The Pants Propensity and other things my toddler has already taught me.

When a child is born there are certain things that one looks for.  Not just that the baby is healthy, but there is an immediate search of separate body parts so that well-meaning family and friends may look at the mother and child and say things like, “he has your nose, she is going to have your eyes, or look at all that hair, she must get that from grandpa!”  However, there are some things that you, or more precisely, I never think of when seeing a newborn.  I know that when my daughter was born I was anxious, as a single mother, to see if she looked like me (she does, thank the good Lord!), but I never once thought of the possibility that she might inherit my behind. 

Yup, I said it, my booty.  That poor child has become the next generation in my family to have to deal with a backside that will not allow pants to stay in their proper alignment.  I now spend my days attempting to keep her diaper and pants yanked around to where they go, at times having to straighten both her pants and my own as we depart from a car and look distinctively sideways.  She’s peed on me and my mother at church because of this pants propensity, so now I know to think of this as my friends post their happy newborn pictures…(poor kid, he’s so cute. I hope he doesn’t inherit that big thing!)

More important than the pants propensity, is the graceful goal.  This refers to how apt one is to fall with the baby (in the 1 year she’s been alive, I’ve fallen with her three times…but I haven’t Dropped her, broken her, made her bleed, or concussed her so I WIN!).  I am, sadly, a natural klutz.  I am quite capable of falling over that speck of lint floating through the breeze, and probably snap, crackle, and pop in the process. Monkey is just beginning to walk and so far she isn’t exhibiting the signs of extreme klutziness…but she is teaching me to laugh through it all and just deal with it, instead of whining for ten minutes about how embarrassed I am.

Finally, and I cannot stress this enough, the nap time theory is now a fact…NAP TIME IS IMPORTANT! Naps for her, naps for me, naps for the dogs, everyone needs their nap time around here! Forget staying up all night, sleeping three hours, and going again, I am no longer a college kid ‘wild band geek’, watching movies all night with my buds…monkeys go to bed around ten.


How have the children around you changed your thinking? Until next time, Have a Blessed Day!