Short Story Sunday – 3 days late

I know, I know…I’m late again. The good news is that I wrote this somewhere close to the time that I was supposed to. Of course, it doesn’t really count if I don’t type it up and post it right?? Ugh…Its here now so you’ll just have to forgive me (Or at least pretend to for my poor bruised sense of self worth).

I present to you, with no further ado, The Ad (dundundun) 

“Oh Billy,” Taryn clucked and shook her head at the unconscious man. “If only you had behaved!”

Hearing Billy’s doctor talking to a patient in the next room, Taryn gave Billy’s fingers on last squeeze and the tubing around his arms one last thump before sliding out of the room. Walking briskly through the hospital to the parking lot, the fiery red head flipped up her jacket’s hood and pressed the #3 speed dial button on her concealed cell phone.

Gotta love hoodie headphones she mused to herself, waiting for her call to connect.

“Thank you for calling the NorthWest News! How may I help you?” The chipper voice sparkled across the air, causing Taryn to grin before responding.

“Hey there Ms. Perl! Its Anna Maria again…I think it might be time to bust out my ad.”

“Oh Dear,” Perl sighed, “I had such high hopes for this one too!”

“So did I, but you know what they say…Move on and Climb Up…or something like that!” Taryn trilled laughter, causing a nearby squirrel to jump into frenzy panic mode with his armful of nuts.

“Every week or two,” Perl mumble half-jokingly before adding her own, more subdued, laughter to the mix.

“Oh hush,” Taryn rolled her eyes and silently reminded herself that while “Taryn” was an OCD adrenaline junky dominant personality, “Anna Maria” was a bubbly sweet Southern woman just looking for a friend to exercise her love of the outdoors with.

“Got you all set up sweet pea!” Ms. Perl announced, “And we have a special going on, so its half-priced this week.”

“I’ll send it on over,” Taryn promised. “Thank you Ms. Perl!”

“You could just bring it in,” Ms. Perl wheedled, “We haven’t seen you in a while you know.”

Taryn grimaced at the thought, that would mean a clothes change, a wig she hadn’t brushed recently, and even that horrid prosthetic eye make-up.

“I’m so sorry MS. Perl, but I am just swamped at work all this week!”

“Oh well…*sigh* don’t be such a stranger dear!” Ms. Perl disappointedly signed off and left Taryn to send over an apologization coffee with the personal ad’s payment.

Two Days later the NortWest News landed on Janine Prezzio’s doorstop.

Hmm…’Thrill seeker looking for a partner. Must be willing to hold my lines while I soar.’

If this doesn’t get my brother out the house, I don’t know what will!”

Looking for Ugly Bugs….OR, Ms. Tyree it’s staring at me!

Yesterday my science classes went on an ugly bug walk. Along the way we discovered many things about ourselves and each other. My prissy princesses ran amuck to grab the ugliest, nastiest bugs they could find while some of my more snips and snails type boys squealed and ran from a locust. I, on the other hand, caught a golf ball. His is name is Frederick Marie and my Dad made fast friends with him 😉

During the last class hour a woman came from the newspaper to snap a few pictures and copy down a line or two about just exactly what it was I had them doing (for the record, there will be microscopes and a contest involved!). I figured we would wind up in the middle of the Sunday paper so it was much to my surprise, and many others’ delight, that we were a featured front page story in today’s paper. The students are thrilled with it and I am super proud of them!

Maybe some day my picture in the paper will look like I’m smart…

For now though, I have to go…the praying mantis keeps looking at me and I’m having flash backs to season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! *shudders*





The Short Story Supposition

The series has been titled such due to the challenge’s supposition that an author can write at least one short story per week for a year! The First book in this series, Short Story Sundays, is now not only available on Kindle and Amazon…it is also FREE for e-reader download through the Kindle app. from now (May 27th) through Midnight on Saturday (May 31st)!!

Here are just a few of the reviews for this book:

“Fabulous!” “Wonderful read” “Amazing writing and great mix of genres” “Superb!!” “Encore!”

“If this is what comes out of the first few months, I can’t wait to see what happens next!”  ~

Ok, so these are all reviews from the characters that I wrote about in this collection of short stories, but I look forward to seeing what the general public has to say about them!

Remember that this is a great way to keep your favorites of my shorts close at hand, as well as a wonderful opportunity to share my writing with friends and family who may not be part of the blogosphere. As my Dad often says:
“Sharing is Caring!” (Incidentally, his review was. “Not bad Peewee.” Which usually means, “WOW WHAT A GREAT JOB YOU DID. I AM SO PROUD!”)

Do any of you have books on the free list this week? Have you found an author you just LOVE who has free e-books right now?? I encourage you to use the comment space to share those with us.

Happy Tuesday!


What are YOU Reading this Wednesday??

Hopefully you are all deep into a Tyree Tomes Publication, since both my father and I have a book free for download this week. However, the numbers would suggest otherwise 😦

If you just haven’t gotten around to picking them up yet, you can find Dragon on the Green (Stone Dragon Saga Book 3) and Monsoon McKreel and the Rose waiting for you on! (among our numerous other amazing word works of wisdom and whimsy 😉 )

This week I am reading over some of my own works that are nearing readiness for publication, along with actually writing on Dragons in the Deep : The Stone Dragon Saga Book 4. I may be about halfway through the storyline at this point. I hope so anyway. Other than that, I’m reading a lot of smaller books to my 20 month old. She loves to bring me Dr. Seuss and random Scholastic readers, crawl into my lap, and tell me a story about them before I read her the story. I think she likes to see what she gets right, which is something we used to do with the 4th graders before reading a new story so this good training for her!

Now tell me, what are you reading this fine middle of the week? Have you discovered a saucy and sweet summer snack of a book? Or are you delving into the cold world of a hot mystery? Have you found anything you want to suggest to us? Let me know! I do so love hearing from you!

Have a blessed week!

Batting Around 2-Cat’s Perspective

My best friend is a big fluffy ball. Every day I wake him up with a POUNCE and he rolls from the top of a pile of his siblings to come play with me. WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN!

Sometimes he gets so excited that his ends start to unravel and he becomes a long trail of fuzzy strings. When that happens my mom picks him up, rolls him up, and sends us both for naps. I’m not supposed to get him all riled up, but it is so exciting to run around together that I sometimes forget that part.

He hasn’t been looking too great lately though; I think he might be sick. His fluff has started to frizz and he snags and flops now. I’m afraid he may not be with me much longer, Mommy took him off of the pile today and put him in the other room.

What’s this?? It looks like my friend but he’s not a ball anymore. Mommy made him into a toy for me…AND HE SQUEAKS!!! I don’t have to sneak him off a pile anymore either, Mommy says he can live with me all the time now!

(my actual creepy kitty, making friends with houseshoes)





I just found out that on January 19, 2014 I (or more accurately, my novel series) was ranked as #1,818th in the Fantasy genre on Amazon. With hundreds of thousands of books to contend with, my little upstart seems to be holding on! 

If you haven’t checked out my work yet, the first three books in the series are available through create space/amazon in paperback form and as e-books through Kindle. Search for The Stone Dragon Saga by Elizabeth S Tyree (Dragon on My Neck is book 1) OR find my author’s page at 

The Moss Rose

“You must be a wise woman,” the soft voice snuck around tree trunks, each letter of each word slithering and twining to come together like so many tendrils of fog rising from the forested floor. “Where I come from, only the best are gifted with marks such as yours.”

“Who’s there?” Chandra hugged herself against the sudden cool breeze, subconsciously covering her shy owl tattoo in the process. “What do you want?”

She slowly turned circles in the small clearing, watching the mist roll over the lush, green grass at her feet. “I’m just out hiking today. All I have is some bottled water, but I will gladly share it if you come out and show yourself!”

“No one ever offers us drinks,” another voice tittered from the other side of the clearing, “We usually do the sharing.”

“A wise woman indeed,” the first voice responded, “Let us leave the hiker to her trail. Good travels friend.” The voices, now tinkling with laughter akin to the sound of silver bells, faded away into the filtered murk of the trees and took the mist with them, leaving Chandra alone once more.

Directly to her left was a clearly defined pathway that she would later swear had not been there when she entered the clearing. In the center of the path’s head was a ring of bright flowers, and in the center of the ring was one of her water bottles, now empty but for a small seed.

Confused, frightened, and ready to leave the woods, Chandra snatched up the bottle and hurried along on her hike.

Later, as she unloaded her pack, the bewildered woman found a fresh, fluffy, flowered headdress and note with two simple words scrawled in an elegant script, thank you. Shaken to the core and oddly touched by the tokens, Chandra carefully planted the lone seed and cared for it daily. Soon there was a shoot, the sprout, and then a bloom. The plant thickened, the blooms spread, and within a few short weeks the small seed became a waterfall of green, bursting with a riotous display of swirling colors on the moss rose petals.

Each morning, year round, Chandra would awaken to the smell and sight of new blooms on her rose, all the old blooms having been pruned as if by magic. Each night she would fall asleep to the sounds of laughter and music drifting through the house as if on a gentle breeze. And though she would never tell her gardening secrets or confess the truths behind her actions, Chandra left a small tea set and a full bottle of water beside the plant at all times.

May Your Blessings Outnumber

The Shamrocks the Grow,

and May Trouble Avoid You

Wherever You Go!

~An Irish Blessing

Have a Blessed and Safe St. Patrick’s Day!



Easter Baskets and Contests

Easter Baskets and Contests

If you want to find some great reading material from personable authors, check out Tyree Tomes! Not only are Elizabeth S. Tyree and Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree offering their books, they are offering conversation, advice, pithy sayings, and, for a limited time, the opportunity to purchase Easter Baskets of signed and, if wanted, personalized books from their catalogue.

A basket with two books starts at $12 and can be supplemented with crochet toys, hats, scarves, etc. from

While you’re there, don’t forget to ‘like’ the page and have an opportunity to win a free personalized and autographed book of your choice (from their catalogue).

Have a Blessed Day!

St. Patrick’s Reading

We celebrate several things during the month of March, but my favorite spring celebration (that doesn’t involve my Lord dying for my sins) is that of St. Patrick’s Day! The wearing o’ the green, the shamrock shakes, the dances, the music (I play the flute and the doodley music, as Dad calls it, makes me happy), all of these things put me in a great mood. So this week leading up to St. Patty’s Day, as you prepare for the weekend pub crawls or the school party, take a little time to crank up the Irish Folk Music/Celtic Music (check out, or Pandora’s Celtic music station if you don’t have a stack of discs handy). While you’re at it, and you’ve got the appropriate music cranked in the background, why don’t you round up a few Irish authors and lose yourself in the green green grass of home (er…Ireland).

William Butler Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, Jonathon Swift, Patrick Cavanaugh, C.S. Lewis, and Elizabeth Bowen are all wonderful picks…to name just a few.

If you prefer to merely read about an Irish family try almost any of Nora Roberts’s books or Claire Cook’s Must Love Dogs (which, incidentally, includes a shout out to William Butler Yeats).

If you have a favorite Irish story or author, please comment and let me know! I always relish in finding new books or reading authors I haven’t tried out yet and I LOVE to hear from my readers!

Have a blessed, and safe, day!

(Picture via MyPartyPlanner)