Easter Baskets and Contests

Easter Baskets and Contests

If you want to find some great reading material from personable authors, check out Tyree Tomes! Not only are Elizabeth S. Tyree and Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree offering their books, they are offering conversation, advice, pithy sayings, and, for a limited time, the opportunity to purchase Easter Baskets of signed and, if wanted, personalized books from their catalogue.

A basket with two books starts at $12 and can be supplemented with crochet toys, hats, scarves, etc. from

While you’re there, don’t forget to ‘like’ the page and have an opportunity to win a free personalized and autographed book of your choice (from their catalogue).

Have a Blessed Day!


No Review

No Review

According to my meticulously lined out day planner, today is the day that I have set aside to give you a fantastically in-depth and insightful review of “The Book Thief.” Sorry, It isn’t happening today guys!

I have all sorts of great excuses. Things like: I was working on crochet orders through Whimsical Design by ESTyree (a facebook page that occasionally nets me some work). Or, I was writing and forgot to read! (its true! A blog a day and a new installment in my YA series: The Stone Dragon Saga)

In reality, I spent a lot of time doing those things. But mostly, I was busy reading to, being read to, and playing with my 17 month old daughter. Her favorite character in books and television?? Take a wild guess…May you all have a Curious and Blessed Day!


I Love Yarn – True Story!

I Love Yarn - True Story!

Yarn is a passion of mine..not making it, because Lord knows I don’t have room in my room for a spinning wheel, but finding it, buying it, and using it to create something cute, weird, fun, or wearable (OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!). I crochet on an almost daily basis and take a little project with me on every trip and car ride, even to church!

So how is it that I, yarn lover, missed this year’s I Love Yarn Day??

I was busy with the kid all day long, that’s how (plus, I thought it was today!) but I did make an adorable owl beanie hat for an order a friend made for a newborn!