New Addition

In the spirit of my ever present quest to find new inspiration, new writing tools, and new decorations for my areas of the home (and my family remodeling our old church building home), we went to an open house/estate sale today. (did I say NEW? Yeah RIGHT!) Among old dishes, old furniture, and VHS tapes was an unassuming brown box with a twine handle. The tag said $25 and I walked away with a heavy heart…My Great-Grandmother bought everything at a garage sale for a quarter or NO DEAL (to hear her tell it anyway) and I inherited some of those genes.

My new Toy! (ok, Decoration...)

   My new Toy! (ok, Decoration…)

I told my mother that I just couldn’t do the $25 but as they were garage sale surfing later, would she please keep an eye out for one at a cheaper cost. I’ve always wanted a little brown box like this. A few minutes later she and Dad came back out of the house and Dad unceremoniously plopped this bad boy into my lap with a “Merry Christmas” before closing my car door again. It seems the $25 came down to $10 when they bought a large couch and painting as well! To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I’m decorating with this sucker…I have an antique entry table with little spindly legs that will look GREAT holding this in the writer’s loft.

Oh wait, I forgot the best part about this particular case:



It comes with a retro type writer! I’m seriously considering checking into finding a roll or two of typewriter tape for this guy so I can do a few short stories on him for good luck and the experience of my words slapping themselves onto the paper one swift letter at a time! I geeked out hard and it doesn’t look like the nerdy grin is going away any time soon. You know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ve been a writer, bibliophile, and nerd my entire life. Why stop now when it’s finally getting good?

I'm So SO SO SO SO SO Excited!

I’m So SO SO SO SO SO Excited!

Do you have any little quirks, retro decorations, or other pieces that you’ve always wanted or already have? TELL ME ABOUT THEM! Slap a picture in the comments if you want to…I LOVE hearing from you!

May your days be filled to the brim with anything you might need in them. May inspiration knock on your door and refuse to leave. May the sun shine brightly upon your path and lead you to your typeset!

Live Like the 80s…the 1880s

*disclaimer* I wrote this to show as an example to the students on Friday. They are writing a practice narrative essay about having a ‘no screen’ (or modern tech free) day.

“Why is it,” Jedidiah mused, “that these people get such a kick out of visiting our little place?”

Thunder, his grey streaked stallion, just snorted and shook his head impatiently as the two stood at the roadside, waiting on yet another giant sport utility vehicle to pass through the gate. The humming of their motors were some of the only mechanical sounds emanating from the surrounding acreage and soon, even those were silenced. People came from miles around to spend a day in the country and learn what they termed ‘the old ways.’

Signal interrupters placed strategically throughout the farm allowed for no reception on cell phones, even ‘myfi’ wouldn’t work for their computers and smartphones! No television sets adorned the living room tables or the guest room wardrobes. There weren’t even modern radios! Instead of mp3 players or a boom box, the radios provided were from the early part of the 20th century, and not many AM stations play Lady GaGa or Taylor Swift.

Chuckling at the city kids who were hanging out of SUV windows, Jed waved his hat and smiled cordially. “City Folk,” he mumbled to himself, “Don’t even know a horse when they see one!”

“Time to get to work Jed,” Karl laughed, swinging through the gate on a buggy, “Let’s show these folks what a day looks like when you aren’t staring down at a screen all day long!”