Worth It:

Above All Else, Remember This:
That the dreams you dream in your most secret times and the deepest locked away pieces of your inner self are WORTH IT! They are worth fighting for. They are worth working hard for. They are worth your time, your attention, and your acknowledgement.
What’s more is that YOU are worth it. Your happiness is worth it. Your time is worth it. Your dreams, hopes, and aspirations are all worth it.
If only you will believe in yourself even half as much as I believe in you and you will be seizing the day, taking the world, moving all the mountains, and looking forward to new dreams by month’s end. You are more than able to do anything you wish to do. Whatever you please is within your grasp if you only look at things the right way and realize that you can close your fingers and hold on to it. And I…Well I am proud to say that I know you, because I am more than proud of you.
So go, darling, Realize your Dreams. Reach Your Goals and climb up to the stars…I’ll be right here holding the ladder, supporting whatever you do, and basking in the glow of the night sky.

Bonus Quotes – From This Author.

I was talking to an old friend this morning and teased them about ‘having no words’ to respond with. The answer “Oh I have words, I have plenty of words…they’re just not useful,” made me start to think…and then made me get a little poetic on my poor friend as began to expound on my opinion that words are never plain useless. The only response afterward became “So says the writer…” which, if you think about it, is kind of awesome.

However, since today is Writer’s Quote Wednesday I thought that I would throw my own ‘quote’ into the mix. Maybe someday this will grace memes and Pinterest boards across the world. Or, at least, across my computer.

Words Need Not Be Useful:

Not everything that I write is useful.

In fact, it is very often that I write merely because I enjoy the swirl of words in my body, tripping over my tongue, running down my fingers, and dripping either prettily or messily onto the page.

It Is Soul Stained Ink on Paper Dreams. 

It is anything I want it to be. And anything you want it to be, anything the reader needs it to be. And very often incredibly useless to anyone else.

Elizabeth S. Tyree 

Friday Meanderings

When you spend time every day wondering what your life would have been if you had only changed one little thing, then there are 2 little things you can do:

1) Befriend a Time Lord or invent/steal a time machine to go back and tweak things


2) Write it OUT!

(Ok, Maybe you could also move on and if its that important to you try to change things now, but that’s not as fun)

Common wonderments among my family and friends are things like, “What would have happened if we had/hadn’t moved at that point?” “What if I had said yes/no to that job/date/car/etc.” and “What if I had followed through on that?”

That’s the kicker…What IF I had followed through. So here is the challenge to you, and to myself: FOLLOW THROUGH! Turn in the manuscript, apply for the scary awesome job, ask that guy out, buy the ticket. Whatever it is that you will regret letting slip away, or do regret letting slip away, go take care of it! And then, whenever you have a moment or two (whether it be at the beginning, middle, or end of the follow through) WRITE IT OUT! Tell the world, tell your friends, or lock it away, but write out how you feel now. That’s a way to birth great stories, both fiction and non, out of your own background. Or just to tell your family what you did in your life.

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Have a Blessed and Wonderful Weekend!

Sneaky Snipes

Have you ever heard a half whispered response in someone’s conversation and just known it was about you? That little joke your parents make to each other that you’re sure has to do with your goals or hair color (whatever) but you brush it off and go on…then later as you are trying to write, study, or concentrate on your current Netflix obsession it hits you. You want to scream, break something (maybe their noses?), break down in tears. It hurts and you know they don’t care, probably because it wasn’t even about you, so you simmer and seethe all day. Maybe you confront them, maybe you get over it, but those sneaky snipes have a way of cropping up in the back if our mind sometimes even years later. They burrow down deep into the subconscious and wait for the right opening.
Hey look Clive (mine are named Clive and Vic) she’s starting to get everything finished up in her classroom, let’s remind her how worthless her friends think she is.
Yo Vic, she’s about to write, remind her how she has had to rely on aid to keep a roof over her head because her writing SUCKS!

And on and on and on they go. It is difficult to ignore, more difficult to overcome them…and I haven’t gotten there yet. But there are ways to push them aside.

1) follow your dream anyway. This is hard,one of the hardest things you can do. And yes, you may have to work another job and/or live with relatives. Times will be difficult, but dreamers who want to achieve will have to deal with those things.

2) just give up – I don’t recommend it. When you stop pursuing what you love, when your words become hollow because you no longer believe in them, you lose part of yourself. It becomes easier for other things to slip in, for mistakes to be made, and for your world to tumble and crumble around you. Just keep dreaming and working toward your goals.

3) take a break, crank up the music, and just dance. Or go for a walk, go swim, horseback ride, etc. Clear your mind, open yourself to the possibilities and inspirations that surround you, and once again remind yourself that no one can truly know the pain, sweat, and tears that have brought to where you are (and you don’t know theirs!) so the only person making you feel this bad about yourself, is yourself. Let if go, move on. There is no room for doubters and if those big mouths didn’t believe in you, they would be gone by now!

What do you think?

May you have a blessed day and May inspiration be around every turn!