New and Different…For Me

I discovered a festival the other day, the Wild Sound Festival to be exact, and found a great little contest they had going for ‘log lines’ for your screenplay, script, or novel. I entered a log line for Dragon on My Neck and went on about my business. This evening they sent me an email with a link…my Dragon on My Neck has a page on their site! 

I know there are a LOT of people who have done this and have their own pages on this site. I also know that I have never had this done before so I am super excited for this opportunity! Of course, I didn’t enter the bigger contest because, let’s face it, no matter how awesome cool and great for the dragons having a professional actor read aloud would be…I don’t have the money or the supporters to enter a contest like this…yet. However, if you want to visit the page, ooh and ahh over the minimalism of it, and hit the facebook ‘like’ button so I think I’m cooler than I am…the link is:

Have a great day everyone!