The Yellow Coat

The Yellow Coat

We have made it halfway through National Young Readers Week! I hope that everyone, young and old alike, are enjoying some new friends and beloved childhood memories as you go through this week together, reading all the way!

If you are looking for a new story to capture your fancy, I would suggest looking up Author Christina Montano’s new children’s book, The Yellow Coat. Based on a family story told to her by her husband, Nielson, and illustrated by her mother-in-law, Ade van Duyn, this book is not only a beautiful tale, but is truly a family affair.

According to Eugene Schwartz, a worldwide educational consultant:

“In this book Christina Montano has captured the essence of loss and transformation that is such a crucial part of childhood. Like a butterfly, the story’s little boy protagonist must experience the falling-away of his early childhood to re-emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis. The delightful illustrations tell their own story even as the narrative moves forward. Altogether, this is a perfect tale for a child facing the certainty of growth amidst the uncertainties of modern life.”
-Eugene Schwartz, Educational Consultant,

To learn more about this book, as well as the author and her family, please visit:

Or drop by her blog at:

May today, as every day, be full of joy and books (which are really the same thing if you think about it!) I hope that you all have a Blessed Day!

Book titles: How do you know when it’s right, and when it’s just you?

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am addicted to books. I love to look at them, to read them, even to smell them! Most of all, I love to write books. I currently have several children’s stories and young reader books that are waiting on me to get my act in gear and get illustrations and editing completed. But here’s the thing…how do you name these amazing works of art?

Over the past few years I have come up with a few titles for my books and short stories that I thought were GENIUS…and that nobody else got. I wish now that I had kept a list of all of those potential, but not quite there, story titles. Not to actually name a book that, but to make an art piece or a list on the wall to have something to laugh at when I suddenly run into a wall of thirty foot deep writer’s blocks.

However, I do have a few names already tossed out for the newest work in progress. While I don’t know the real name of this book yet, I have been calling it “Dragon on the Sea”. So far, I’ve thrown out a few other titles that were even less likely to succeed than this one. Things such as, “Undertow Dragons”, “Scales in the Sea,” “Seafoam Dragon,” and, my personal favorite, “That’s Dragon, with an Arrrrr.”

I think they all have merit, and certainly make me giggle, but I don’t see everyone looking at the book at immediately saying “Oh, I want that!” or, “hehehe, Pirate Dragons right? YES!” So the quest continues…although I may have to actually paint that last title over my work station soon.

My question to you is this…do you start with a name in mind? Do you randomly assign a title just to have one? Or do you wait and let the story tell you what its name is? What are your thoughts and suggestions on this quest? Help me out guys because the good Lord knows I don’t have a clue!

Until next time, Have A Blessed Day!


National Young Readers Week

National Young Readers Week

This week’s Who Are You Reading This Weekend is dedicated to the amazing and thirsty minds of our young. The second week of each November is dedicated to helping those students learn by example, so even if you don’t have a child, go grab a young reader (I suggest volunteering at a local library or elementary school), grab a great book (perhaps, a Pooh Bear or Wimpy Kid story?), and lead them to the great adventure of a good book, by reading one to them! Children learn by example, so be a good one!

I hope that you all have a Blessed weekend and find some hidden gems in the books that you read this week. Remember, you don’t have to be young to enjoy young readers!

I FORGOT!!! :(

I was busy with the kid, the packing, the dogs, and the NaNoWriMo today and in all that chaos I totally forgot to WRITE A BLOG! UGH! I did however get information and put out feelers to possibly have two new children’s book authors do an interview and possibly guest blog at some point in the not too distant future…but that doesn’t count for NaBloPoMo, unfortunately. Even though I’ve missed the mark, I will continue to attempt to blog each day whenever possible. And actually, since I haven’t gone to sleep yet I would totally count this as being written today (November 8th) even if the actual time stamp says differently. Time is just a fluid measure and can be changed, I don’t know how to do it, but I believe it can be done (flux capacitor anyone?!?!?) And I mean come on, better late than never, RIGHT?

Either way, I hope you had a fabulously love filled and productive, or lazy, day yourself. Sometimes it is a blessing not to have the time to sit and blog. I wish you all the blessings in the world, and beyond. Here’s the first for you today, Have a Blessed Weekend.

The Confidence Issue

There are things about myself that I would change in an instant if I could. Of course there are, I’m a human being.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my basic looks, my basic style, and my quirky sense of humor. However, if I could tweak things a bit here and there, I would in a heartbeat. But the thing that I would change the most is my confidence level. I have incredibly low confidence and sometimes I fear success. Success comes on the heels of putting yourself out there and trying, like, in front of people. This is one of the only things I fear…well, that and needles.

Yes, I have health issues, but who doesn’t? Yes, I am considered obese, but I can exercise. Yes, I have hair so thick that I get headaches, glasses so thick that people crack bottle jokes, and feet so low and wide that shoes are difficult to find…but all that can be taken care of with just a little work. Confidence now, confidence is a lifelong battle. The saddest part about this low confidence? I know I’m awesome. I am a GREAT mother, a FABULOUS crochet-er, and an AMAZING author, among other things…but I just don’t think I want to put myself out there enough so that someone can tell me otherwise.

You see, I was told a long time ago by someone in my family that there is ALWAYS someone better than you at anything you do. Are you world renowned for your amazing talent at toe tatting? Well guess what, there’s a five year old in Jamaica that can out toe tat you on any given day…they just haven’t been discovered yet. With that in mind, I have spent my life hiding out, trying to convince myself that I’m the kid in Jamaica and not the sad sack who thinks they rule the world. It’s a way of life anyway.  

Here is something else to remember though, No one is perfect, everyone has to learn to be the best THEY can be, and flaws are what make a person interesting. So here is to our flaws, I wouldn’t change a thing about you! Have a Blessed DAY!

NaBloPoMo Prompt: November 5th…where do you write?

Where do you write your blog posts? Well, this question is loaded with vast possibilities isn’t it? I certainly hope that the majority of authors have amazing offices or a beautifully appointed sitting rooms with writing nooks.

I keep hoping that will be the case for me sometimes soon. That a little rearranging, remodeling, or reorganizing could produce that perfect space that I would want to be in all the time. Maybe in the new house. For right now though I write my posts, and my books, anywhere and everywhere. I carry notebooks, colored pens (I rarely write in black or blue…too normal and boring!), and notecards with me like old women carry hard candy.

I am likely to found with my shopping cart parked in the middle of the local grocery store aisles, scribbling down some genius idea, or absentmindedly handing my daughter a snack at the restaurant while I promise that I’m jotting down just this ‘one last sentence’. Or I can be found, mostly, sitting on the couch and utilizing commercial breaks and baby nap times. I don’t write and drive anymore though, that’s what the tape recorder is for!

This particular post was written while laying on my bed, balanced between half packed moving boxes, so it may be that surroundings aren’t as important as some people (myself included) seem to think they are. Still, I think that I’ll go ahead and paint the sitting room in my new living quarters a deep pumpkin spice, orange is a great color for encouraging creativity you know. *hums* ‘in my own little corner, in my own little room….’

Oh who am I kidding? I will probably still just keep going to the park or to the couch, why try to change now?


Here’s hoping you all have comfy chairs and words to spare in your writing rooms! Have a Blessed Day!

Who is your favorite Character of All time?

There are so many different ways that I could answer this question. Let’s be honest here, as you get older and learn more about the world that surrounds you, childhood favorites oftentimes become forgotten pieces of our lost youth. I could go on to say that my ALL TIME FAVORITE character is that of Dumbledore, or possibly one of Nora Roberts’ amazing heroes. I wouldn’t be lying, I do love all of those characters, I do adore Harry Potter as a whole, and I could even say that the Mad Hatter has always been a favorite of mine throughout all of the reincarnations on television, in movies, and in the multiple written re-imaginings of Wonderland. I have always adore Jareth, the Goblin King from the Labyrinth, and I say, with great pride in my geekery, that Tolkien wrote some of my heroes in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series.

 These are total truths. However, if I were to really sit down and think of my all-time favorite character, whether it be on screen or in the written word, I would have to reach deep inside and confess that Winnie-ther-Pooh and his friends take that lead position in my heart, even above the Care Bears. I even wrote papers and created lessons on the original works of A.A. Milne for my education degree because of the love I have for the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood. A stuffed Tigger and a small stuffed Piglet, both probably older than my father, are carefully preserved and living on my bookshelves to help my inspiration flow freely and my daughter has a room full of artwork that I drew for her, all centered on those characters. Eeyore, Rabit, Owl, Christopher Robin, Kanga, Roo, Heffalumps, and Woozles…they are all here, all wandering around my house and helping to make it a home.

I cannot just choose one, though Tigger is often my favorite, because each of these endearing and enduring characters has grown up and changed with me, bringing through rough times and back to good with simple songs and wise words that are as true for four year olds as they are for seventy-four year olds. Love, Imagination, and a good dose of Silly are what I need to thrive, and I get it all with a quick visit to Winnie ther Pooh and Friends.

May you all have such a connection to wonderful literature and lifelong friendships! Have a Blessed, and honey filled, day!


NaBloPoMonth…an interesting challenge

NaBloPoMonth…an interesting challenge

Here is this weeks “Who are YOU Reading?”

For those of you who don’t want to write a novel (crazy people!), here is a site asking you to take a Blog Posting challenge! One Blog a Day, for 30 consecutive days. Think you can handle it? then go sign up!! If not…there are plenty of people who have signed up that would love to have you as a reader! Either way, you win!

Have a blessed Weekend!