I’m beginning an overhaul of my first self-published piece: Dragon on My Neck. I absolutely adore this book. The characters are large pieces of myself and I cringe every time I think about this re-write…but then I read bits and pieces of the book and cringe even more. I was a totally different writer 7 years ago! My writing has evolved and matured and is (hopefully) much smoother and just all around BETTER at this point. This writing maturity has come from living more, reading more, writing more…and, more specifically, writing more pieces of the over arching story of The Stone Dragon Saga. So, perhaps, knowing what I know now will help me to create a more streamlined book? Or maybe I will trash the rewrite and keep the original? I don’t know yet, but I do have a question for you, my friends:

As a writer, do you ever go back and completely re-write something like this? If you are not a write, but a reader, do you ever wish the author had rewritten a book?

Let me know!

How Do You Motivate?


Do you have it?

Do you want it?

Do you know where to find it?


I answered no to them all. Not that I don’t want to be motivated. Really, i would love the motivation to get up and go and do and finish etc. etc. etc. However, do I want to get motivated and then go crazy trying to do everything at once…like I usually do? NOPE. No thanks.

SO what next? If I don’t have motivation and I don’t want to get motivated and go crazy, what do I do?

I asked a few friends about motivation and how they handle it.

The top responses were:

  1. I just kind of do it when I have to. Having to motivates me.
  2. I want to get things done so I can do fun things. Rewards motivate me.
  3. I’m trying to get my life together and every small finished task motivates me.
  4. I have no motivation. I don’t care. Let me sit here.

Clearly I have a cross section of friends. So I pose the question to you:

How do you get yourself motivated (in general)? Do you have certain goals or activities that push you along? Do you have certain goals or activities that you need more motivation for?

Free Fell Short

I have a very serious and earnest question to ask you today:

Are Short Stories completely out of vogue now??

I ask because of the horribly discouraging give away I hosted this past weekend. All 3 of my currently available short story books were free in their e-book format, Over the course of 3 days, with 3 books waiting to be snatched up, I gave away 6 books and all of them were in the US. They were most likely even given to people I know personally.

So why the drop off? Not even the very first give away I hosted had such a poor turnout.

Do any of you have hints, tips, tricks, or nicely worded admonitions for me? i would appreciate anything that can help me understand this issue! (For the record, Dr. Tyree has been having this issue recently as well!)