Confessions of a Sort

My mind is not linear. It is a swirling, spinning, sassy mass of song lyrics, television and movie quotes, and characters begging for release. I only do math under protest…extreme protest…but I could happily play my flute or write my stories for days on end.

I love teaching, but I have to be careful not to write with them on days I’m really feeling creative…because I get so deep into my story that I can’t deal rationally with the world around me. I don’t want to teach, i don’t want to listen to them, I don’t want to answer their questions or deal with their grades; I just want to write! On days like that I have to just take a step back and I’m afraid that I’ve taken away from my novel, and certainly my novelizing time, by forgetting the whispers from the back of my mind as I try to concentrate on teaching instead of the multiple lives within me.

When I do that, When I don’t write, when I work or take care of my daughter, or make myself do whatever it is I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing instead of taking those few short minutes to jot down an idea…I become a beast. If I have waited too long, suppressed myself too long (usually two to three days) I become moody, almost angry, like a Ms. Hyde…a Lady Hulk…a, well you get the picture.

*Sigh I feel better now. Confession is good for the soul!

Happy Day and may your Inspiration flow like a river that bubbles and babbles infinitely.

Thrashin’ Thursday

This week has been an odd one. With teacher work days on Monday (no school for students) and a sick child, it doesn’t seem as if it should be Thursday today…but I’m not sure if it should be earlier or later in the week! All afternoon I felt as if it were Friday, only to be sadly disappointed when I realized otherwise. Every student has been cranked up and crazy, and there are 2 new ones this week too!

According to friends and relatives (who lead real lives and go outside once in a while) this oddness has stretched out to non-school related places like eateries, shopping places, and extra-special road rage. So now I am curious, is this just our area? Is it just the result of odd weather changes and the extra super moon last week? Or is something more sinister afoot? (Or ahead, or a-hand, or perhaps an-ear?)

Should I chalk it up to the excessive amount of adhd and uneducated people that are piling into our area and perhaps write a story centering around it…or should I worry?

How are things in your neck of the woods?