The Need to Learn

After the fourth time I watched my daughter drop, and therefor open, her ‘big girl’ sippy cup I started to tell her that she needs ‘to learn.’  But learn what exactly; consequences, reactions, rules?? That is EXACTLY what she is learning! Each and every time that lid popped off she changed and rearranged her methods before starting all over again.

So then, since she is learning universal truths each and every time that she experiments with these things, perhaps it is not my fifteen month old who ‘needs to learn.’ Maybe, just maybe, its me.

Maybe I should be stockpiling good paper towels and teaching her clean up methods instead of freaking out and immediately sopping up her messes. It is possible that I should be setting aside times to do artwork and nifty experiments with her (colored bubbles anyone?). More than any of that though, perhaps I need to stop and take a moment to enjoy the beautiful order that arises even out of this chaos.

See that pile of food on the floor? It is a butterfly…and we have dogs!

May you all be blessed enough to spend time with a toddler, and if not, make some bubbles just because you can! Have a blessed day!