Thank you!

I want to take a moment here and just thank everyone for their continued support as we make our ways into the new year. 2015 will be an interesting and (hopefully) amazing one for those of us here at Tyree Tomes and I would love for you to come along with us for the ride.

Now then, while I’ve got you here basking in the warmth of my appreciation, let’s go over a few numbers!

136 – the number of books I gave away last weekend

6 – the number of countries that had people downloading ESTyree books last weekend

I don’t have the full year’s numbers yet, but I do know that I have given away books in at least 9 countries at this point. I know that you all have been a big part of that! Not only that, but I am less than 20 follows away from hitting 300, which seems like a small number to those of you who have thousands of followers but for me it is AMAZING. I spent a long time with less than 100 followers and am very grateful for each and every one of you!

May each of you have a blessed and inspiring day! I’m off to work on lesson plans and day 3 (in a row, go me!) of exercising. Be Blessed!


I just received the notice that today, September 10th, is my 1 year anniversary at Here There Be Dragons. I am AMAZED! I didn’t realize that I had been here that long…but then again, I kind of feel like I’ve been here forever. 


I love the interesting conversations and wonderful feedback that I have gotten into with this endeavor and I am looking forward to another year or fifty! Thank you for making it possible!