Ministerial Musings at No Cost to You!

Ministerial Musings, written by Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree of Tyree Tomes, is available for FREE through the Kindle app until tomorrow night (September 2nd).

This book is a work of heart as Dr. Tyree shares lessons, anecdotes, and advice garnered over more that 30 years in the ministry. This book will be a good addition to your library, Even if you aren’t a minister!

Have a blessed day!

Talk Radio Star

Mark Stansberry is a talented and eclectic man. With songs topping the Americana charts, a production company and a wonderful family you wouldn’t think he has much time left for other endeavors. However, this is not the case and his widely popular talk radio show has offered a great next step for minister/author/educator Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree…who also happens to be my father and partner on

At 8:30 this morning Mr. Stansberry’s show will air an interview with Dr. Tyree concerning his work and, most importantly, his books. You can tune in via live feed at or if you missed the live feed the interview will be available to hear and/download under the radio station’s podcast feed!


enjoy the listen and let us know what you think!


A New Book and Some Old Friends

I have just finished the ‘leg’ (or rather…typing fingers) work on publishing my first collection of short stories (The first 4 months of Short Story Sundays). This is an excellent way to keep to the stories with you or easily accessible for you without having to keep searching online or not re-reading them at all (and I know how much you ALL want to re-read my every story ;P )

Since I am now playing the waiting game while Kindle and Amazon finish up their end of the bargain, I thought that it would be a good time to remind you of some other offerings the members of Tyree Tomes have available for your word loving pleasure.


We really need to get some new pictures! There are at least four new books between the two of us already 😀

Remember to check us out on and Kindle @

(for some reason his newer books don’t seem to be listed on this author’s page. We will work on fixing that, but until then they do appear if you look at the ‘search results for Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree’)






Essays on Christian Worship

Essays on Christian Worship

Written by Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree, minister and professor of Biblical Studies at Northwestern Oklahoma State University (Ride Ranger Ride), this book contains

five short essays, each covering a different area of christian worship: prayer, singing, giving, communion, and preaching.


Valentine’s Special: FREE

Valentine’s Special: FREE

A free digital download available for the week of Valentine’s 2014. Written by minister, author, and educator, Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree; this book is a conversation starter for those who wish to have “the talk” with their teens. This little book, years in the making, is designed to provide the framework upon which such a conversation can be more easily begun. Not a “how to” manuel, but a “why” and “when” guide to the wonders (and possible pitfalls) of sexual emotions.



Dr. Wilson J Tyree’s books, Ministerial Musings, will be available for free digital download until midnight on Tuesday January 21st (2014)

This collection of writings comes from the heart of a veteran minister, husband, father and friend. “A Mower Went Forth to Mow”, first published by Gospel Advocate Magazine in April of 1995, calls preachers to cultivate the church’s “lawnscape”. “Unsung Songs” is a series of poems depicting the joyous and not so joyous sides of local ministry and daily life. And in “Ministry 101” Dr. Tyree takes the reader on a guided tour of 30 years of lessons learned in churches of Christ.
 You  never know who might benefit from reading this and you can’t beat the low low price of FREE so please let your friends, family, ministers, and random passerby know about this great opportunity. Have a Blessed Day, enjoy the book, and remember (As Dr. Tyree would say) Sharing is CARING!