The Quote Book

I have a quote book. This is not a book full of historic, meaningful, or even funny famous one liners and quotes (although I do have a few of those as well). No, this is a book of things said in passing my students and colleagues. Some of these are unintentional slip-ups that they prayed no one heard. Some are serious statements and questions that elicit a giggle or make people pause and wonder. Some are just down right weird.

All of these things get written down in a cute little orange and white notebook that lives in the back of my top, left desk drawer.

I did not originally set out to have a book of quotes. In fact, the notebook we use was originally purchased for me to use in tracking my exercise, my self acre, my goals, and some positive affirmations. You may, then, be wondering how my ‘self care’ notebook morphed in such an odd manner. Well, it all started with a whiteboard and weird turn of phrase. It was the second week of my first year at a new school in my third year of teaching. This was a very small school. So small that there were only 12 staff members. That year, 7 of us were new. We were asked to pose for a picture for the newspaper and one man, our new head coach, was much taller than the rest of us. (He is, in fact, a full foot taller than me…almost to the centimeter) In order to allow the image to be framed properly, he wound up leaning over on my shoulder. I made some comment about the large man on my shoulder weighing me down. That particular turn of phrase tickled the funny bone of one of my high school students to the extent that she decided to write it out on a large white board in my room. Soon, that white board was taken over with quotes from the entirety of the school population. By Christmas break our quote board could hold no more quotes. Suddenly my positivity and self care journal was pressed into service. Each quote that was cramped onto the white board was painstakingly transposed word for word and carefully erased from its position (so nothing could be accidentally copied down twice). New quotes began to be added. A place of honor was chosen to house the book. In a ceremony of astounding pomp and high levels of self importance, I was sworn to keep the book and continue its ‘mission’ of recording the funny and odd quotes from our everyday people.

Fast forward to today. Some of the teachers will now stop me in the hallway to let me hear a snippet or two  they’ve been holding on to for the book. It lives in its own little same place, hosting such precious gems as ‘those squiggled notes look angered,’ ‘I have been launching my umbrella at people,’ ‘that  is how pink was born,’ and ‘I was about to surrender to my own foot.’

Sometimes it isn’t just kids who say the darndest things, and I have a book to prove it.

Idioms from Around the World


This short, illustrated book of idioms from around the world includes a description of each word’s etymology, origin, and meaning for both the language of origin and English terms. The descriptions by Ella Frances Sanders are well done and interesting, but the illustrations steal the show! If you enjoy learning about word play, idioms from other languages, or just fun trivia you should definitely check out this book!

5 out of 5 dragons to this little knowledge fest.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review*


Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Good February everyone!! Welcome to the first Writer’s Quote and #BeWOW Wednesday of the 2nd month of 2016. For more information on what we do each we, check out Silver Threading and RonovanWrites.

For the shortest month of the year, February sure seems to be packed full of all sorts of amazing things (Not the least of which are my 31st and my mother’s *ahem* day of birth celebrations :O ) So with that in mind, today’s quotes are going to center on something I seem to be having issues with this year…finding time!

As an author, a mother, a daughter, and a friend I often find myself without the ability to even make my own schedule. I run in between the lines, trying to find the time for anything I want to do inside and around the schedules of others. However, I keep trying even when I feel like breaking down and crying…and I keep trying BECAUSE positive-quote-confucius-600x600



Writer’s Quote Wednesday -Birthday Bash

Welcome back to Writer’s Quote Wednesday! This is a weekly get together across many blogs and hosted by the fabulous Silver Threading! Check out her blog for the week here and while you’re at it, check out the amazing Ronovan’s #BeWOW (Be Wonderful (or Writing) on Wednesdays) and see what that’s all about in this post. Silver and Ronovan joined forces and we like to Be Wonderful and Quote Writers all over the place on Wednesdays. 

Today would be Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s 184th birthday and, since he wrote one of my favorite children’s books of all time I thought I would take today to share some quotes from a great author…better known as Lewis Carroll. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass inspire creativity, self acceptance, and a love of strangeness. The Mad Hatter has long been one of my favorite literary characters and the quotes I’ve chosen for you today share that oddness and whimsy that translates into lyrical sentences and happy times. They always remind me that I am an author, a creator, and a fairy tale of swirling words waiting to be written down!

Without further ado…welcome to the wonderful, whimsical, writing world of Lewis Carroll:


This quote is handy for authors, I think of it all the time as I write and try to make sure my audience has room for their imaginations. 


selfish actions tend to make us feel poorly in the end…but things we can enjoy with or for others make life a little sweeter every day. 


If you wrote a sentence, read a page, ran an errand, or even just washed the dishes, you’ve come farther than you know! Every day, every action,very choice, every breath…look how far you’ve come. 


Write the story, live the story, go kiss that crush you’ve been aiming for..whatever. 

Finally, these two speak for themselves. We are, each of us, something amazing and unique. Don’t worry about the differences, celebrate them!

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome to Writer’s Quote Wednesday. Remember to go see Silver Threading and Ronovan for all the info on WQW and #BeWOW.

This past week saw the world lose David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Glenn Frey. Science Fiction/Fantasy editor David G. Hartwell is teetering on the brink of death after having a massive brain hemorrhage (I honestly believe that he is already passed, however I cannot find confirmation at this point in time), and locally we have lost a dear friend and music teacher rather unexpectedly.

So what am I trying to say in this depressing beginning to Writer’s Quote Wednesday? 2016 sucks. This “New Year/New…” has brought a lot of new tears. However, I always try to take comfort in the words of a person. The quotes, comments, songs, and characters that they have left behind will be a way for us to remember and share their talent with others.

Usually I try to explain why a certain quote or song caught my eye…this week I’m just going to put them all down there and you can make up your own minds. I will say that if you want to know more about my personal feelings on the subject you can check out the videos I did for David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Happy Writer’s Quote Wednesday Everyone! May the year get better from here…


Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome to the first Writing Quote Wednesday of the year 2016! Phew…I don’t know how I’m in 2016 already but I do know that if you want to take part in our little weekly party, you can head over to Silver Threading to see the rules for Writer’s Quote Wednesdays and talk to RonovanWrites about #BEWOW.

This week I want to share with you a quote that jumped out at me because of my friends. You see, I shared the beginning of a contest entry with 3 friends (who had requested to see what I was working on) and their reactions were as follows:

  1. Pretty good. It’s almost to perfect…just needs a few tweaks.
  2. Hey, I love the way you write and this is pretty decent. Just work on it a little.
  3. THIS IS SO INTENSE, I LOVE IT! You’ve written this story to perfection.

Friend #1 has been a writer before, though they have mostly stopped at this point, and looked at it from the author’s perspective.

Friend #2 reads voraciously and has taken up my bad habit of grammar policing. They looked at it from the perspective of an editing type.

Friend #3 just enjoys reading for the sake of the story and read from the perspective of a joyous audience member, a reader just wanting to know what happened next.

Through their eyes I saw what needed worked on, what needed lost, and what needed to stay exactly as it was. Then I began to look at quotes for this week’s post and almost immediately saw:


“THAT’S IT!” I cried, “The perfect quote! I’ve been writing…been pushing through a story I’m almost afraid to tackle. A pre-fairy tale fairy tale. A mythical origin story, if you will, and this…OH THIS! This quote is exactly what I needed. Take chances, get it down, and don’t worry about having to ‘tweak’ it later or how it ‘might be perfect if you…’ just WRITE!”

So that is today’s advice, ladies and gentlemen, Just Write. Just put down the story stomping and swirling through your membranes and, once it is all written down and glorious in it’s unedited range of possibly not quite horrendousness, then you edit it. Only then do you need to be concerned with editing. Get it down, then get it right. This isn’t brain surgery, it’s world writing.

Until next Time…Have a Blessed and Wonderful week!


#BeWriter’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome, Welcome to the next to last #BeWriter’sQuoting Wednesday of 2015 (I’ll come up with a good combo name…just wait for it!).

Remember to check out Silver Threading and Ronovan for more information, rules, prompts, and general merriment.

This week I wanted to continue with the ‘gifts’ theme we’ve been exploring for the Holiday season…and away we go!



Passionate about writing? Write..Passionate about miniature, ceramic goat herders? Open a museum/auction house. Passionate about the person you stare at through the window at night? Seek help…that wasn’t isn’t calling you! 

Hopefully we all have things light a fire inside of us. Writing and reading do that for me. I get started and lose myself entirely in the story, whether it’s mine or someone else’s. Someday I will be doing that for a living and acing it, right now I’m doing it for (mostly) free and loving it. Whatever you’re passionate about, I hope you pursue it throughout the new year.



Trudge on, push through that block, work every day: A muse comes to you through hard work, not booze and pretty lights (ok…not normally through booze and pretty lights). 

Inspiration comes and goes but when you keep going without it, that is when you discover the true depths of your passion and gift. Keep on swimming!



This is technically something for a teacher, but every author, every artist, every person that is passionate about their work becomes a teacher through that passion. Thank you all!

Remain passionate, seek personal inspirations, and pour yourself into making sure that the joy and passion you find in your gift shine through in all you do. Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, and any other holiday that happens in this end of year time.

I hope that my love, joy, and passion for words shines through to you all. I adore sharing it with you and I thank you for sharing your passions with me. until next time…

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Thankful

Welcome to another Writers Quote Wednesday! Like the rest of our posts, this week is brought to you by Silver Threading and Ronovan Writes.

This week I want to talk to you about a few random things that we as writers, or even just you normal people, might be thankful for.

clicks like

This is a quote from my current NaNoWriMo project. Lenora, the character who says this, goes on the say she didn’t even know the connection was missing until her friend ‘liked’ the post…but then it is a piercing relief to be thankful for. 


Writers can be thankful for the ability to write memories and create stories that they, their readers, and the future audiences can all find those memories within. 


Be thankful that, as a writer, writing becomes a part of you. So that you will always have ideas and sentences floating around within you. 


Having a bad day? Hers was worse…and yet writing allows for any bad day to disappear for a bit. You can be reborn in every story, your sorrow can be cast off…you write your own stories and emotions here. 


I am always, always thankful that my propensity for creating new (or formerly not used within my own society) words is something that writers are allowed to do. Lawyers and doctors have to stick with their own linguistics, I get to make it all up if I want to!

Are there other things that I’ve missed? Tell what you’re thankful for down in the comments!

Have a blessed Week!!

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Fairy Tales

Despite Silver Threading’s insistence that she would be gone this week and, as such, we would not have an official Writer’s Quote Wednesday for November 4th, here we are! Ronovan, the sneaky snook, has managed to take over the asylum for now. So check out the official Writer’s Quote Wednesday kick off post and Ronovan’s great quote here.

Welcome, welcome all my friends to the weekly quotes that never end…Although they are paused for several days at a time, sorry, the more I write the more I rhyme.

So this week I want to talk to about fairy tales. Not the typical Happily Ever After thing that most people talk about now. That’s the end, the ‘ride off into the sunset’ moment that only comes after all the other ups and downs. I want to look at the rest of it. Fairy Tales are told for the happy ending, after all.


There is good, and there is evil, everywhere you turn. They are in the world around you, in the people around you, and in the person within you. We are always halfway in the world of fairy tales, the happy endings, the singing mice…but the flip side of these ‘updated’ happy sappy fairy tales, is the origin tale. The dark, often malevolent abyss of life lessons and villains who get a lot more torture in. Keep moving on anyway.

Life mirrors the art we make and fairy tales are no different. Though they move more quickly, and have more obvious foes in them, the lessons are the same. Keep dreaming, keep working, and never give up your hope. One day you'll be a knight or you'll be a queen...and the dragons won't matter anymore.

Life mirrors the art we make and fairy tales are no different. Though they move more quickly, and have more obvious foes in them, the lessons are the same. Keep dreaming, keep working, and never give up your hope. One day you’ll be a knight or you’ll be a queen…and the dragons won’t matter anymore.


Oh how I love this quote! This makes even more sense if you read the original stories. The Cinderella with her sisters cutting pieces of their feet off to fit the slipper (they die of Exsanguination!) and the Snow White that allows her step-mother to be tortured for her crimes. There are no perfect fairy tales where someone doesn’t get hurt in the end. The pain and tribulation pushes the story to it’s happy conclusion…if it was all rainbows and magic wands we’d never get out of chapter one.


Beast and Beauty, Bully and sweetness…opposite forces propel every story to it’s ending. If everyone were the same life, and fairy tales, would be boring and difficult.


“Every villain is the hero of his own story.”
Did you ever wonder about villains? Why do they want to do these things…maybe they think they’re in the right. Maybe, just maybe, Peter did something to Hook that we don’t know about. Maybe, just maybe, the true story of the evil queen is more complicated…(Once Upon a Time on ABC does a great job exploring this idea!)

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Throughout the entire fairy tale, whichever one it is, we find hidden meanings laced into the world of the story. Beauty is just skin deep, unless it’s not. Sometimes a prince has no manners and a beast is more princely. Sometimes, in order to feel lovable you must first find love. The list goes on and on, like the gingerbread and peppermint lane you must not eat. Finally, the end. The finale, the happily ever after…

This is where we are, my friends...knowledge is power, the most powerful thing. Beauty loves Beast and that knowledge turns him back into a man. Charming finds Cinderella and it is his knowing, and loving her, despite her servant status that turns her into the princess again.

This is where we are, my friends…knowledge is power, the most powerful thing. Beauty loves Beast and that knowledge turns him back into a man. Charming finds Cinderella and it is his knowing, and loving her, despite her servant status that turns her into the princess again.

So remember, as you go about your week, that knowing is half the battle. Believing is the other half. When you put knowledge and belief together, you get one heck of a plot line.