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Thank you guys! Happy Saturday

Tyree Tomes Friday

WooHoo! Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree’s book o’ the week, Ministerial Musings, has surpassed the 200+ mark in this week’s giveaway! If you have not downloaded your free copy yet, please hurry. The giveaway ends at midnight tonight. Never fear though my friends, his new children’s book, Monsoon McKreel and the Rose, will be available for free download beginning Monday, May 19th!

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Have a Blessed Weekend!

Free Friday!

Tonight is your last chance to get a free copy of Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree’s newest work, Essays on Christian Worship. According to his description, this book is comprised of “Five short essays, each covering a different area of christian worship: prayer, singing, giving, communion, and preaching.”


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May you find a book to read that will light your way, a page to turn that makes you breath a sigh of contentment, and a world that brings you everything you could ever want or need…even if not in my work. Enjoy and have a Blessed day!!

Peppy Goals

There are ten days left in this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo and I have at least 2,000 words a day to write if I want to finish on time. I could be upset, I could be depressed, I could do the usual and completely forsake writing for a week in order to crochet and watch movies before futilely racing to write in the final hours of posting time. Not This Time!

This time I won’t do any of that. Maybe it’s because I’m another year older and, ostensibly, wiser. Perhaps it stems from the fact that we moved in the middle of November last year and my final NaNo word count was so pitiful that I’ve attempted to block it from my mind. Or possibly, and most probably, is that I don’t want to teach my daughter to give up…especially on something you love. So today’s pep is really this…if you love it, if you really want it, achieve it. As Sister Mary Clarence (Whoopi Goldberg) says in Sister Act 2: “If you wake up in the morning and you can’t think of anything but singing, than you should be a singer.” I say, if you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t think of anything except what happens to your plotline next, you should be a writer.

Now that the semi-pep talk is over…wait, one more thing…Sister Mary Clarence also says “If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.” (If you haven’t watched the movie…WATCH THE MOVIE)

Now then, I’m all out of the almost-pep so now that its over, here are my goals for this week:

1) Write at least two articles for Yahoo! Contributors Network

2) Work my fingers off and my brain gooey to get the rest of my word count, and beyond, for Camp

3) Practice drawing some more dragons and ships…I’ve drawn exactly one full dragon so far.

I’ve named him Bill the Ner…he doesn’t much look like what I imagine my dragons to be, but he’s family 😀

4) Use my daughter’s snuggle times as actual down times. I’ve been trying to research and write…even just on my phone…during these times and I’m not getting much extra done but I am missing out on snuggles. So instead of binging on Netflix and not writing at night, I’ll binge on My Little Pony and Tinkerbell during the nap time portion of the day. It might work.

5) write this week’s short story BEFORE I post it on Sunday.

What are your goals for the week? Campers, how are your word counts coming along? Do you have any tips, advice, or comments for me…please leave them! I love to hear from you all!




I just found out that on January 19, 2014 I (or more accurately, my novel series) was ranked as #1,818th in the Fantasy genre on Amazon. With hundreds of thousands of books to contend with, my little upstart seems to be holding on! 

If you haven’t checked out my work yet, the first three books in the series are available through create space/amazon in paperback form and as e-books through Kindle. Search for The Stone Dragon Saga by Elizabeth S Tyree (Dragon on My Neck is book 1) OR find my author’s page at amazon.com/author/elizabethtyree 


This isn’t your typical fairy tale, with a fair maiden locked in the tower and guarded by a fearsome dragon, just waiting for the bravest of knights to rescue her from such a frightening and drearily boring life.

Nope, in this story the fair maiden is anything but ordinary. In this tale, the maiden is the DRAGON and (bum, bum, BAAAA) that dragon is ME!!

Hello, my name is Frieda and I’m not supposed to exist. I know this because all three of the people I have tried to speak to took one look at me and then SCREAMED it. Well, more like they stammered it to begin but the screaming isn’t usually far behind.

Anyway, I don’t know how I got here, or where I’m from, or even if I have a family somewhere. I do know that so far it seems like those people are right, there is no such thing as dragons. Maybe I don’t exist. Maybe I just made myself up. I’m really good at pretending you know. Why just yesterday I pretended up an entire meal to go with my old cauliflower and it was delicious!

Well, I had better get going now. There have been rumors whispered among the animals, brought to them on bird’s wings that strange creatures are stirring. Creatures that that maybe shouldn’t exist. If they’re right, if the rumors are true, I want to find these strange creatures and see if they know who I am.

Chapter Three


“I feel like we’ve already been in the air for hours,” Anna complained, fretfully searching through her bags for something to occupy her mind.


“I know what you mean,” Jane pointed to an already sleeping Joseph as their small Oklahoma town faded below them, “We’ve only been in the air for ten minutes and he’s already snoring. How does he do that??”


“You should be used to this flight by now!” Al shook his head at his roommates, “Honestly, you’ve both done this a few times now, and you know how long it takes! Now, what movie should we watch this time? I vote for something scary.”


“You know you actually want to watch Clueless,” Jane joked, “Why don’t you put in a super hero movie?”


(That suggestion started an argument on which super hero was the best, which lasted for hours and led to a movie marathon that would carry over into their time at the estate, but that discussion is best left for a time when all involved have a day or two to wile away.)

In longer than they would have liked, but much sooner than they had anticipated and fretted over, the artist’s plane taxied to a stop on their British runway, its inhabitants falling over each other in the rush to deplane and hug Nicholas and Polly, who had come to pick up the group. All except Joseph, that is, who had to be pounced awake by the ever growing, and ever sneaky, Alexiann (who had almost doubled in size since her awakening two years before.).

With the help of the airport crew, all fairies who had defected from Passiona and been hired by Sir Brandon for just such a sensitive occasion, the baggage was quickly unloaded, maneuvered, and reloaded into the Whimsical Art van.


Giving a friendly wave to last retreating fairies, Anna slid the van door closed and clicked her seatbelt into place. “Wow! I knew that Uncle Brandon had said that a lot of Passiona’s ‘outer ranks’ had defected, but I had no idea there actually so many. When he said a lot, for some reason I thought there might be ten, at the most. There were what, thirty fairies in that airport?”


“Yeah,” Polly smiled into the rearview mirror at her friends, “Most of them are like Broyli; fairies who were born and raised here with no real connection to the queen. When they saw how quickly things got bad, they just packed up and left. A lot of them were already going to colleges or working out in our world anyway, so they found it easy to just keep melting into the background.”


“How did they wind up here then?” Jane asked, leaning forward between the two front seats in an attempt to sate her curiosity that much more quickly.


“We had heard that there was a ‘fairy rebel’ group going on at some local colleges,” Nicholas supplied, “So Broyli sent a few feelers and once word got around that Sir Livingstone was in need of stand-up fairy folk to run operations for him, the applications started to pour in. The house, the new airport, and the art studio all have fairies staffing them now.  I didn’t even know that there were that many fairies in this world, let alone in this PART of the world!”


Dragon in the Deep

In honor of FINALLY deciding on a title for The Stone Dragon Saga Book 4 (Dragon in the Deep), today’s post is a short excerpt from the piece. May I introduce you to Nickel Janxson, an interesting and sassy new character who will help us in our search:

“I knew I shouldn’t have told them that I have an interest and a background in languages,” Nickel grumbled to herself, “I should have just snapped the pictures and gone on with it. Someone else on this heap probably at least knows how to run a translator program. Old ladies in nursing homes know how to run a translator program for their knitting patterns for goodness sakes.”

Squirming to find a more comfortable position in her specially made deck chair, the ship’s navigator and newly minted translator, propped her feet up on the computer desk’s edge and began her long day of switching back and forth between computer screens.

Deep into a particularly difficult to read, archaic portion of the carvings, Nickel didn’t pay any attention to the grunts and groans coming from her headphones until a muffled squeal like nails on chalkboard began to reverberate through her head.
“What in the…” Nickel almost dropped her laptop and notepad as she swung around to examine the sea bank. Bobbling the translator work comically, she finally succeeded in sliding her desk chair down its train like tracks and come to rest at the final computer screen, the close up. Hitting the communication button as she carefully secured her work in the lock drawer, Nickel asked, “What was that terrible noise?? Flynn, Garron? What are you boys up to down there?”

A Dragon Legend

“Grandmother,” Alexianne’s young voice floated across the large room on a yawn, “Will you tell us a story?”

Grandma Dragon, her head resting just inside the large “Family Den” that Sir Brandon Livingstone has built them, smiled softly at the her youngest grandchild, “Does everyone wish to have a story?”

Three dragon heads and seven human ones all lazily nodded their assent, each one in a daze of happily exhausted laziness.

So with her deep and soothing voice rounding out the words, in the way of grandmothers through the worlds and times, she began:

When the world of our ancestors was still very young, before the rift between the worlds of magic and mortal, the realms were filled with all types of fantastical creatures. You already know of the nymphs and naiads, fairies and, of course, the dragons (to name a few). But perhaps the sweetest and shyest of all mythological beasts were our own distant cousins, the Sea Dragons.

High on a misty mountain top, above a peaceful village, lived Harlan Sciathain (That is, Harlan of the Dark Wings). Now Harlan had lived on the mountain for as long as anyone could remember and was the village of Venscha’s friend and protector. He had never met another like him, not even his mother, for his egg had been a gift from Ayethni, this great dragon mother, whom the Creator had gifted with the care of such creatures.

One day, as Harlan sat keeping watch over the village below, a group of travelling peddlers came to town with their bright wagons and wares to sell. Among these travelers was a blind old storyteller and, as everyone likes a good story, each and every villager whether they were young old, rich, poor, or covered in scales gathered in the town meeting place to hear an adventure.

The bard did not disappoint, delivering a tale of great suspense and detailing the exploits of one family of dragons living to the east. As you can imagine, Harlan eagerly drank in every word. The following morning found him gone, having left his home to find a family.

To this day no one really knows what happened to Harlan of the Dark Wings during those travels. He never told a full accounting of any adventure he may have had along the way. What is known, however, is that after a voyage that lasted over a year in length, he returned to Venscha with a bride. Naphtala was a small and dainty dragon, the soft pink of her scales flushed like a sea shell, and the tinkle of her laughter like the lapping of gentle waves upon the shore, for she was a sea side dragon and had lived there with her family since birth.

 Soon after their return to Harlan’s village, Naphtala found herself expecting a child. The entire village began to prepare for a bouncing baby dragon, laying in extra supplies and making cute toys to be torn up upon the littlest protector’s arrival. In the course of the year, as is the way with our kind, the egg began to wiggle and wobble and squeak and so everyone gathered to await the newest member of the Sciathain family. What happened next, though, is so rare that no one could have predicted it. When the egg began to crack and pieces fell away to allow the new generation access to the world, three pairs of eyes were peering out at their parents.

Tumbling from the confines of their cramped egg first, Aithne rolled into view covered all over in scales the color of burning flames, earning her name immediately. Following soon after, though much more slowly than his sister, Glendower padded out into the world. Glen was covered in scales the color of softened sea glass, though that was not the first thing about him that people would notice. No, the first thing that people noticed about Glendower Sciathain was that he had a graceful neck, webbing between his claws, and he was growing what looked like leaves along his body.

Sometime within the chaos surrounding his brother’s arrival, Kenn quietly slid his way out the eggshell, his bright turquoise and deep green scales flashing in the sunlight. Kenn also sported webbed claws and a long, graceful neck, and he was growing what looked like seaweed along his scaling.

Though their parents and their village loved the triplets intensely, Naphtala fretted that something had gone wrong with her boys. While Aithne grew over the next few months, learning to duck, dodge, dive, and fly with ease, her brothers stayed smaller than average and found it more difficult to maneuver quickly. Finally, not understanding why two of her children looked so strange, and fearing for their health, Napthala convinced Harlan that they should once again desert their post as protectors in order to visit her family.

As they approached Naphtala’s family home, high on a cliff overlooking the vast ocean, the triplets caught their first view of the water. Following their mother’s joyous lead, the winglings swooped down the glide through the soft waters but only Naphtala and Aithne came back up to the air. Kenn and Glendower found that their webbed toes helped them maneuver in the water like they could never do in the air. Their odd ‘hair’ growths made perfect sense as they swam among the flora and fauna of the ocean floor, and though they could breathe quite well on land, the brothers had no problem under the waves.

Ecstatic in their newfound fun, the boys refused to leave the water, but followed their family to the shore below the Murdock family caverns. Seeing their grandchildren so easily swimming, Naphtala’s parents confessed to her that their family had come down from Seadans and Ocean Nymphs. Though it was a distant connection and no one had been called in generations, every so often a wingling would be born to live in the sea and protect its creatures.

Realizing that her sons were meant for a life in the water, Naphtala tearfully came to an understanding with her family. She and Harlan were needed in Venscha, and when the time was right Aithne would take over as the village protector, so the Murdocks would now be Kenn and Glen’s guardians. Promising to meet once a year at that exact shore, Naphtala and Harlan reluctantly kissed their sons goodbye and went on their way.

As the years passed on, Aithne, Glendower, and Kenn each found their own homes, their own mates, and had their own children, often spending all of their time in the deep waters far from shore. Such is the way of life. However, each year the ever growing family met on the shores of Murdoch cliff to celebrate the triumphs and mourn the losses of their time apart.

As happened to a lot of families, when the realms split apart some of the Sciathian and Murdock families were left wandering in the mortal oceans. Over the following years, Seadans and Sea Dragons thrived in Realta (the land of magics, whose name is translated Star) while finding it difficult to continue existing within the mortal realm. Eventually all but the smallest traces of the families were left here. Though you can still find a descendent or two, they are small and almost unrecognizable as proud members of the dragon family.

And that, children,” Grandmother Dragon paused to smile around the room, noting that only Alexianne and Joseph still had their eyes open, “Is how sea dragons came into existence. Now, close your eyes my little winglings, and dream of the ocean.”