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WooHoo! Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree’s book o’ the week, Ministerial Musings, has surpassed the 200+ mark in this week’s giveaway! If you have not downloaded your free copy yet, please hurry. The giveaway ends at midnight tonight. Never fear though my friends, his new children’s book, Monsoon McKreel and the Rose, will be available for free download beginning Monday, May 19th!

Also beginning on Monday, May 19th, will be a three day give away for the third book in my Stone Dragon Saga, Dragon on the Green.

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Free Friday


I don’t have the official numbers in just yet, but I am willing to go so far as to say that Tyree Tomes gave away over 100 digital downloads this week!  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, there is still time! Dr. Tyree’s weekly give away ends at midnight tonight, and Elizabeth’s Big Birthday Bonanza give away will end on Sunday. Head on over and snag those while you can!







Dr. Tyree will also be giving away digital copies of his book, Buffy and Biff: An Unfortunate Relationship beginning Monday, February 10th and running through Friday, February 14th, in ‘honor’ of Valentine’s Day. Please share with your friends and neighbors, you never know who might need this little helper!




A conversation starter for those who wish to have “the talk” with their teens. This little book, years in the making, is designed to provide the framework upon which such a conversation can be more easily begun. Not a “how to” manuel, but a “why” and “when” guide to the wonders (and possible pitfalls) of sexual emotions.
May you all have a Blessed and wonderful day, and may the words you need find you, where you are!



Don’t forget to head over to my page and download your FREE digital copies of my fantasy series: The Stone Dragon Saga.

Free through tomorrow night, Book 1: Dragon on My Neck  introduces us to Aliphonsore, the only known fairy dragon, and his centuries old quest to find his family and defeat the insane fairy queen, Passiona.

Free for download Tuesday through Thursday, Book 2: Dragon in My Yard brings our characters closer to the truth, and to danger, as some are reunited with their loved ones, and others are torn away.

Finally, free Friday through Sunday, Book 3: Dragon on the Green takes our friends across the globe in order to locate the strength of family and fight against Passiona’s evil plans.

Please feel free to download, tell your friends, and let me know what you think! And Don’t worry, there is at least one more volume in the works, ‘Dragons in the Deep’ is currently in rough draft form.

Thank you all!


Dragon on the Green (The Stone Dragon Saga Book 3)

Dragon on the Green (The Stone Dragon Saga Book 3)

So far today I have managed to give away 53 free digital downloads of my third novel in the Stone Dragon Saga. If you haven’t gotten your copy, please go do so! Even if you don’t have the first two books in the series, go snag this one. I will have another give away for the first two soon…or you could just buy them if you need them more quickly 😉 The give away ends at midnight on December 17th, so go get yours before the price jumps up.

Please pass this on to all of your friends in any country that Amazon/Kindle works with. I would love to give away at least one copy in each area that I get reports for!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! Have a Blessed Day!


Another Free Book – Kindle App Edition

Another Free Book – Kindle App Edition

Who are you reading this week? If you don’t have a Monday book picked out yet, may I suggest my own?

Beginning tomorrow (December 16th) at 12 am and going through Midnight Tuesday (December 17th), the newest Stone Dragon Saga book, Dragon on the Green, will be available for free download.

Pass the word along and see how many I can give away in the two days!

Feel free to leave messages and/or reviews for me wherever I pop up!

Have a blessed day and enjoy the reading!

Excerpt – Dragon on the Green

I am currently working on the final formatting and editing process for the third book in my YA Fantasy series, The Stone Dragon Saga.

In Dragon on the Green we find our protagonists in a bind as they are forced to work for the one person they are trying to thwart. Here is a short excerpt from the middle of the book. Enjoy!


“Tea?”  Jane offered helpfully, pointing out a tea pot and cups at the table’s center, “its chamomile, I had a feeling we might all need the purported calming effects after that little meeting.”


“I think that I had better stay away from any calming brews right now,” Joseph pointed out, “I have far too much to do to think about calming down!!”


“Any more of those caffeine cans of death and you, sir, will vibrate right out of your skin!”  Anna wagged a disapproving pen in his direction.  “You, my dear artist, have been cut off!”


“Noooo,” Joseph dropped his head to the table with a loud thud, “I won’t survive without them!!”


“Oh hush, you will be fine,” Jane patted his hand while Anna valiantly tried (and failed) to keep a straight face.  “I’ll go make you some nice black tea, it has a really good kick to it!”


“Ok,” Joseph agreed with a whine, kicking the carpet and pouting like a toddler put in time out.


“Oh for goodness sakes Joseph! Suck that lip back in, you are a grown man!” Jane lectured, setting a cup of steaming, aromatic dark tea in front of the artist with a clink.


“Shouldn’t you be working on some drawing of a fantastical beastie or something anyway?” Anna asked, barely taking the time to look up at her boss as she plowed away at the ever expanding pile of notes in front of her. “And be honest here, do you really need all of these notes or are you just trying to punish us for laughing at you earlier?”


“Of course those notes are VITAL to my success here because I should, indeed, be working on drawings, sculptures, and creating all kinds of odd, yet life-like items all in order to assuage a crazy lady’s homesickness for another dimension.  Yes,” Joseph grimaced and swept his arms out expansively and dramatically (as was his wont) “The answer is, all of the above Anna.  All of this should be started, finished, or in the process of both before she gets back tomorrow…or at least a good portion should be, and if you don’t get to work and make those notes readable, I can’t transpose the images from words into ART.  If I can’t make art, we get turned into toadstools and mowed over by a large tractor like machine.  Do you want to be mowed over by a large chopping machine Anna? DO YOU?”


“As much as I love your amazing flair for the dramatic overstatement and wish that I could just sit here and listen to you all evening, I think I’ll just get back to work on this life changing transcription about a hulachin,” Anna sassily bobbed her head at Joseph before deliberately turning her back and using the kitchen bar to continue her efforts.


“Hulachin???”  Joseph gaped at the girl, “I don’t remember anything at all about a hulachin!  Is there an adequate description?  Are you sure that it actually says hulachin? Oh, I’m never going to get this done!  I’ll be a dozen little pieces of mulch before the weekend.”  Sinking to his knees and hanging his head in defeat, the artist sobbed theatrically for moment as the girls looked on in worry before he slowly sat upright and, wiping his eyes, continued, “You know, maybe I can get this all finished out.  I mean, it isn’t like she expects me to have everything finished tomorrow.  I don’t have to any of the statues done, a really good painting or two should be sufficient to appease her majesty. That kind of work usually takes several days, but I think that I can get it done IF I’m allowed a drink or two of my zing.” 


Raising his eyebrows and looking imploringly up at his incredulous duo of assistants, the gentleman in question batted his eyelashes, jutted his lower lip just a fraction, and tried to look as much like a puppy as he could.  Unfortunately for him, the puppy dog look didn’t work on such seasoned babysitters as the two women sitting in front of him. 


“OR, you could get up, drink your tea before it gets cold, and stop whining or nothing will get done and Passiona will turn you into a fire hydrant,” Jane was about to the end of her tether and it was starting to show.  “All of this complaining is doing nothing more than wasting time that you could be spending on sketches.”


“Don’t worry boss,” Anna smiled reassuringly before returning her gaze to her own work, “You’ll get it done without a doubt!  This is the kind of thing that you love to do.  Besides, didn’t you tell us that you love working under pressure because it doesn’t give you as much time to think instead of just ‘do’ and that is when you create your best pieces?”


“Well yes, but I meant time crunches, not the literal pressure of a head vice closing around me, which is something that Passiona is likely to break out of the closet and use on me if I don’t work quickly enough for her!  Did you hear her stop our consultation earlier to tell one of her minions to make a note to check all of the basement and attics for old torture equipment that might be left from ‘those good times,’ before modern civilization?”

FINISHED! Just in time to begin again…

I am FINISHED! Dragon on the Green: Stone Dragon Sage Book 3 Is DONE! This book was my NANOWRIMO last year and, after finishing it two weeks late, I was in the process of my second pass at editing and preparing the story for print when I got about a third of the way through the story and….NOTHING! Somewhere around 30-35 THOUSAND words, MY WORDS, were just gone.

I always e-mail myself a copy, my mother a copy, and my dropbox a copy PLUS backing up on a usb port or two…but we could not find a finished copy of the story anywhere at all, even though my other editors had both read the completed manuscript already. So now, almost a full year after its first completion and one hundred words shorter than the original, I have FINISHED the rewrite and first pass at editing. Tomorrow will be a push and, hopefully, I can have this sent to be published by Halloween (I promised some fans the book would be out by the end of October…foolish me!) But HEY! I’m finished!! YAY…oh wait, I finished just in time to start all over again on book 4 for NANOWRIMO! Wooooo…Those dragons had better appreciate how hard I work for them, and how much I love them to go to all this trouble without giving up on telling their story!

The voices are knocking at my inner door (I imagine it as one of those large, wooden castle doors with the little point at top, like you can see in the fairy tale movies!), I must go see if they will let me sleep tonight! Until next time, GO WRITE SOMETHING! Have a Blessed Day!