Essays on Christian Worship

Essays on Christian Worship

Written by Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree, minister and professor of Biblical Studies at Northwestern Oklahoma State University (Ride Ranger Ride), this book contains

five short essays, each covering a different area of christian worship: prayer, singing, giving, communion, and preaching.

Early Prayer Private Prayer – Essays on Christian Worship, pt 2

This author is a minister, professor of Biblical Studies at NWOSU, and avid seeker of the truth and knowledge found in the Bible.

An excerpt from his newest writing endeavor, here is today’s post from Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree. Don’t forget to follow his blog and find him at or get his other books on Kindle or Amazon.

Early Prayer Private Prayer – Essays on Christian Worship, pt 2.


Time Out!

Time Out!

Ever wonder what those media time outs are good for?? Well here it is, the answer you didn’t know you were looking for…WRITING!! That’s right, I went to a basketball game last night (Ride Rangers Ride!) and used most of the time outs to scribble down the next chapter of ‘Dragons in the Deep’.
It was a close game and we lost by a three pointer…but it fun and inspirational.

May you all have a Blessed Day!


New Logo, New Reviews, New Numbers:

New Logo, New Reviews, New Numbers:

It has been a big week for our family. My daughter got a new baby doll that giggles and my mother is finishing up her second week of driving a little over an hour (one way) to teach second grade a few towns away.

Dr. Tyree, my father and co-founder of Tyree Tomes, began his first semester back on campus at North Western Oklahoma State University (Ride Rangers Ride!), where he teaches Biblical Studies as a humanities course. After eight years away from this campus and classroom, he is very excited to be back in his role as an adjunct professor and, to commemorate the occasion (and the class he thought he was teaching, but is, in fact, not) his book, Paul on Paul, has been made available for free digital download all this week through the kindle page. IF you would like your very own copy of this, or any other of his works, or even if you don’t, here is a link his to his author’s page and bibliography:

While Dr. and Mrs. Tyree have been busy with classes, I kept myself busy working on blog posts, this week’s short story (The Watch in the Window, coming this Sunday!), and book 4 of The Stone Dragon Saga. During one of my many breaks due to writer’s block and blamed on a very happy and hyper toddler, I decided to check on my statistics page and realized that I was ranked in the top 3,000 authors on Amazon’s Fantasy list (there are several hundred thousand of them!) and though I’ve dropped down a few places since then I am very excited about how well we all seem to be doing this week. (I am currently ranked as the 268,438th most popular author on Amazon, while Dr. Tyree is coming in at 506,649th…out of every fiction and non-fiction writer listed on the site’s extensive availability sheets)

I also received my first review for Dragon on the Green: The Stone Dragon Saga Book 3. The reviewer gave me 4 stars because of my rushed editing, but did contact me to let me know that it was, in his opinion, a 5 star story and was only rated lower due to my editing mistakes.
If you would like to read, review, or just take a gander at the series, here is a link to my author’s page and bibliography:

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As always, May you have a Blessed day and may your joys, much like your inspirations, flow freely.