Goal Oriented Monday

This is a big week in our house. Not because there’s anything out of the ordinary going on, but because next week is our church’s Singing School. Singing School is a camp like atmosphere in which students spend a week learning to read music, sing parts, lead singing, and throw water balloons with deadly accuracy. (ok, we usually only do water balloons once a week.)

You may be thinking to yourself, “but Beth, why would this effect your house? It sounds like that all happens at church.”

Yes, yes it does…except that the kids don’t stay in pews or bus to cabins. Church members keep the students throughout the week, cook for them morning and night, and drive them back and forth to the building for classes. It’s a fun experience, or it was eight years ago when I helped with my last singing school. Now, almost a decade later, my parents and I are all back in town and signed up to keep girls. When I was in high school and college we kept almost twenty girls, this year I think we signed up for 5. I am excited, I am wary, I am downright mean…oh wait, that’s next week.

This all means that this week has a specific and slightly different set of goals for us here in the castle.

  1. Finally finish the writer’s loft so that there aren’t several boxes and empty shelves cluttering the open space.
  2. Re-organize my sleeping/craft area
  3. Find a good place to leave my notebooks and pens that won’t get a bunch of snot nosed teenagers messing with them (that’s not fair, I don’t know the condition of their noses)
  4. Write during every break so that I don’t lose my questionable mojo
  5. Do stuff, lots of stuff
  6. Do more stuff, like baking
  7. Clean up plant area and all that jazz

That’s right: I’ve got goals, yes I do! I’ve got goals, How ABOUT YOU?!?!?!?!! (Insert Nerdy Hurky here)



Monday Pep

It is overcast and damp here in the little town of nowheresville, with the castle ground just the right amount of squishy and the air just the right temperature for either a t-shirt or light long-sleeves. After the heat of last week, this washing and cooling of our home has given me new purpose. The week is begun, the work to be done is waiting, and I have a new list of goals (that looks rather a lot like last week’s list).

  2. I WILL crochet the five animals I promised those students!
  3. I WILL prepare a book review for tomorrow (and blogs for all week)
  4. I will learn to work this confounded universal remote
  5. I WILL Read
  6. At some point I will probably do laundry
  7. I WILL prepare a short story for Sunday
  8. I WILL take a nap
  9. I WILL Plant things…peppery things

Don’t judge me but…Loki is my favorite! Thanks to BegitalLarcos for this wonderful meme! 😉

That’s right friends, I am burdened with a glorious purpose! Ink pens, paper, and a not-too-firm mattress are the keys to my success. But what about you? Are you suffering from writer’s block or reader’s remorse (halfway through and you just can’t make yourself sit down to read)? Can you not find your art? Whatever it is keeping you down this Monday, brush it off! YOU are in charge and YOU set your goals (and your boss of course, but that is an entirely different list!). Change your perspective, change your location, take a break and play on the swings…whatever you need to do to clear the fuzz a great weekend brings. Then…write a list!

What are YOUR goals for this week? How did you decide on them? How do you plan on achieving them? Let me know, I love to hear from you!!

As always, I wish you a blessed and inspiring week!


Peppy Goals

There are ten days left in this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo and I have at least 2,000 words a day to write if I want to finish on time. I could be upset, I could be depressed, I could do the usual and completely forsake writing for a week in order to crochet and watch movies before futilely racing to write in the final hours of posting time. Not This Time!

This time I won’t do any of that. Maybe it’s because I’m another year older and, ostensibly, wiser. Perhaps it stems from the fact that we moved in the middle of November last year and my final NaNo word count was so pitiful that I’ve attempted to block it from my mind. Or possibly, and most probably, is that I don’t want to teach my daughter to give up…especially on something you love. So today’s pep is really this…if you love it, if you really want it, achieve it. As Sister Mary Clarence (Whoopi Goldberg) says in Sister Act 2: “If you wake up in the morning and you can’t think of anything but singing, than you should be a singer.” I say, if you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t think of anything except what happens to your plotline next, you should be a writer.

Now that the semi-pep talk is over…wait, one more thing…Sister Mary Clarence also says “If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.” (If you haven’t watched the movie…WATCH THE MOVIE)

Now then, I’m all out of the almost-pep so now that its over, here are my goals for this week:

1) Write at least two articles for Yahoo! Contributors Network

2) Work my fingers off and my brain gooey to get the rest of my word count, and beyond, for Camp

3) Practice drawing some more dragons and ships…I’ve drawn exactly one full dragon so far.

I’ve named him Bill the Ner…he doesn’t much look like what I imagine my dragons to be, but he’s family 😀

4) Use my daughter’s snuggle times as actual down times. I’ve been trying to research and write…even just on my phone…during these times and I’m not getting much extra done but I am missing out on snuggles. So instead of binging on Netflix and not writing at night, I’ll binge on My Little Pony and Tinkerbell during the nap time portion of the day. It might work.

5) write this week’s short story BEFORE I post it on Sunday.

What are your goals for the week? Campers, how are your word counts coming along? Do you have any tips, advice, or comments for me…please leave them! I love to hear from you all!