Healthy Food Makes Me Sick

So I may or may not have mentioned this to you before but…I’m on a diet. I have been on a diet for over a month (again). This time, I’m doing better with it. I’m doing better with it because I’m concentrating more on making healthier choices and eating smaller portions than I am on forcing myself to eat these ‘healthy choice’ recipes that make me sick. That’s right, a lot of healthy foods actually make me S-I-C-K. No, I am not lying. Yes, this is real life.

You see, things like tomatoes make my acid reflux go through the roof. I get terrible stomach aches, the acid makes my throat hurt, and I get headaches. Bell peppers do much the same thing, although since I dislike their texture and flavor I start feeling sick a lot more quickly. The same happens with celery, asparagus, most squash, all but one eggplant recipe, etc etc and so forth. On top of that, I am literally allergic to strawberries. Yes, strawberries. Yes, it does suck. (guess what my daughter’s favorite food is?? YUP! Strawberries…which mom has to cut up for her. It’s a process and a show for anyone watching me).

My friends laugh because I am a sober person with the palate of a stoner (except for pizza honestly). So finding dishes that are HEALTHY and FILLING and YUMMY without half (sometimes over half) of the readily available vegetables can be a trial. It’s really no wonder that I’m failing every few days. But I keep working. I keep finding new recipes. I keep pinning pins to pinterest. I will keep this diet going. Even if I do sneak some beef jerky and mustard every once in a while.

Some healthy foods make me sick…but that doesn’t mean I can’t be healthy anyway.

Salads in a Mason Jar?

Ok, I’m not usually one to blog specifically about my food. In fact, I’ve been on here over a year and this is maybe the third time I’ve specifically set out to write about food. That’s just not my niche, per se, though I do love to eat!

But I had to come on and tell you…I gave in to peer pressure. I know, I know, that’s not how it’s supposed to go. Just say No! And walk away…or change the conversation and distract people with my winning smile. Well, neither worked and I’ve been seeing more and more discussion of all things Mason Jar related (anyone else still just want to call them canning jars and make pickles? No, just me? Ok then…). Among those things have been an uprising of Mason Jar Food.

Snack sticks dipped in dressing and sealed tightly in a jar for later, legumes and lettuce piled in pleasing rows, and even full on salads stacked bottom to top and apparently retaining crispness for 5 full days! Some of these amazing concoctions were even *gasp* decorated!

As you can see, I didn’t go anywhere near that far. In fact, I almost gave up on the idea when I realized that there were no eggs in the fridge, so I couldn’t put any in my salad, which meant that I couldn’t follow that recipe. In fact, I was amazingly close to deciding that not having lunch tomorrow was a good price to pay for a quick Netflix bender before bed.

However, I snatched up a pickle jar and got to work.



Not only am I using an old (clean!) pickle jar instead of a new Mason jar, but I also *DOUBLE GASP* did not wind up following any of the other super healthy and disgustingly good for you recipes I found listed for these things. One little step at a time I suppose.

Mine looks pretty good, though I was out of a few things I typically put in salad (like cucumbers and boiled eggs) and I’m looking forward to trying to tomorrow.

Have you ever tried one of these? Got any Mason Jar recipes you absolutely love? I’m on a health kick so you’ve got about 7.5 hours to throw your two cents in before I’m lazy again!

Have a blessed night/day/in between!


Juicy Chicken Recipe

Juicy Chicken Recipe

I often cook without a guideline (recipe) because I like to experiment with my flavors. Most of the time they turn decently but occasionally they become a meal that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. When that happens I like to write the recipe on a notecard so that I don’t forget a key ingredient the next time I decide to cook that particular meal.

I had this occur a few weeks ago and decided to try my hand at writing a recipe for the masses…the Yahoo Contributor Network picked it up and made the recipe my first freelance article for them. So here it is. For your viewing pleasure…JUICY HERBAL CHICKEN!

For the record, I would pair it with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli!

Vegan Butter

Have you ever wondered about people who choose to be vegan, or vegetarian? Have you ever looked at the ever growing popularity of those two life choices, and their corresponding menu options, and thought to yourself, “These people are crazy!”? I have, a lot.

As it turns out, I am learning more about plant based proteins, and fake meat, than I ever would have imagined I would need to know. You see, my mother has, among other things, a medical condition that causes her to have…shall we say, issues digesting meat proteins. It can get pretty ugly. So over the past few years, we have slowly found substitute meals that can provide the right balance of vitamins and proteins, without driving the rest of the meat eating lot (namely, my dad and I) to crazy run out in the street and bite random living things drastic measures. Basically, we cook a lot of soy and bean based things for her.

I have said all of that, to tell you a story RIPPED from the headlines of my life. Dateline: This Morning:

First, soy plants grow like this:


Then, soy beans are harvested and look like this:


Then, the harvested soy beans go through all kinds of processes etc to be turned into ingredients for things like this:


All so that when my 18 month old decides to run into the kitchen, I can ask a series of questions that go like this:
“Are you in dog’s water?”


“Don’t get in the cabinet. Are in the Cabinet?”


“Are you pulling things off of the shelves?”


“What are you doing?”

“yummy, um um um”

My daughter, who is entirely too tall and prone to curiosity (I stupidly encouraged the Curious George phase, which is going on about 18 months now. Silly Monkey), has found the vegan butter in whichever stack of things we had it stashed. In the minute or less that it took for me to get across the room and into the kitchen, she had pulled the lid off of the butter and was, you guessed it, licking her butter dipped fingers. The good news is that it really does actually taste like a butter spread. The bad news is that my kid got the butter on my glasses trying to fight to grab the container back from me.

The finger raked box o’ butter is in the refrigerator.

Food and Fashion

I don’t usually post about food or clothing…I find myself much too under qualified to offer opinions about fashion and my food is usually eaten before I can think about what it really is. However, today there is one of each for me talk about.

First of all, I am not a huge fan of Chinese food. Soy sauce is more salty and less smooth than I prefer (funnily enough, I adore Tex-Mex food. Of course, I’m from Texas). Today I am making Beef and Broccoli for lunch…and replacing soy sauce with Worcestershire Sauce. Try it sometime. Even if you like Soy Sauce, this offers just enough of a different flavor to entice even the staunchest  anti-soy saucer (i.e. ME) to consume a bowl, or two, of the dish. Unless you don’t like broccoli, in which case I can’t help you.

Secondly, I have a small side business run through Facebook of crocheting and occasionally selling toys, hats, and baby/toddler clothing. ( ) Several months ago I started work on a larger scale pattern in the form of a heavy sweater to help me through the North West Oklahoma winter. Today I have only to sew the pieces together and my sweater will be complete!! I hope to have it finished and pictures loaded to my page this evening. If you like that sort of thing please feel free to pop over and check it out!

Lunch is calling my name so until next time, May you Blessed beyond measure!