Dragons in the Deep: Novel Announcement

Last month, before the craziness of NaNoWriMo descended once again, I finally completed 2014’s NaNo-novel. The fourth in the Stone Dragon SagaDragons in the Deep is currently with my proof and beta readers before the next round of editing begins. In the meantime, I wanted to share a little excerpt from the book with you. (if you would like to see the other books in the series, my author page can be found here and the first book in the series, Dragon on My Neck, is available here)

Let me catch you up: It has been a while since the end of Dragon on the Green. Passiona has folded herself into society life, Anna and Jane have graduate college and become ‘real adults’, Al and his siblings have continued to live with their humans, and a new discovery has shaken up their existence. There is a ship, a pirate ship, that sank in warm Caribbean waters 400 years ago. This pirate ship, mentioned in a king’s holdings and suspiciously otherwise invisible, just may hold the key to finding Al’s parents, and ending Passiona’s bid on domination. There are new characters, new settings, and a different style of writing in this book that I hope you will enjoy…and that will seamlessly flow with the previous 3.

Without further ado…I give you Dragons in the Deep: an excerpt – 

“This can’t be real,” Zachary whistled in appreciation, “I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“I don’t think anyone has,” Garron breathed the words out almost reverently, staring in amazement at the scene spread before him on the screen and itching to suit up and dive down to the real thing.

“She looks like she could be on the water, instead of under it,” Lance leaned around Garron’s seated figure to get a better look, “Oh boy, what is that girl doing?”

“Nickel,” Garron hit the call button and startled her out of a staring match with a clown fish, “Have you found something of interest?”

“Well I don’t know,” Nickel admitted, turning back to her perusal of the railings. “I haven’t ever seen ship railings covered in designs like this. I think they’re ancient runes and possibly base Latin words but I’ll have to scan these pictures in to be able to translate anything.”

“I’ve seen a few ships with decorative railings,” Flynn drawled, swimming up beside his partner, “But never ones with decoration on every railing and doorway. Even that mast has some marking at its base.”

“What really gets to me,” Nickel added, “Is that we can make out words. After all of this time under the water the marking should be worn down to an almost indistinguishable smoothness. Instead, the relief is as deep and well defined as if it were carved yesterday.”

“Look at this figure head,” Flynn whistled between his teeth, reaching out a tentative hand to feel the woodworked body. “Normally you find women at the head of a ship, but this…this is something amazing. Almost like a Viking ship, but with a Latin flair. Nickel, take a picture!”

“Hurry up you two,” Lance piped in over their earphones, “You’ve been down there almost an hour and that’s plenty for a first dive!”

“Nickel, snap the picture and come on back,” Garron added, “And bring my bone headed brother with you please! He’s starting to wander off again.”

“Aye aye Captain,” Nickel laughingly agreed, quickly swimming out to take a picture of the astounding figure head before catching Flynn, who was busy attempting to open an apparently locked door to a deck cabin. “You heard the men Flynn,” she giggled at her own rhyme, “Time to go on up to our ship man. We’ll come back down soon.”

“Yes we will,” Flynn agreed, noting the low oxygen in their tanks, “We will be back with tools and time.” This promise was more to the ship than to themselves and, as the duo slowly rose to the surface, the ship seemed to watch them and in watching them, the ship knew that it was time too for long kept secrets to be revealed.

excerpt: Chapter 9, Dragons in the Deep by Elizabeth S. Tyree, copyright 2015

Character Interview: Eliza Gable

Welcome to a new interview with the talented, sassy, and delightfully world saving Eliza Gable, who just so happens to be a main character from Elizabeth S. Tyree’s current (2015) National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) work in progress! I, the elusive journalist writerbaby (please, no pictures, my hair is an awful mess at the moment) have managed to catch up to Eliza has she leaves Ms. Tyree’s home in search of coffee. She has agreed to a quick, short interview, in return for a few free cups of joe, naturally.

Let’s get down to business then, shall we Ms. Gable?

Sure, you were right about the coffee here by the way. This is a phenomenal cinnamon, pumpkin spice. 

I’m glad. Now then, let’s ease into this a bit. I think my readers are most interested in just getting to know you a little bit better. After all, your friend the author has been keeping you under fairy tight wraps.

Not really, I’ve been pretty busy you know. 

I’m sure you have been, but we’re all wondering about you. So my first question is, “What is the top song on your favorite music playlist right now?”

Well you know, I honestly have a bit of what I like to call musical attention deficit so I keep changing it up, all the time. Right now I’m on a jazzy classic rock kind of kick so there’s a lot of classic fusion going on. For instance, I’ve been listening to Chicago, Queen, Miles Davis, Aerosmith’s blues album…the list goes on and on. Great stuff. 

Don’t let her lie to you like that writerbaby, she’s got R. City’s “Locked Away” stuck on repeat in the car.

Please do ignore the random crazy bystander who so presumptuously sat with us. This bearded beggar wouldn’t know what I listen to. 

 No problem Eliza, I’ll just pretend as though your man friend, Brent is it? I’ll pretend as though Brent isn’t sitting beside you giggling and smirking.

I appreciate that writerbaby.

 Unless you want to further explore the ideas of the, how did you put it…bearded beggar, I think we can safely move on to our second question. What has been your scariest experience?

In this life? (hahaha) Well I would have to say it was probably when we all decided to rock climb this huge sheer cliff and then hang-glide back down the other side…which looked out over a ravine. It was windy day and I’m afraid of heights so it was not very pleasant to begin with. 


yeah, somewhere around the halfway point. I was terrified and shaking until we got to the top and I wasn’t in that harness anymore!

Really? That’s the thing you choose? Everything you’ve done and been through and climbing a steep rock is your scariest thing ever?

Hush you

(Brent throws his hands up in surrender and leans back with a smirk) Fine, I’ll just here and drink my steamer. 


  That sounds like it was quite the adventure! I believe I would have been too scared to even get started! So tell me Eliza, do you have a personal motto that helps you through situations like that? If so, would you mind sharing it with our audience?

Oh here we go.

  YES!! I have a motto or quote for just about any situation really. One for all occasions! For that particular outing, I kept remembering a piece of art I had once seen. Intended to decorate a very girly bedroom, this painting looked like it belonged in a classic girl’s room, replete with flowered wallpaper and full skirts. But the words, the words almost had be buying the over-priced thing. it said, “Remeber, she who is brave, Is Free!”


Oh yes, I love that one. But my everyday go to is basically just to Be Happy, Be Yourself, and leave them all wondering!

 I like that one too! Let’s see, what is your most treasured possession?

That’s so easy. Books! Books I’ve read, manuscripts I’ve written, bare notebooks filled with stories and advertisement ideas. After all, I’m an ad exec along with my partner, ol’ Big Mouth Brent over here. 

Careful honey. Remember, words can hurt and i might just have to go home and cry tonight instead of going with you to see that new chick flick with the shirtless super dude you love. 

Of course, I really meant that my favorite treasure is the Beauty and the Beast framed advert that he got me for my birthday last June. 


 You two must blow the socks off of competitors and clients. The way you banter would have me buying an ad for just about anything! Now that I have you blushing, let’s move on to question number six, Who are your role models?

Well there are the obvious answers: My family, friends, friend families, etc. Other than that, anyone who works had at what they love and who refuse to change themselves for others UNLESS they really want or need that change. For example, toning down rebellious qualities for work purposes is a sign of growing up and that’s great. Toning down personality quirks because a certain person doesn’t like them is, however, just dimming your light. You don’t need that. 

I also always, always look up to anyone of any age bracket that pushes through struggles to pursue their passions. 

 You said earlier that you are in advertising. Is that what you always wanted to do?

No, haha, I always just wanted to be a storyteller. I can see the ideas though, swirling around me. I hear about products and thoughts on advertising and it’s like I can just reach out a pluck an image to pitch. Since writing doesn’t pay the bills

Yet. It will someday…

Yes, thank you dear. Since writing doesn’t pay the bills, yet, this advertising has been a great way to both earn money and tell a story or two. 

Sounds like you have it pretty well figured out! There may be hope for women in their late twenties after all. Before I let you go, I do have one final question for you. I heard you two bantering about a certain topic on the way in to this cute little place earlier and I just have to know ~ what is it about pumpkins?

Well, they make me happy. Orange is my favorite color, fall is my favorite season, I like to cut stuff up sometimes, and I adore the taste. Plus, my family had a tradition of cooking down pumpkins and baking together when I was little. Good memories, good times. 

Short answer…she’s a loon. 

 Well I believe I’ll let the two of them duke it out. Thank you Eliza, and Brent, for those great answers. And Thank you, dear audience, for tuning in.

This is writerbaby13 signing off and saying, Until we meet again keep your paper filled and your pens at the ready!

     Good Day!

Tyree Tomes Friday

I want to take this opportunity to remind you that our Spiritual book department (headed by Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree) is giving away e-reader copies regularly. In fact, the true purpose of his books being on Kindle is to give them away and so far Dr. Tyree has managed to pass out 850 digital copies of these books for this fiscal year. Our goal is 2,000 copies this year, so here’s where you come in! You can visit Dr. Tyree’s available book selection at amazon.com/author/wilsontyree and keep up with his free give aways by ‘liking’ our Tyree Tomes page on Facebook. One more thing, if you are a reader in Italy please download something of his! He keeps moaning and groaning that he hasn’t broken in to the market their yet. Thank you!


I should also mention here that I am still out there, plugging away at novel #4 and waiting on some new reviews to come in for the other 3 in that series. If you haven’t gotten the books or need to remind yourself of them, my author page is found at amazon.com/author/elizabethtyree and will link you to my four available books. I am, as I said, still awaiting the reviews or blog comments to hear what my new readers think of characters and plotlines, so I can’t tell you much about my popularity right now (hint hint *wink*). As with my father, information on my own giveaways and contests can also be found via Tyree Tomes.

Thank you for all of your support and the time it takes you to read our work. I hope that we continue to earn your readership and loyalty, and that many blessings follow you today.

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