, and I loved it.

4.75 dragons (stars) to this beautifully written phenomenon.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome to the December 16th edition of Be Writing with Quotes on Wednesdays! (A.K.A. BeWow and Writer’s Quote Wednesdays)

For more information and some great quotes go check out the proprietors of this phenomenon Silver Threading  and Ronovan Writes

I found the following 3 quotes and have been holding on to them for this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday and BeWOW because they seem to fit so well with each other, and with Silver’s Christmas gift quote request.

First we have:


When we choose to become writers, artists, accountants…whatever it is we are…we are locating our true selves, our gifts. In the case of artists and authors, we then give it away by letting the world see what we have. It is a very odd and heady thing.

Next is:


When we find that gift, our meaning of life as Picasso called it, then we must not neglect it. Focused attention isn’t just the way to a person’s heart or apartment, it’s the way to perfect our gifts and let them shine. Do you really want to give away a dirty, shabby, frayed present?

And Finally:


I think this speaks for itself and I know that this is at least something that I hope and pray for with my writing. Whether it be the picture books, the YA, or the Adult novels I’m working on, I have a yearning deep down inside that my writing or the story of my writing will do this for someone someday. 

Writer’s Quote Wednesday -Snowflakes



Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah…these are all traditions celebrated by different people throughout the world when December rolls around. Write’s Quote Wednesdays and BeWOW are traditions celebrated every week around the world by many of us. This month, Silver has asked that we combine the traditions and I found the perfect first quote to do that with. More of a winter quote than a “Holiday” saying, I still feel like it brought to mind everything the Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and writing are all about.



Every person, no matter what they do, is a unique individual. Though we really celebrate these things through pageantry and gifts and traditions in December, that individuality shines brightly all year round. We are each a snowflake, our writing styles and interests differ even from those closest to us. So go be a glittering snowflake, let the light shine on you, and dazzle with your talent, your beauty…your words.


Happy December everyone!

*to learn more about the fabulous traditions of Writer’s Quote Wednesday and BeWow check out Silver Threading’s page*

Christmas Dragons

Happy Christmas All! (whether you celebrate or not).

Today is a day of happiness and togetherness with my family and hopefully for yours as well. One thing that makes me very happy is my inner world in which reside several character, many of which are dragons. So from The Stone Dragons and myself, Have a Merry and Safe Holiday Season and enjoy these three favorite images.

Cardiff Dragons Christmas Dragon

Santa’s reindeer seem to have evolved, or taken an eggnog break! This picture from is one of my favorite!

Finally, this deviant art picture shows exactly how I feel the Dragons of the Stone Dragon Saga would behave on Christmas…like small children/cats trying to figure out how everything worked!

Birthday Trees

I bought my Dad a tree for his birthday. When most people hear that, they look at me like I’m insane. A tree? Really? Yes, a crape mysrtle Red Rocket sapling that is gorgeous and will provide much shade and beautiful flowers for us over the next several years. However, in the process of an impromptu day trip to visit my aunt (finally got our Christmas presents!), taking care of the toddler, and helping Dad plant…I haven’t written much over the past few days. My camp word count so far is stuck just below 2,000 and is not wavering as of yet.

If I look at the stark numbers of this, I become depressive and wonder why in the world I would want to do Camp NaNo when I’m already doing NaNoWriMo in November. But if I think of it as a tree, who’s leaves fall to the ground and who’s branches dry and wither and yet still comes back the next year, bigger, stronger, and prettier than ever before…if I think of it like that, then I look forward to my spare few minutes of writing time that I know I will steal away tomorrow. And I watch for those red flowers slowly coming into bloom.


Christmas Love

My mother loves Christmas. The music, the festivities, the baking, the movies, and pretty much everything else. She could, and usually does, watch/listen/sing all the year through…in fact, she could probably be a Who. Then there are some, like myself, who aren’t as interested in this holiday. However you feel about this time of year, most people find something to put a smile on their faces. But I’m not here today to talk about the family gatherings or the cute movies, or the connection my father feels to the Grinch..before he sells out.

No, I’m here to ask you each for a huge favor. I want you to remember, in whatever way you see fit, the people who can’t celebrate. Those who have lost loved ones this week, the soldiers stationed in areas that preclude their families gathering around them, the homeless, and the sick. There are people, possibly people that you often see in your daily rounds, that have problems during the holiday season. So while you are celebrating with family and friends today and for the next week or so, smile and wave at the woman down the street. You may never know how special that small act of kindness is to the recipient.

I hope that your Holiday, whatever it is that you celebrate, is Blessed beyond measure that you never have a reason to stop celebrating. May your day, your week, and your year be Blessed, and may you be a Blessing to those around you. Merry Christmas!