Body Image: Humpty Dumpty

When we think of fairy tale or nursery rhyme men and women, we think of skinny, tall, beautiful people; right?  For the most part, we’re wrong.  If you look at the trends in history, the times of the earliest tales (which were originally meant for ADULTS and not children, by the way) people were generally shorter and ‘roundness’ was often looked upon as more beautiful than being thin, because people, specifically women, with curves were the ones that were able to eat and spend more time on themselves.  Men at the time would have been working more outdoors and so their muscles then and now would carry about the same weight, though the ‘gentry’ would mostly have been a bit more ‘rotund’.

It wasn’t until as recently as this century that a size 14 woman was considered to be a plus size.  In fact, many of the old Tinsel Town starlets were size 12-14 and considered skinny for their times!

Even knowing all of this, I still live in the year 2013 and when I walked past my mirror yesterday the first thought in my head was not, “wow, my hair looks GREAT,” but “OHMYGOODNESS, I LOOK LIKE HUMPTY DUMPTY!”

I can fix that, no problem and only a little bit of time and effort.  I know to exercise, I know how to eat well, and I have a 13 month old to chase.  However, the negative body images still float around the world.  I have heard men beg not to have their pictures taken because of their pudges and bald heads, women in size 2 skinny jeans wail about how fat their thighs are (lady at the store…you are in a SIZE 2 SKINNY, your thighs can’t possibly be as fat as you think they are!)

What is your body image like? Are you a princess, the pale skinned mermaid, a ferocious prince, or the wicked witch? Maybe you’re even that frog in the well or the short pudgy fairy.  Whatever it is that you THINK you resemble, know that someone sees you as beautiful,   someone thinks your bald head and tummy is sexy, and the only person worried about that little spot behind your ear is you.

SO HERE IT IS: I resolve to play more, worry less. Smile more, frown less. Dance with my daughter more, sit at watch her less. Above all of that, I resolve to STOP seeing myself in fairy tale terms, those stories are moral tales and dark adult stories..NOT a healthy guide to living.  I WILL try to see myself through the eyes of the people around me. I WILL allow myself to notice how great my hair looks, how pretty my eyes are, and my artistic flair comes out in my clothing, as well as my writing. I WILL BE A MODERN DAY FAIRY TALE: and that is no fairy tale at all.

May you all, male or female, begin to see yourselves in the real world and through the eyes of those around you.  Have a BLESSED and Confident day!