Scratch Paper

I enjoy seeing all of the different ways that my students fill their scratch paper for math testing. Some go top left to top right, then on to the next row. Some start in the upper left hand corner, go down to the lower left hand corner, then proceed across, up, back, etc. creating an ‘L’, ‘square’ and/or maze of numbers.

Some begin in the center and work their way out. Some even create giant pictograms with their equations (the most popular seems to be a smiley face!).

I have never doubted the creativity needed for writing, but then I’ve always considered myself both to be creative and to be an author. Science…well scientists HAVE to be creative to discover the war to discovery.

Reading broadens the spectrum of imagination and knowledge…helping to create creativity. But I never saw the ‘logical’ practices as being particularly creative (or logical really) until now.

Maybe my students are just that amazing. Either way, the extreme creativity that can be found within even the ‘strictly’ logical practices is beginning to astound me!

Thank you!

I want to take a moment here and just thank everyone for their continued support as we make our ways into the new year. 2015 will be an interesting and (hopefully) amazing one for those of us here at Tyree Tomes and I would love for you to come along with us for the ride.

Now then, while I’ve got you here basking in the warmth of my appreciation, let’s go over a few numbers!

136 – the number of books I gave away last weekend

6 – the number of countries that had people downloading ESTyree books last weekend

I don’t have the full year’s numbers yet, but I do know that I have given away books in at least 9 countries at this point. I know that you all have been a big part of that! Not only that, but I am less than 20 follows away from hitting 300, which seems like a small number to those of you who have thousands of followers but for me it is AMAZING. I spent a long time with less than 100 followers and am very grateful for each and every one of you!

May each of you have a blessed and inspiring day! I’m off to work on lesson plans and day 3 (in a row, go me!) of exercising. Be Blessed!


New Logo, New Reviews, New Numbers:

New Logo, New Reviews, New Numbers:

It has been a big week for our family. My daughter got a new baby doll that giggles and my mother is finishing up her second week of driving a little over an hour (one way) to teach second grade a few towns away.

Dr. Tyree, my father and co-founder of Tyree Tomes, began his first semester back on campus at North Western Oklahoma State University (Ride Rangers Ride!), where he teaches Biblical Studies as a humanities course. After eight years away from this campus and classroom, he is very excited to be back in his role as an adjunct professor and, to commemorate the occasion (and the class he thought he was teaching, but is, in fact, not) his book, Paul on Paul, has been made available for free digital download all this week through the kindle page. IF you would like your very own copy of this, or any other of his works, or even if you don’t, here is a link his to his author’s page and bibliography:

While Dr. and Mrs. Tyree have been busy with classes, I kept myself busy working on blog posts, this week’s short story (The Watch in the Window, coming this Sunday!), and book 4 of The Stone Dragon Saga. During one of my many breaks due to writer’s block and blamed on a very happy and hyper toddler, I decided to check on my statistics page and realized that I was ranked in the top 3,000 authors on Amazon’s Fantasy list (there are several hundred thousand of them!) and though I’ve dropped down a few places since then I am very excited about how well we all seem to be doing this week. (I am currently ranked as the 268,438th most popular author on Amazon, while Dr. Tyree is coming in at 506,649th…out of every fiction and non-fiction writer listed on the site’s extensive availability sheets)

I also received my first review for Dragon on the Green: The Stone Dragon Saga Book 3. The reviewer gave me 4 stars because of my rushed editing, but did contact me to let me know that it was, in his opinion, a 5 star story and was only rated lower due to my editing mistakes.
If you would like to read, review, or just take a gander at the series, here is a link to my author’s page and bibliography:

Do you have any suggestions, ideas, or comments?? Leave them for me here or at
As always, May you have a Blessed day and may your joys, much like your inspirations, flow freely.