Cab Driving Baby

Running down the open road, taking my fares where they go

I’m gunning up and down, with a rabbit, a cat, and a clown.

The rabbit jumped out at the playpen, the clown didn’t get past the toy bin,

The cat is still hanging on, with the cab stuck in her claw.


I’m a cab driving baby, an ottoman my car,

I’m a cab driving baby, I go really fast but I can’t get far.

A cab driving baby, all my toys go hide,

A cab driving baby and I’m taking my cat for a ride.


ESTyree (for my Monkey as she learned to walk)



Lifestyle Change



Today is day two of my new exercise and diet life style change…or it will be if I ever get to the exercise part. A little over a week ago, I found out that the diet I was on was actually causing me more problems and not helping me lose weight. I’ve spent the intervening time researching what I need to do for a full on lifestyle change. So now I’m back on carbs and sadly off of fats. Do you know how hard it is to find a fat free juicy steak?? Good thing I love sea food!

Anyway, I’m trying to start some circuit training and three days a week I will be doing the Couch25K program. I am actually looking forward to being able to run…I’ve never actually been able to run more than a block at a time (probably less if I’m telling the truth), but I really want to add some kettle bell in as well. Are the soft exercise balls the same as the kettle bells?

As you can see, I’m a little scattered. The only routine I’ve ever stuck to for exercise (not counting when I worked as a carhop) was the two weeks that I kept up with Hip Hop Abs. But I am determined and I have a new mantra: I WILL learn to RUN! I WILL BE FIT!! I WILL BE HEALTHY!! But…I don’t have to do it all today! So maybe this time will be different…no, this time WILL be different.

Anyone else out there working on this? If you have any suggestions, hints, recipes, etc. I would love to hear them!