First Day Jitters

The professor stood in front of his class, nervously adjusting his lucky bow tie as he surveyed the new crop of creative wanna-be’s that were taking up space in the drafty room. The mixed races and species were all making themselves as comfortable as possible, pulling out their quills, paper, chisels, and whatever other supplies they had brought with them in anticipation of the first day.

Each and everyone one of them had one thing in common, they were expecting him to teach them something. Taking a deep breath and gripping a large piece of chalky limestone in his claw, opened his mouth to call role.

“Welcome to day one of Myths, Legends, and Beliefs of the ‘so-calle’ human world! I am Dr. Delonious D. Dragonsfire, you may refer to me as Professor Dragon. I recognize some of you from my Creative Barding course. This is where you’ll discover the basis of our barding. Now, can someone tell me what they know about the mortal world?”

Calling on a random centaur student from the back of the class, Professor Dragon turned to make notes on the large, smooth stone board, letting out the last of the breath he’d been holding on a sigh of relief. He had done it, there was no turning back now. Class was going, students were making notes, there was discussion, and he hadn’t burped any acid balls onto the furniture. All in all, the choice to stop teaching younger school children and move up into the continuing education arena was looking like a smart one. After all, the creatures were paying to learn from him!


This isn’t your typical fairy tale, with a fair maiden locked in the tower and guarded by a fearsome dragon, just waiting for the bravest of knights to rescue her from such a frightening and drearily boring life.

Nope, in this story the fair maiden is anything but ordinary. In this tale, the maiden is the DRAGON and (bum, bum, BAAAA) that dragon is ME!!

Hello, my name is Frieda and I’m not supposed to exist. I know this because all three of the people I have tried to speak to took one look at me and then SCREAMED it. Well, more like they stammered it to begin but the screaming isn’t usually far behind.

Anyway, I don’t know how I got here, or where I’m from, or even if I have a family somewhere. I do know that so far it seems like those people are right, there is no such thing as dragons. Maybe I don’t exist. Maybe I just made myself up. I’m really good at pretending you know. Why just yesterday I pretended up an entire meal to go with my old cauliflower and it was delicious!

Well, I had better get going now. There have been rumors whispered among the animals, brought to them on bird’s wings that strange creatures are stirring. Creatures that that maybe shouldn’t exist. If they’re right, if the rumors are true, I want to find these strange creatures and see if they know who I am.

5 Things I’ve learned about Writing

Being a writer has always been part of who I am. I don’t really remember a time in which I did not create different characters and scenarios…whether or not I wrote them down. Over all of that time (29 years, give or take my infancy and toddler years, in which I’m sure I made all sorts of fabulous stories that no one could understand) I have learned five things about writing.



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1)      The more you write, the more you CAN write! Keep it up…there is no excuse for not doing what you love to do.

2)      The more you ignore the myth of ‘your muse’ and trudge through without him/her, the more they are likely to visit you. Mythological beings are rather testy about being left out of the equation 😉

3)      Inspiration is really just something that lies waiting in your subconscious, or soul (whichever seems more true/poetic to your life), looking for a trigger and an opening. Much like the ‘muse’ inspiration happens more the more you trudge on without it.

4)      Writing may often be a one woman/man, lonely gig, but I am never truly alone with my work. Ideas, characters, and those people whom I bug with ideas at 3 am are always there to keep me company…whether they like it or not!

5)      No matter how useless you feel spelling and punctuation are, it can mean life or death for some characters, and more so for your complete work. So tread lightly and edit with a fine tooth comb.

What is your purpose?

While catching up on some online episodes of my favorite television shows, I heard a thought inducing question.

“If God has a plan who is it for, me or HIM?” Frank Irving (played by Orlando Jones) on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow.

This show is an updated, reimagined small screen adaptation of one of my favorite classic shot stories by Washington Irving and has included much legend, myth, and historical fact/lore. It also references the biblical book of Revelations in almost every, if not every, episode.

I won’t be going into any of that at the moment, even though I find it all of great interest and enjoy researching those things. What I will do is ask you a question:

Do YOU (not your mother/father/sister/brother/minister) believe that God has a purpose and plan for you? If so, is that purpose and plan for HIM or for you?

Have a Blessed and purposeful day!