Something New

I just spent an hour setting up the front (and only) page for my website. I found Wix and went with it! I know this blog is typically for writing and teaching things, short stories and pithy quotes…but I would love to know what you guys think of the page! 

I know that there has to be a few things that need edited or fixed because that went together way too smoothly! And, oh man, I’m already contemplating changing the heading. *facepalm*

Thank you in advance! You guys are the absolute best!

Coming Soon…

There are a lot of fun things going on in the Tyree Tomes world right now! Three of the most exciting (to me anyway) are the new line of quizzes and lesson ideas to go along with the Stone Dragon Saga books, Leonard’s Wildlife Picture Book Series (name still a work in progress!), and the Little Monster’s Story (also a name WIP).

If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you’ve probably heard about both of those first two items. I am very proud of my dragons and their story, and I am incredibly excited for Leonard and his friends to join our bunch. However, the Little Monster has been under wraps for the most part. Want to know a secret? I didn’t write it! I will be making sense of the story, setting it up in book form, and presenting to you very soon…but the real author behind this adorable early (EARLY) childhood picture book is my daughter.

That’s right, my one month from being 3 year old Monkey has written her first book. She started telling the story as a bedtime story to her baby dolls. At first, I didn’t pay much attention since she makes up cute stories and scenarios all the time. However, this was different because, after the third night in a row of the exact same wording to the story, I realized that this story was one of THOSE. You know, one of those stories/poems/art pieces that you find doodled all over the edges of your notepads or menus until you just write it out and complete the silly thing. So that’s what we’re doing. Her goal has been to ‘be like Mama and Papa‘ and write and ‘Be like Gaga’ and draw/illustrate. You will see her story and her illustrations in the next few weeks (Hopefully the Good Lord allows us to get it done so quickly!).

That’s most of what’s new in the Tyree Tomes world.

Who are you reading


Normally I encourage you to go find a comfortable place and sink into a work by a favorite author. However, with National Novel Writing Month just around the corner (AHH!) I would like to take this chance to encourage you to seek out a new author, not just someone who is new to you but someone whose work has just recently become available (and not just because I am on that list!). Check out the Goodreads lists of newly published authors for 2013 or go search Amazon and find a newbie, read the authors page, and find a book that looks interesting. Not only are you going to find an entirely new world to explore, but you will also be helping out someone who may be struggling to be able to continue writing, or who may be wondering if their book even appeals to anyone besides themselves.

So go, boost an ego and discover a new world! Have a great and blessed weekend!