New Books and New Jobs

Tyree Tomes has had a busy week. Dr. Tyree finished his new book, which will be available on Kindle within the next few days and deals with the act of Prayer. I reached my Camp NaNoWriMo goal of 30,000 words in the month, perfected my happy dance, and interviewed with 3 elementary school principals all at the same time (I was surrounded and a little frightened…but I guess it was a viable form of interrogation interview).

I also gave away 37 copies of Dragon on My Neck’s e-book version and have begun looking at collecting my first four months of short stories into a book which will include the prompt or idea that sparked the story and then the actual story. (If any of you picked up Dragon on My Neck at any point, I would LOVE to know how you felt about the story and characters! If you don’t want to rate/review on it, just drop me a line or comment. Whether or not you liked it, I want to know about YOUR feelings. It can help my writing maturity…or so I’m told 😀 )


Oh, and I got offered a teaching job for next school year!

With all of this going on, I feel confident in our group’s growth, expansion, and most importantly, quality of content. I am quite certain that whatever classroom I am given, will provide me with all sorts of fodder for blogs and short stories to pass on to you! Thank you for your support and good will everyone! Have a blessed day!

Free February

Next week is going to be a fairly big week for Tyree Tomes. There are a lot of things, big and small, to be taken care of as January flips over into February and to celebrate, the authors of Tyree Tomes will be conducting e-book give aways all next week. First up is Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree’s book on the history of the day known as the Sabbath.




This book has been free all week and will be available for free download until midnight tonight (January 31st). Check out this interesting read at: Beginning Monday, February 3rd, Dr. Tyree’s book What 3000 People Believed will go ‘live’ (as he says) and be available for free e-reader download until midnight on February 7th.


In his words;

Early on Pentecost morning, the number of believers in that small band of outcasts barely broke the century mark. Luke, the author of the New Testament book of Acts, places the count at 120, mostly from the region around the Sea of Galilee. By the end of the day, their company would expand to include Jewish pilgrims from over a dozen regions of the Empire and their numbers would exceed 3000. In this volume, we ask the question, “Why?”
I (Elizabeth) will also be having a free digital download spree for my books this week, in honor of my birthday (which is a week from Sunday).
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The Stone Dragon Saga Giveaway begins tomorrow, February 1st, with Book 1: Dragon on My Neck.  Book one will be available for free digital download until midnight on Monday, February 3rd.
At that point Book 2: Dragon in My Yard will become available for its free download stint. Book 2 will be available from February 4th through midnight on February 6th.
As soon as Book 2 finishes its run, Book 3: Dragon on the Green will become available. Book 3 will be up for grabs from February 7th until midnight on February 9th.
You can find all three links on my authors page at:
Have a Blessed Weekend and ENJOY our books!