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Dragon on My Neck – First in the Stone Dragon Saga

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Dragon in My Yard – Second in the Stone Dragon Saga

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Dragon on the Green – Third in the Stone Dragon Saga

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Tales from the Dying Grass – Book 3 in the Short Story Supposition (Compilations)

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Little Monster – By Binky Bo Tyree

Free from Monday, December 29th – Tuesday, December 30th


I am so proud and excited to announce that the picture book I’ve been gushing about for the past few months is finally available on Kindle! Launching this morning, Little Monster by Binky Bo Tyree is a fun, simple, and gorgeously illustrated picture book that people of all ages can enjoy. DSC09935

The story, originally told in classic oral tradition by my then-2-yr-old to her baby dolls, is short, sweet, and to the point while the illustrations, gorgeously drawn out by the author’s multi-talented Gaga, tell the full story in a fun and bright manner.

Little Monster offers a sweet look at a day in the life of a Little Monster, allowing readers to see the inter-play between great illustrations and a silly, fun story line while still leaving plenty of room for the imagination. Currently only available in e-book format, the folks at Tyree Tomes are working diligently to fix a glitch and get the physical copy up and ready for order A.S.A.P. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy the e-reader version. Don’t worry, Binky Bo is already hard at work writing up a new adventure for her Little Monster, though those baby dolls of hers are a tough audience to please!


Binky Bo is hard at work on a sequel already

Updates and Release Dates

Today I thought I would swing by with a little update on out Works in Progress here at Tyree Tomes. With so much going on everywhere, we are just getting around to setting deadlines and release dates (ok, ok I am just getting around to it…the other 3 don’t much care if we set dates or just release when we’re good at ready).

Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree

Current WIP –  A commentary on the Biblical Book of James. His favorite book. No eta on this one yet, he has been lovingly and slowly working on it for months now.

                        Weekly newspaper articles. You can find his new articles every week in the Alva Review Courier

 Classes – Dr. Tyree teaches  Biblical studies courses at North Western Oklahoma State University (Ride Rangers Ride). This semester they are using his books Paul on Paul and  What 3000 People Believed 

Available Works – To find more of his available works, search for Dr. WIlson Jay Tyree

Binky Bo/Monkey/Princess Power Nap Tyree (She has many pseudonyms and cannot decide which to use)

Current WIP –  The Little Monster official release date October 1, 2015

She is currently making up two more little stories but, since she’s 3, I don’t know if these will hold up or not! Keep a weather eye on the horizon and we’ll see what we can do.

Available works – None, though I did finish the third book in the Stone Dragon Saga while pregnant with her so she is trying to say that she helped write that ;D

Becky Tyree (Teeto Tyree, Artist for the Tomes) – 

Current WIP – This poor woman is being worked to the bone right now! Her current WIPs include: The Little Monster (bringing Monkey’s drawings into focus), Leonard the Lemur, The Stone Dragon Saga (re-doing the covers, creating artwork for inside, etc), Paulonious Punk, AND Whatever Dr. Tyree needs her to do.

Elizabeth S. Tyree – 

Current WIP –  Leonard the Lemur – Official Release Date – November 13, 2015 for pre-lease Christmas Sale. Then off again until Spring.

Paulonious Punk – Still very much new and only half-way written, release date most likely in 2016

Dragons in the Deep – First draft is so close to finished that I could taste it if I wanted to take a bite. Release date probably in early 2016…but I’m aiming for December 6th, 2015.

The Toe Book – I have it all written and the pictures ready, I just haven’t put it together yet. Release date…when I have time to put it up I suppose. Let’s aim for September 4, 2015

The Wish(bone) Tree – This is an incredibly new and exciting (for me anyway) Children’s Picture Book idea. Almost a retelling or modernization of a fairy tale…or even possibly a sequel to one 😉 No release date on this one yet because I’ve only got the first part set up. More on this when I get it all worked out, I promise!

Available Works – Ready to see what I have to offer or wanting to read the first 3 in the Stone Dragon Saga before “Deep” is released? You can find me on by searching Elizabeth S. Tyree

There you have it! The Works In Progress, Tentative Release Dates, and a teaser or two for good luck. Remember, you can always find more out by going to and/or leaving us a message (here or there).

I am also working on webpages for everyone involved. I have a new author’s page and will be working getting Binky Bo, Becky, and Dr. Tyree’s pages soon.

Free Dragons! 2 Days Only!

I’m doing a quick 2 day give away of Dragon on My Neck beginning tomorrow (Saturday July 11th) and ending Sunday(July 12th). What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that you can have your very own e-book copy of the novel that started it all! My baby, the first novel I finished edits on and chose to send out to the world, the book that started me out as an indie author AND as a YA series author. As if that wasn’t enough…I am offering a very special prize.

If you download my book and then POST A COMMENT on here stating that you did so, you will be placed in the running for a personalized autographed copy of one of my books (your choice!). If you already downloaded your copy in a previous give away or (gasp!) purchased it, please make that comment as well.

Here’s the twist…If you re-blog this post you get an (extra) entry into the drawing. If someone downloads and comments on here that they got the book because of your re-blog or post, you get an extra entry into the drawing.

Basically, the more you share and get the word out there, the more likely you are to win a physical copy of one of my books!

If we reach 50 different comments (different people commenting) I will up this giveaway to 2 books. Every 25 differentiating comments after that will add a book to the mix. That means if we reach 175 different people who then comment on here that they have downloaded Dragon on My Neck the drawing winner will receive a complete, physical, set of my published works: personalized and autographed to your specifications!

What are you waiting for??? Let’s get the word out so you can win some free books!!

Choices, Changes, and Clothes

As some of you have probably noticed, I very rarely include fashion in blog posts. Not that I have any thing against such a thing, mind you, but more that I believe in writing about what I know… And that ain’t it! However, today’s post is about choices so we’ll start with this one.

Mom's Take

Mom’s Take

Dad's Snap

Dad’s Snap

That’s me, today, wearing a piece of clothing I love but normally would never buy.I wear shorts maybe twice a year, and I’m from Oklahoma by way of Central Texas! I always feel self conscious of my legs…

 So what changed?

The honest answer is: absolutely nothing. I’m still a “big” girl, my calves still look like I do marching band every day, and I haven’t completely recognized myself in the mirror for awhile now. So why is today the day to wear this outfit and be okay? Simply because I got tired of seeing it sitting there, waiting; begging for me to slide it on and get dolled up for absolutely no reason at all. I finally CHOSE to let myself wear the outfit and that choice boosted my confidence.

I’ve made a lot of choices in life. Like everyone else. Some were good, some not so great, and some horrendous. One good decision was this outfit, another was starting this blog and self publishing my books. I researched, worked hard, and chose self publishing as a way to retain control of my “life’s work”, my babies. I haven’t sold very many, probably because I chose not to pay for advertising or a book trailer, but I always get good feedback and have given several hundred away with the kindle app.

Now my choice is changing some. As I look to find an agent for other works, i  am also keeping a keen eye out for someone who might eventually be willing to take on the Stone Dragon Saga and all of its extras. I may never find them. But in the mean time, I am also choosing to revamp them a little, throw a few tweaks here and there, and maybe even pay an editor and some advertising. Anyone know how to make an eye catching book trailer?

You see, I chose for years to be lazy. I told myself that I was content with there mere fact that I had put myself ‘out there’ by allowing my books to sit hidden among thousands more on Amazon and Kindle. I felt guilty for contemplating paying for advertising when my daughter wanted a new toy. She has more than enough in her play room (and every other room!) and my choice to use that excuse just doesn’t make sense. See, those pesky choices keep coming back around!

Well now my characters need me to choose… They’re asking for a real chance at the adventure and excitement of being sought after, eagerly awaited, and excitedly devoured by their new readers. I choose to honor that request and that is why I am seeking to change the way I’m publishing. Whether these stay firmly “self published” and I merely put in that extra little bit of effort to polish and market, or they slide into the “traditional” line, the Stone Dragon Saga deserved the chance to really shine and snag readers… And in order for that to happen I must choose change.

We hate change… Why, hello shorts.

Fierce Jungle Pose...MEOW

Fierce Jungle Pose…MEOW

That Bright Sunlight Messing Up My Selfies (but look at those CHEEKBONES!)

That Bright Sunlight Messing Up My Selfies (but look at those CHEEKBONES!)


Whether it be the choice of clothing, the choice of activity, or the choice to really pursue those dreams…don’t let ‘being content’ with what you’re doing stop you from achieving what you want! Reach for the stars, write your heart out, and let yourself achieve!

Querying Angst

After months of researching, looking through dozens upon dozens of bio pages, and a few false starts, I finally sent off my first new query letter. I feel almost as though I have been tredging through some dating site, trying to find someone with similar style and interests while maintaining compatible personality differences…instead I’ve been looking for an agent.

I posted earlier about writing the query letter…I never got a response but that’s okay. Since every thing I read had at least one difference, I can see why people ‘liked’ but didn’t comment. Yes, that’s right, every single one of the 15+ articles and e-books I read had something different: anything from “yes, mention if this is a series” vs. “NO! DON’T SCARE THE AGENT AWAY!” to “write in a professional voice devoid of humor or other personal traits. The writing will speak for itself” vs “They won’t read your writing if your query letter voice is too professional and staid.” and even “only query one agent at a time…even if they’re in separate companies or for separate genres/age levels/pieces” vs “Go ahead and query a bunch of them all at once. Just don’t query people who work together.” (Oh and BONUS – “never say ANYTHING about how long you’ve been writing, because that makes you sound like a newbie” vs “If you’ve been working on this book, or writing in general, for X amount of years, casually slide that into your bio.) I spent a lot of time over the past several months just sighing and shaking my head.

Obviously, Agents are people too and they each will have their own set of wants, needs, desires, and/or dreams for the query process. So I did what I usually do with anything, I took a little from here and from there and I mixed it all together with a solid dash of “I live with Dragons bruh” arrogance (I don’t EVER really use the word ‘bruh’, but it seemed to fit in this instance, the newly minted sixth graders would be proud of me). I even threw in my parents and toddler for good measure…if I’m going down, we’re all going down! (or something like that!) No, seriously, I mentioned them all but, hopefully, for a really great reason. You see, instead of searching out an agent and desperately trying to get them to take me on with my self-published series (which I WILL be trying later…hopefully with the agent I queried today…But my reasoning and choices for that will be an entirely different post) I chose to send in Leonard, with all of his Lemur charm, and described him as a picture book type leveled science/reading reader for k-2 students.

To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I AM EXCITED! I am also terrified, doubtful, and ready to curl up into a tiny little plus sized author ball in an oversized blanket fort with a notebook to dry my cheeks on. This must be what #writerproblems was invented for.

Do you have any stories like this? The joys or woes of finding representation? Questions, comments, or critiques? Is it just a slow day at the office? I LOVE to hear from you!

May your agents and muses be plentiful and your blanket fort well equipped!

Five Year Difference at the Same Time

I’m writing two novels at once. Yes, I am crazy but not because I’m writing two at the same time…I’m crazy because the two I’m writing are in the same universe, with the same characters, 5 years apart. Which would be interesting enough if I had outlined the stories and knew who would be viable 5 years in the future, who wouldn’t be part of the story at all, and even where everyone would be. But that’s not how I roll. No, apparently I want to make things 7 layers of difficult for myself. I guess that’s how I know I’m really working.

The good news is that these are both Stone Dragon Novels (as if I would be working on anything else right now-pfft) so I know most of these characters intimately. The bad news…they’re still 5 years apart and I don’t know everyone’s background for those 5 years.

How would you handle this? Would you wait, finish the first novel and then outline the next five years? Would you move full steam ahead and never look back? Or something in between? I’m not very far in to the second, so it is feasible to do either…but I somehow find myself working on both. I breeze back and forth; trying to remember where each on is going and who is on the pirate ship but also in the classroom and how they got there and and and and and…you get the picture.

Right now, the only new character I am dealing with is a small dragon named Cornelious the Scribe. He has come over from Faronia (middle of the 4th book in the series and I finally named the world!) to learn human writing forms from Anna, who has now become a 5th grade writing teacher! (And is also on a ship in the middle of the Caribbean attempting to translate ancient pirate hieroglyphics in order to rescue Al’s parents).

PHEW! I’m tired just thinking about it. Quick, someone get the chocolate and watermelon Coke!

Ok, I’m back and better now. That was a close call! Maybe I had better just get back to work. While I’m hard at it, why don’t you guys tell me what advice you might have for this situation…or a funny anecdote about your own writing! I’m looking forward to the distractions.


The artificial light glinted off of broken ceramic jars and shiny green jellybeans as the gremlin cackled and stuffed his face with jellybeans in the corner, his bumpy head and fuzzy ears almost disappearing in the mound of candy.

In the room’s center, kneeling amid the rubble and chaos, the poor shop boy shivered and clutched a small wooden chest on which a broken lock testified to the earlier happenings of the day.

“BOY! I left you in charge for twenty minutes and the shop is ruined! What happened?” Uncle Sal came barreling in the dangling glass door, barely avoiding being hit as the precariously hinged pieces finished separating. “OH MY EYE! I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH THAT THING! Why would you unlock the box??”

“I…I…” Jeremy could do nothing but babble and point to the thing in the corner, still gobbling up green jellybeans and glass together.

“Yes, he’s a Gremlin. Useless boy.” Uncle Sal kicked debris out of his way as he walked over to the offending area, “ClickLock!” He announced to the gremlin (At least that’s what it sounded like to Jeremy) “It is good to see you my old friend!”

“And I you,” The Gremlin (ClickLock?), said in perfect English, “Though I wish that this were not how we met again!”

“No, I suppose we won’t get much time to catch up,” Uncle Sal sighed and glared at Jeremy once again, “I’m sorry, I thought I had explained the importance of that box to my nephew, but he’s a dunderhead.”

“IT WASN’T ME!” Jeremy finally came to himself enough to tire of his uncle’s accusations. “There was a pair of oddly dressed men, one super tall and one very short, that came in here in capes and ball caps. The tall one spun around the room for a minute with a fish locator, pointed at the secret wall, and crowed like raven or something. Then the short one shot a laser at the wall, pulled the box through, popped the lid, and ran off with whatever was inside…then your little scaly friend there (ClickLock? I DON’T KNOW HIS NAME!) Came through and they had a firefight at the door. I don’t remember much after that, someone hit me with the box and I just sort of sat there until now.”

“That’s the most he’s moved in an hour,” ClickLock confided to Sal, “And he’s right, about the firefight at least. But now we have to go find those mooks who took our genie.”

“A GENIE?” Jeremy groaned, “I must be sleeping.”

“Nope,” Uncle Sal grinned, “You’re Driving!”

Getting to the “Bones” of Writing

Being home with a sick family today has given me the gift of a little extra time. As both my daughter and father are sleeping at the moment, I’m taking the time to look through my tentative lesson plans and see what interesting ideas pop up and, surprise surprise, I almost immediately had an epiphany.

As we get down to the real meat of writing in the coming nine weeks, my students will need to tap in to prior knowledge in order to really understand how written pieces come together, so that they can write their own (amazing!) pieces. Since we’re in the middle of October, what better way to could there be to start this discussion than to incorporate Science (anatomy), Art, and Writing in a hands on class discussion about the “Bones of a Story”?

Give each student a copy of a paper skeleton pattern (such as this one I found on Pinterest)

Introduce the basics of the skeleton they’re holding, i.e. the arms, legs, skull, spine, etc. and relate it to writing by way of a transition sentence such as “Just as Our Bodies need a Skeleton to build muscles upon, every written piece needs its author to provide similar bones to build words on.”

Then have an ‘open discussion’ (class discussion) about what the ‘bones’ of a good story might be. Tell the students that throughout the discussion they should choose the ‘story bones’ that sound the most important to them, and write them on one of the skeleton’s pieces. At the end of the discussion each student will cut out and assemble their newly formed ‘writer’s skeleton’.

I will be using this in conjunction with an anchor chart of a (Haunted House!) so that all of our thoughts on the bare bones of writing will be recorded, whether or not the students include everything on their skeletons. At the end of the class, we’ll hang their works of art on the back wall with the filled in anchor chart…with 4 classes of 5th graders this should decorate my classroom for Halloween without too much effort!

Though I teach fifth grade, this is a lesson that can be transferred to almost any age group (Even pre-k and kindergarten!) and any subject without too much effort. The best thing about it, in my opinion, is the great opportunity for you, the teacher, to HAVE FUN WITH IT! When you have fun with learning, the students will too. Enthusiasm, much like the cold, is contagious!

I hope that you have fun if you choose to use this idea, and would love to hear how the kids like it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

**My beginning speech to get minds rolling in this activity will be something similar to “Welcome to Ms. Tyree’s House of Horror’ibly Great Writing! Today we will be discussing the basic parts, or BONES, of a good story. Just like our bodies needs the skeletal system to build up into a person, every story needs it’s own basic (skeletal) structure. 

Each of you should have a set of pages in front of you (the jointed skeleton pattern). Turn those over and take a look. See how those will fit together to form an articulated skeleton?    As we discuss the ‘bones’ of a good story today, I want you to choose your favorite options for a writing skeleton, and put each one of them on one of the bones in front of you. (It does not have to be EVERYTHING that we talk about, JUST THE ONES THAT YOU FEEL STRONGEST ABOUT!) 

Any questions? If not, lets go ahead and start with what you think are the basic bones of a story. (At this point I will be opening the floor up for students to begin interacting with me. Depending on the mood, attitude, and behavior in each particular class that day, they may be allowed to come up and write their choices on the board OR I may do all the writing)

Don’t Look

“Why are you hyperventilating? Why is he hyperventilating?” Shary turned an accusing glare on Bill, her little brother Chris’s best friend.

“Whoa Nelly,” Bill held both hands up in surrender, “I just got here myself sis.”

“Likely story,” Shary kept on grumbling to herself and Bill ignored her happily, the two had developed this routine over two decades of begrudging friendship and neither paid much attention any more.

“Don’t look,” Chris suddenly gasped as he reached out to clutch the sweater clad arm of his older sister. “I should have never looked!”

“Looked where, Bolt?” Bill, the ‘nut’ to Chris’s ‘bolt’ held tightly to his friend’s hand and glancing around nervously. “Did you see something bad buddy? Should we call for help.”

“There is no help,” Chris rasped out, beginning to gasp and groan for air once more. “Nothing can be unseen. Don’t look! DON’T LOOK! Promise me Shar.”

“I can’t promise until I know where you looked,” Shary pointed out a little testily.

“The house,” Chris pointed shakily, though no one had needed to ask which house he meant. THE HOUSE had been abandoned since they were kids, the last people to live there having been Bill’s great aunt Gertrude and her caretaker. But the boys and Shary had played and explored there throughout the years, even spending a recent rain soaked afternoon tightly embroiled in one of the many storage rooms as they searched through old storage chests and giggled at Gertrude’s eccentric collections.

“What could you have possibly seen in there?” Shary scoffed, “We’ve been through that place a dozen times this year alone.”

“Can’t tell. Don’t look through the key hole!” Chris’s eyes rolled back into his head as he collapsed, ashen faced, to the damp grass of his sister’s freshly mown lawn.

Glancing between his fallen body and the decrepit, abandoned old mansion down the street, Shary and Bill reverted to their childhood selves almost immediately.

“Race you!” No telling which one said it as they both took off down the street…no telling who got there first or what, exactly, drove them both to the left side of that faded mauve exterior. There’s not even any way to tell who, or what, they may have seen through that old fashioned key hole in the door no one had ever noticed before. No way because, you see, no one has heard them speak since that moment.

Wait, I take that back, Shary is saying something now…

“Don’t look!”