I am not a huge fan of the idea that I need to do a Kickstarter page. Not because I don’t like Kickstarter, I think it is a great program! However, I always feel like I should be taking care of things myself. The reality here though, is that Tyree Tomes needs to do more advertising, book trailers, webpages, and author swag. We need to be able to hand out signed books, have contests, etc etc etc and in order to do any of that, we need to be able to pay for it. Right now we do not advertise other than on our own social media sites and this blog. Advertising and quality book trailers and, and, and…all cost money that my parents and I just don’t have to give at the moment.

That being said, I have started a kickstarter campaign in an attempt to fund a little of what we need. The fundage is set for $750, which is about what we will need to order a few full sets of books, get a webpage set up for Tyree Tomes (which will include a full list of publications, a page for Dr. Tyree, a page for me (ESTyree), and a page for our Illustrator, Becky Tyree), and advertise our work for the remainder of 2015.

If you can help in any way, please consider doing so. I won’t hold it against you if you don’t though! And if you want some swag (bookmarks, keychains, etc) let me know. I’ll see if I can hook you up with something 😉

Something New

I just spent an hour setting up the front (and only) page for my website. I found Wix and went with it! I know this blog is typically for writing and teaching things, short stories and pithy quotes…but I would love to know what you guys think of the page! 

I know that there has to be a few things that need edited or fixed because that went together way too smoothly! And, oh man, I’m already contemplating changing the heading. *facepalm*

Thank you in advance! You guys are the absolute best!


Ok, I have a HUGE question for my published author friends/followers/random readers…I am currently searching for an agent and I have picture books, leveled readers (science/reading early literacy…k-2) picture books, middle grade fantasy, YA fantasy books, a couple of early adult (high school/college age aimed basically), and some short stories/poems…a few them self published. I know that you should only query one project at a time…

So, here is my question: Should I just be concentrating on finding an agent for 1 previously unpublished work (most likely a picture book/leveled reader), or should I try to find someone who looks for children’s/fantasy/YA/Middle/etc.

And when I do write that query letter, should I include the information that I self published through Createspace (though I would like to rework those projects and try to traditionally publish them…Middle Grade readers want to take AR tests after all) or should I just leave that part alone until a future date?

I haven’t had much luck with traditional route before and have been self-publishing with my Dad for a few years now, but am wanting to find a way to get some of my work into schools and school libraries.

Any advice or notes are appreciated!

Multi-genre authors search

HELP!!!!! I am in search of authors for my students to be able to research, discuss, and read in our writing class. I would like to do an author of the month every month (maybe two authors a month?) so that my students can learn about the world as seen through the eyes of authors and readers outside of their insulated environment.

However, I am trying to find an author that writes across genres for children or middle grade readers because we are learning more about genres this month. Does anyone have any ideas?

I need your help please! If you have any ideas for me, please leave a note or message me. If you don’t want to leave a note here, head over to and catch me there.

Thank you in advance! Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Random Acts of Kindness


I have been told that today is (or maybe last week was)  national Random Acts of Kindness Day. I like that. I like knowing that there are people, really on an every day type of basis, that do things quietly in the background to help others out.

There is someone who goes to the store, buys packs of diapers, and leaves little plastic bags complete with different diaper sizes, wipes, and sometimes diaper rash creams in the restrooms for those frazzled moms who don’t have one last diaper on hand.

There is someone who pays for the next person in line to have a meal, or a coffee.

There is my little girl, who smiles and waves and everyone, young and old, stranger or not, and makes their days brighter.

Will you be a blessing for someone today?

I hope that you are everyday, I pray that I am everyday, and either way, I wish you a Blessed Day!