Author Interview – Angela J. Ford

Welcome Everyone to another fabulous edition of our Friday Author Interviews! This week we have the lovely Angela joining us with her answers to our standard  10 questions for authors. Let’s see what she has to say:


  • What name do you write under? Is this a pseudonym? Do you use more than one name when you write?

I actually write under my own name, but first I did some research to see if there were any other authors or public figures with the same name. Turns out, there’s an Angela Ford who writes romance novels, so I branded myself as Angela J. Ford.

I wonder how many people find you because they’re looking for a little romantic tale? That would be an interesting statistic to check out!

  • Tell us about the first time you realized that you were an author or were going to be an author.

It just happened! Growing up with four sisters we were always telling stories with our toys, reading books, making up all kinds of entertaining tales. Then one day instead of saying those stories out loud, I started writing them down, and short stories turned into novels, and novels turned into series. When I was 12 I finished the first draft of “The Five Warriors” and after that, the books continued to pour out of me. I knew wanted to publish them, it was just a matter of when. 14 years later, now it’s finally happening!

TFW - ebook cover

Way to stick to it! 

  • What genre(s) do you write in, and why?

I love fairy tales and knowing anything can happen, there’s a hopeful outlook on life when you know anything is possible. That’s one of the reasons I write fantasy, the other is because I enjoy creating worlds, peoples and creatures that are similar but not quite like earth and humans. It’s much easier for me to write when I can create histories of peoples groups instead of researching them.

  • What genres are your favorites to read? Why?

Ah, such a hard question! As of late thrillers and suspense are my favorite genres to read. I love the way they pull the reader in, twist the story and make you think, I always try to guess what happens before the end. It’s like paying a game of Clue but with a book. I also read a lot of inspirational self-help books as well to keep me thinking, learning and growing as I build my marketing business.

  • Tell us about your two all-time favorite characters: 1 that you wrote and 1 that someone else wrote.

Honestly, I like all of my characters but one of my favorites is in the final books of The Four Worlds Series is Eliesmore. He is a young, reluctant hero, a bit skeptical, and often feels like he’s been thrown in over his head. But he has a destiny which takes him on insane adventures, he runs into hilarious folk. It was quite fun creating the magical, mysterious world he lived in.

One of my favorite characters is Sybel from “The Forgotten Beasts of Eld” by Patricia A. McKillip. She is a chilling, powerful wizard unaccustomed to emotion until a child and a man cause her to step down from her mountain of security. It’s a wonderful, magical tale.

  • There is a lot of controversy about allowing books to be made into movies (especially when they cut or change large portions of the plot). Would you be willing for your books/stories to become a movie? Why or why not?

Absolutely, I’d love for my books to be turned into a movie or a television series. I’m a huge fan of the film industry and understand the different between the medium of film and writing. There are certain things a viewer expects from a movie that are different from what a reader expects in a book.

  • How do you handle writer’s block?

Oh the struggle, I just remind myself to write. Some days it could be 10 words, others 10 pages, but it’s the practice that makes perfect. Besides, one always have the option to come back, re-draft and fix your work. It’s the practice of writing, the repetition that helps me move past the writer’s block.

  • What inspires you?

Many moments in life inspire me, but mainly enjoying the beauty of nature. All of my books have some sort of journey theme because I adore traveling. Of course I’m inspired by the books and movies as well.

  • How do you respond when people ask what you do, then make that face if you say “I’m an author”?

To each their own, I already know not everyone likes authors, heck, not everyone enjoys reading! That’s fine by me, there are billions of people of the world and I’m not too worried about those who don’t “approve” of what I do. It’s just one of those things in life, you will always find the negative people, the downers, the realists, but that doesn’t mean you need to take their words to heart not change your course because one random stranger doesn’t believe in you.

What a great way to look at it!

  • Finally, tell us where to go to find you:

You can find me almost anywhere only, and please say hi, I love chatting.
Book Website:


Thank you for sharing a bit of insight into your world with us Angela! It has been a joy to read your answers and have you with us at Here There Be Dragons!

Remember everyone, if you are enjoying this series and would like to be featured in your own interview please let me know! (You don’t have to let me know if you don’t enjoy or don’t want to be featured…I’ll figure it out from your lack of contact. However, if you just can’t hold it back, go ahead and leave me a comment telling me whats up!)

Happy Weekend Everyone! We’ll see you back here soon for another interview with another amazing author!

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Fairy Tales

Despite Silver Threading’s insistence that she would be gone this week and, as such, we would not have an official Writer’s Quote Wednesday for November 4th, here we are! Ronovan, the sneaky snook, has managed to take over the asylum for now. So check out the official Writer’s Quote Wednesday kick off post and Ronovan’s great quote here.

Welcome, welcome all my friends to the weekly quotes that never end…Although they are paused for several days at a time, sorry, the more I write the more I rhyme.

So this week I want to talk to about fairy tales. Not the typical Happily Ever After thing that most people talk about now. That’s the end, the ‘ride off into the sunset’ moment that only comes after all the other ups and downs. I want to look at the rest of it. Fairy Tales are told for the happy ending, after all.


There is good, and there is evil, everywhere you turn. They are in the world around you, in the people around you, and in the person within you. We are always halfway in the world of fairy tales, the happy endings, the singing mice…but the flip side of these ‘updated’ happy sappy fairy tales, is the origin tale. The dark, often malevolent abyss of life lessons and villains who get a lot more torture in. Keep moving on anyway.

Life mirrors the art we make and fairy tales are no different. Though they move more quickly, and have more obvious foes in them, the lessons are the same. Keep dreaming, keep working, and never give up your hope. One day you'll be a knight or you'll be a queen...and the dragons won't matter anymore.

Life mirrors the art we make and fairy tales are no different. Though they move more quickly, and have more obvious foes in them, the lessons are the same. Keep dreaming, keep working, and never give up your hope. One day you’ll be a knight or you’ll be a queen…and the dragons won’t matter anymore.


Oh how I love this quote! This makes even more sense if you read the original stories. The Cinderella with her sisters cutting pieces of their feet off to fit the slipper (they die of Exsanguination!) and the Snow White that allows her step-mother to be tortured for her crimes. There are no perfect fairy tales where someone doesn’t get hurt in the end. The pain and tribulation pushes the story to it’s happy conclusion…if it was all rainbows and magic wands we’d never get out of chapter one.


Beast and Beauty, Bully and sweetness…opposite forces propel every story to it’s ending. If everyone were the same life, and fairy tales, would be boring and difficult.


“Every villain is the hero of his own story.”
Did you ever wonder about villains? Why do they want to do these things…maybe they think they’re in the right. Maybe, just maybe, Peter did something to Hook that we don’t know about. Maybe, just maybe, the true story of the evil queen is more complicated…(Once Upon a Time on ABC does a great job exploring this idea!)

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Throughout the entire fairy tale, whichever one it is, we find hidden meanings laced into the world of the story. Beauty is just skin deep, unless it’s not. Sometimes a prince has no manners and a beast is more princely. Sometimes, in order to feel lovable you must first find love. The list goes on and on, like the gingerbread and peppermint lane you must not eat. Finally, the end. The finale, the happily ever after…

This is where we are, my friends...knowledge is power, the most powerful thing. Beauty loves Beast and that knowledge turns him back into a man. Charming finds Cinderella and it is his knowing, and loving her, despite her servant status that turns her into the princess again.

This is where we are, my friends…knowledge is power, the most powerful thing. Beauty loves Beast and that knowledge turns him back into a man. Charming finds Cinderella and it is his knowing, and loving her, despite her servant status that turns her into the princess again.

So remember, as you go about your week, that knowing is half the battle. Believing is the other half. When you put knowledge and belief together, you get one heck of a plot line.

The First Mythical, Magical, Inter-Species Taco Stand

Today, much like every other day for the next 2 weeks, my classes are concentrating on refreshing their minds, spirits, and creative fingertips on narratives. For those few hundred readers out there that are NOT 5th or 8th grade writing teachers in the state of Oklahoma, let me fill you in really quickly…state tests for writing are beginning on february 24th, the prompts include reading passages (2 passages and a prompt usually), and they state just announced that the prompt will definitely be some sort of narrative piece. (PHEW!)

Since every passage based narrative prompt I find is some sort of Folk Tale (Of which there are 7! sub-genres) we have been happily diving back into that unit. While discussing pre-writing today, Mrs. L’s home base and I connected my ‘brain blurb’ of 5 random characters/items in order to create a truly epic brainstorming….I give to you, (ON MY BRAND NEW WHITE BOARD) The pre write for my children’s picture book (Oh yeah, hey mom if you’re reading this..I need to discuss something art related with you…):



I LOVE THIS IDEA! I can’t wait to get started…my other 2 novels may just have to take a back seat for a hot beefy minute!

Though you can’t see it clearly, what happened was that my five ‘fairy tale’ words were “Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns, Humans, and Tacos” since 4/5 of that list love to eat Tacos…well, you see where this is headed right?

Body Image: Humpty Dumpty

When we think of fairy tale or nursery rhyme men and women, we think of skinny, tall, beautiful people; right?  For the most part, we’re wrong.  If you look at the trends in history, the times of the earliest tales (which were originally meant for ADULTS and not children, by the way) people were generally shorter and ‘roundness’ was often looked upon as more beautiful than being thin, because people, specifically women, with curves were the ones that were able to eat and spend more time on themselves.  Men at the time would have been working more outdoors and so their muscles then and now would carry about the same weight, though the ‘gentry’ would mostly have been a bit more ‘rotund’.

It wasn’t until as recently as this century that a size 14 woman was considered to be a plus size.  In fact, many of the old Tinsel Town starlets were size 12-14 and considered skinny for their times!

Even knowing all of this, I still live in the year 2013 and when I walked past my mirror yesterday the first thought in my head was not, “wow, my hair looks GREAT,” but “OHMYGOODNESS, I LOOK LIKE HUMPTY DUMPTY!”

I can fix that, no problem and only a little bit of time and effort.  I know to exercise, I know how to eat well, and I have a 13 month old to chase.  However, the negative body images still float around the world.  I have heard men beg not to have their pictures taken because of their pudges and bald heads, women in size 2 skinny jeans wail about how fat their thighs are (lady at the store…you are in a SIZE 2 SKINNY, your thighs can’t possibly be as fat as you think they are!)

What is your body image like? Are you a princess, the pale skinned mermaid, a ferocious prince, or the wicked witch? Maybe you’re even that frog in the well or the short pudgy fairy.  Whatever it is that you THINK you resemble, know that someone sees you as beautiful,   someone thinks your bald head and tummy is sexy, and the only person worried about that little spot behind your ear is you.

SO HERE IT IS: I resolve to play more, worry less. Smile more, frown less. Dance with my daughter more, sit at watch her less. Above all of that, I resolve to STOP seeing myself in fairy tale terms, those stories are moral tales and dark adult stories..NOT a healthy guide to living.  I WILL try to see myself through the eyes of the people around me. I WILL allow myself to notice how great my hair looks, how pretty my eyes are, and my artistic flair comes out in my clothing, as well as my writing. I WILL BE A MODERN DAY FAIRY TALE: and that is no fairy tale at all.

May you all, male or female, begin to see yourselves in the real world and through the eyes of those around you.  Have a BLESSED and Confident day!