Food and Fashion

I don’t usually post about food or clothing…I find myself much too under qualified to offer opinions about fashion and my food is usually eaten before I can think about what it really is. However, today there is one of each for me talk about.

First of all, I am not a huge fan of Chinese food. Soy sauce is more salty and less smooth than I prefer (funnily enough, I adore Tex-Mex food. Of course, I’m from Texas). Today I am making Beef and Broccoli for lunch…and replacing soy sauce with Worcestershire Sauce. Try it sometime. Even if you like Soy Sauce, this offers just enough of a different flavor to entice even the staunchest  anti-soy saucer (i.e. ME) to consume a bowl, or two, of the dish. Unless you don’t like broccoli, in which case I can’t help you.

Secondly, I have a small side business run through Facebook of crocheting and occasionally selling toys, hats, and baby/toddler clothing. ( ) Several months ago I started work on a larger scale pattern in the form of a heavy sweater to help me through the North West Oklahoma winter. Today I have only to sew the pieces together and my sweater will be complete!! I hope to have it finished and pictures loaded to my page this evening. If you like that sort of thing please feel free to pop over and check it out!

Lunch is calling my name so until next time, May you Blessed beyond measure!