Reasons are just Excuses in a Top hat

I’ve have come up with all kinds of ‘reasons’ lately. “Reasons” that I’m not exercising, “reasons” that I’m not finished grading papers, “reasons” for not posting on the blog in weeks…and they are some great reasons! All the extra ‘fun’ (and not so!) stuff that was scheduled for the students over the past two weeks bumped my lessons more than a week, so that final papers got turned in the day we let out for spring break instead of the week before.

As for the running training and strength exercising that I was gonna be in the middle of by now…well my kid won’t settle for long, she’s a handful for nap time, I have all those papers to grade, meetings and early mornings don’t give me time…I have a ton of them!! Are you noticing a trend here? All these great reasons that I’m behind or not doing something I said I would do…they’re just excuses.

Isn’t that all a reason really is? An excuse all dressed up in it’s Sunday finery, top hat and all, just waiting to be paraded out for the company. Well guess what, maybe if I just admitted, even to myself, that these things are NOT the real cause of my lackluster performance, then I could start to pull it together and get things done.

Now I’m not saying that admitting to making excuses is going to solve all the world’s problems here. Far from it! My reasoning is just this: If I admit, just to myself, that the reason I didn’t exercise was not that I was worried about my daughter’s nap schedule or the stack of papers waiting on me, it was just simply that I did not want to..then maybe I will eventually change my tactic or my motivations. Or I just get rid of that activity.

Maybe I will admit that the problem is really that I lack organizational skills and need to better manage my time, among other things. Well then there I have it…a jumping off point for overhauling my paper grading/exercising/dieting/writing/everyotherdarnthing!

And maybe your reasons really are nothing more than good reasons. No top hats or fancy handkerchiefs waving in the breeze. If that is the case, I applaud you! If not…well they say admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery. I just say, pass the potato chips and turn on Netflix!

I FORGOT!!! :(

I was busy with the kid, the packing, the dogs, and the NaNoWriMo today and in all that chaos I totally forgot to WRITE A BLOG! UGH! I did however get information and put out feelers to possibly have two new children’s book authors do an interview and possibly guest blog at some point in the not too distant future…but that doesn’t count for NaBloPoMo, unfortunately. Even though I’ve missed the mark, I will continue to attempt to blog each day whenever possible. And actually, since I haven’t gone to sleep yet I would totally count this as being written today (November 8th) even if the actual time stamp says differently. Time is just a fluid measure and can be changed, I don’t know how to do it, but I believe it can be done (flux capacitor anyone?!?!?) And I mean come on, better late than never, RIGHT?

Either way, I hope you had a fabulously love filled and productive, or lazy, day yourself. Sometimes it is a blessing not to have the time to sit and blog. I wish you all the blessings in the world, and beyond. Here’s the first for you today, Have a Blessed Weekend.

No Excuses! OR Losing THAT before I lose “IT”

Okay, I’m just going to come right out and admit it, I’m fat. Oh not laying around in bed, unable to get up, can’t breathe, waiting to die, Jabba the Hut FAT, but I am bigger than I should be.

There are all sorts of reasons for my size, such as my inheritance of P.C.O.S. (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), a family history of diabetes and poor dietary choices, health issues after I had my daughter, knee problems from a fall (I’m a huge klutz), chronic bronchitis, asthma; on a bad day the list just goes on and on and the excuses run the gamut.

That is the truth though, all they are is EXCUSES. Reasons that I have slowly stacked up like a wall over my 28 years of life, and that I can pull out at the drop of a hat if need be.


Well you know what?  NO MORE!

No more excuses, no more being lazy, no more not helping because my knee hurts or I can’t breathe.  I’m done.

If I can push through obstacles, real or perceived, to write the story, crochet the pattern, make the jewelry, or play my flute, then I CAN find a way to be healthier, to not be the fat diabetic couch sitter anymore.

That hour an afternoon that my toddler sleeps and I watch television? NOT ANYMORE! Now I push through and exercise.  I don’t like the ‘chatter’ on the dvd exercise program I chose so I don’t watch it? NOT ANYMORE! Now I just put it on mute, put on the captions, stick in my earbuds, and rock out to my own music (which also seems to help keep the 1 year old asleep, since she suffers from Fear of Missing Out!)

You want to know another secret? Those crazy, annoying exercise fanatics may be right…SHHHH, don’t tell them I said that! But I am almost 2 full weeks into is and I just don’t feel right now unless I’ve done my daily exercise!  Even with the heavy cold I’ve had going on the past few days, I feel better with my workout done. Physically better, mentally better, and I am even sleeping better. You may ask, what about the breathing issues?  Oh, I drink a little coffee since there’s a caffeine in it that helps keep your bronchial passages open (so does Coke, but the calories jump by over 300 for a large Coke).


So what now? What about your swollen knee and foot? What if the baby doesn’t sleep? What about ALL OF YOUR REASONS?

Find a way.  Wrap your leg, Dance WITH the baby, DO IT! 


I would love to write more for you, but it’s time for my abdominal work.  I hope this motivated you, I know it has me! Have a BLESSED Day!