Door to the Wonders of Writing…

I wish that I had a beautiful picture of my classroom door to share with you today. I don’t. The door itself is a large, brown, wooden block on hinges and I cannot decide what to do with it.

Should I use my mother’s extensive art knowledge and my almost impossible to live up to creativity to creat a Hobbit hole effect with some pithy sign on the Hobbit door? (Ms. Tyree’s class…where imagination creates!).

Perhaps I should take the pen poster and make a door covering out of it. Have you seen that poster? Several types of writing utensils lined up with the words ‘Tools of Mass Creation’ below them. Absolutely awesome.

Or maybe a big tree with a wise welcoming owl..Wally theWriter whoooo welcomes you to class. A big notebook page with a yay for writing note on it. A turtle, just because I like turtles, or a Dragon because…well duh! Yay dragons.

As you can see,the list is potentially endless and driving me mad. Any thoughts?