Saturday Stories…ON Sunday (again)

So I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t take the time to write this yesterday. It was a fairly busy Saturday, but that’s no excuse (right?). Anyway, the point is that I’m here now. So here we go!

My goals for the past week were completely switched around and messed up but that’s what happens!

First off, I’m not gonna lie…I finished Aesop’s  Fables but put Emma back on the shelf. I just wasn’t able to sit down and read large chunks all together and was getting frustrated with doing that so I set it aside and did a big library haul. I finished “A Study in Charlotte” already and absolutely adored it.

I am a few more chapters into Wired for Story and have videos up for the first several chapters.

As for the writing…well I haven’t gotten caught up yet and most likely will not get to my goal for the month. However, the point is that I tried and will continue to try. I will keep writing and will, eventually, surpass that goal and any others I set.

Here is part of what I did write this week…chapter 5 of The Way We Were (part 2):

Chapter 5

“Oh my gosh,” the blond highlights in front of him blinked owl-like golden eyes and dropped to her knees, babbling apologies like an infant cooing as she scrambled to help Lee collect the groceries that had flown from his arms.

There was something familiar about her backlit curls, her long eyelashes, her…her. There was just something about her. Lee couldn’t shake, or place, the feeling and so he bumbled, grumbled, made a right ass of himself and, with cheeks flaming from the humiliation, turned to stalk away.

The well-manicured fingers lightly glazing his bicep stopped him cold in his cracks. In her other hand, held out between her fingers, was a folded receipt with a number scrawled hastily across it.

“My name is Cecily,” she murmured self-consciously, “Call me sometime and I’ll take you out for some apology coffee.”

“Lee,” Lee responded stupidly, unable to force his mouth to shape itself around any other words.

“Come on Cee,” Another set of highlights and manicures called from the store front, “You’ve been in here for ages!”

“Gotta go,” one more brilliant smile and she was off, jogging with her lethal cart to the checkouts.

Lee looked around bemusedly and tucked the highlight’s – Cecily’s – number in to his pocket before wandering outside.

A well timed text reminding him not to forget the eggs propelled the poor man back in to where his hapless groceries were still sitting in the middle of an aisle, waiting for him to wake up and buy them.



I’m sitting here watching the Discovery Channel’s Mermaids: The Body Found and the follow up of New Evidence Found. Now, I want to lay my cards on the table right from the start of this one: I believe in Mermaids. I don’t know if they are still out there, hiding in the depths and migrating with whales like this show is asserting, but I believe that at some point in the history of this vast and ever-changing planet that God created for us there were mermaids. I will also defend to my death the belief that dragons and unicorns existed at some point in our history. Fairies, leprechauns, giants, even magic…I believe that something of those is true as well. Do you know why? Because there are accounts of these beings from across the world in times that were early enough to preclude vast amounts of exchange between peoples.

That being said, I am finding a lot of this ‘evidence’ to be highly suspect…and a lot of it makes total sense. Deep sea fishing mermaids (spear heads found in animals have been documented for hundreds of years. Perhaps they aren’t all human made??), a few videos that are fairly believable, etc. What does it for me is the singing, though; mermaids and whales with similar patterns but different pitches and vowel movement in the song. This seems legit.

Mermaids singing with, and migrating with, whales. Whales would provide protection from their Orca kin and other predators, for smaller creatures who theoretically have newly birthed/young offspring with them. If these aren’t mermaids (and I am not certain that these are true mermaids) then they are almost certainly a new (or newly discovered) species that has several traits which could be mistaken for ‘aquatic humanoids.’

I know that several of you will read this and think I’ve gone looney tunes. I am ok with that, I know I’m a little off the rocker (I believe most authors are, if you want the truth) but I am also a skeptic at heart so my take on the matter is that we shouldn’t force the issue, we shouldn’t search them, if they exist and want to contact us then let it happen. Right now it would seem as if mermaids either don’t exist in today’s reality, or are in deep hiding. But hear this, there are many areas of the deep sea that haven’t been fully explored yet and new species of creatures (both aquatic and otherwise) are being discovered each year. Two new species of whale have been discovered in the last decade or so, so it seems completely plausible that something like this could be hiding. Whether a true mermaid, a throwback to the ancient dinosaur type ages, or a new merger of manatee and seal (my manatees!), these creatures are causing a big uproar. We are fearfully and wonderfully made…and so is everyone and everything else! God does what He wants to do and I don’t get a real vote here.

For now I will leave my total belief to the stories and legends of the people before me, and the Disney version of The Little Mermaid (Hans Christian Anderson’s version is incredibly depressing). I will write of them when I begin to hear the voice of a mermaid character, and that is all I will admit to at the moment!!

How do you feel about these types of programs? Do you believe in Mermaids? BigFoot? The MothMan? I look forward to hearing your opinions! Have a blessed and mysterious day. 😀

Online Mingling?

It could just be me. I mean, I don’t actually have a paid membership for the site but the free promises me interaction with good quality men who can message me, smile at me, im me, etc. You would think that just ONE GUY matching my criteria would show up and think I deserved a little smile. But no, I get more interaction with my blogosphere friends than anyone on the online dating sites…Maybe I’m too smart (mouthed) for them?

Oh well, I certainly don’t need another needy man in my life; my characters are using up all of my sensitivity and coddling right now! While I haven’t done much on the Tyree Tomes front this week (I’m still working on the decorative part of setting up a classroom) I have written a little bit. More importantly, I have decided to rework some old stories (three that aren’t even close to completion) and still, of course, work on Dragon 4. Oh, and I know of at least one more book I want to write (A NON FICTION! *GASP*)

Dad has his hands full with writing a commentary on the book of James. If you haven’t stopped by his kindle collection lately, you should. He usually has a book free at some point each week.

We all know that I need to get back to work if I want to take a break to write later tonight (or at all this weekend), so I’m off to color and cut some more. Do you have big plans??


I can’t be certain when it happened. Perhaps in utero or perhaps before. Whatever and/or whenever doesn’t really matter now though. From my first memories, I have always been interested in stories and those who tell them. According to my parents, I was born telling stories and just never stopped. Now, in my late twenties and with a toddler of my own, I smile at the stories of my early tales and gladly pass on the knowledge of words. She seems to have a knack for tale telling herself!

I inherited my love of words from a book-a-holic mother and a ministerial father. My father and I share a facebook page and an encompassing identity of being the authors and overseers of Tyree Tomes. All for the love a good story.

In some ancient cultures, the story tellers were considered high up in the societal standings. Some travelled from town to town sharing news and trifles with villagers. Some even passed their profession down through the generations like we have, like some pass down being carpenters or school teachers (which, incidentally, we also do!). However, being an orator, or story teller, has always been a somewhat solitary practice. You must live inside yourself and the characters you create, that precludes much interaction from the outside.

However, with today’s technologies, we have created blogs, forums, communities, and social media pages to share our works, converse, and tell stories to one another. All of our tastes are different, our writing styles range the poles, but we pass on the profession, just like each generation before us did. The travelling is a lot easier now a-days though.




Tomorrow is “National Reading Day” in the U.S.A., a day for pre-k thru 3rd graders to (hopefully) happily read and develop the literacy foundation they’ll need throughout school and life. (

Thinking about the books I loved in elementary school made me realize something I had never really thought about before.

When you think about great classic books, especially children’s books, you remember the general setting, the tone, and of course, the main characters. Everyone remembers Peter Pan from Neverland had a friend named Tinkerbell. We all know that the Red Queen chased Alice through Wonderland. And who could forget that Aslan welcomed the Pevensie children into Narnia…well, eventually. However, does anyone remember the minor characters? Do you have a favorite?

I know that some of my absolute favorite characters are those who seem to slip in and out of the storyline, almost undetected but for a swift pun or stunning swordplay before they once again fade out of the limelight. For example, Nana and the mermaids of Neverland, a myriad of talking animals throughout children’s stories (Reepacheep, the Beavers, DorMouse, Mock Turtle, etc.), and perhaps even the Woodsman of fairy tale lore can be called a minor character who plays a major role.

Some characters have been given the dubious honor of being both a major and minor character in literature. For example, Mr. Tumnus the Fawn plays a great role in the beginning of the Lucy’s adventure into Narnia, but then fades out of the story for a while. The Mad Hatter comes and goes and, though he continues throughout the Wonderland narratives, he does not always have much of a role to play.

I must confess that the Mad Hatter is my favorite character from the Lewis Carroll’s works, and the subsequent television and film adaptations. Who is your favorite “minor character”?

May your imagination never cease to amaze, may your life follow your dreams, and may you have a Blessed Day!


At one point in my life I owned over one thousand books. When I purchased my first home, the guest room was immediately sacrificed in order to create a library with specialty built-in shelving that I begged my grandfather for before I ever even officially moved. Even after those units were filled to the brim, each room of the house contained at least one shelf stacked with more books of all kinds…and I read them all.

At this point over half of that collection has been given away, donated, or recycled (some were just too far gone to do much else with), but I am always on the lookout for more reading material. In a time when most of the people around me don’t read, or read from a computer screen, many of my friends wonder at my behavior. They think I’m weird (I admit it…I’m weird). I get called a nerd or a geek a lot, though not just because of my reading habits! Since several people have seemed confused lately, let me try to explain.

You see, tablet readers are wonderful for organization and ease. They are convenient and allow for books that would normally be unwieldy, i.e. the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (which weighs more than my fat cat and is bigger than my head), to be carried around without any strained muscles or blocked doorways. But you still have to plug them in.

Additionally, the cold, hard feel of pressed plastics has no give, no softness. The pages do not rustle in breezes or yellow and stain with age. You cannot accidentally drop a bookmark, lose your place, and discover something you missed before. Then there’s the smell. Computer screens smell like dust and popping ions at best, which is to say that there is little to no scent.

Books though..Ah! Books smell like paper and ink and whatever scents that have surrounded them in their ‘shelf life.’ (I have several books that smell of tacos and cinnamon…much more pleasant than it sounds.) Books smell of life. You cannot get that sensory experience online. Scent can trigger memories, the visceral punch of opening a door to the scent of old ink and paper can transport a person back to their first library trip, or that old bookstore they found on vacation. All the computer gives you is a picture.

The thrill of searching free download lists cannot, for me, be equated in any way to the feeling of finding a hidden gem half-buried in a discount thrift bin.  Especially on the trip that sent me to a bookstore across the street from the ocean. Those books smelled like the sea and warm breezes. Maybe I am weird…

I guess that’s just life a bibliophile though. Take a deep breath now…don’t you just love the smell of old books in the morning??

May you, and your electronic device of choice, have a blessed and story filled day!