Essays on Christian Worship


Dr. Tyree’s book, Essays on Christian Worship, will be free through the Kindle app until Midnight tomorrow (Wednesday, August 27th).


According to the book description, this is a collection of Five short essays, each covering a different area of christian worship: prayer, singing, giving, communion, and preaching.


There are no customer reviews yet, so get your free copy and let him know what you think!


Free Friday!

Tonight is your last chance to get a free copy of Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree’s newest work, Essays on Christian Worship. According to his description, this book is comprised of “Five short essays, each covering a different area of christian worship: prayer, singing, giving, communion, and preaching.”


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May you find a book to read that will light your way, a page to turn that makes you breath a sigh of contentment, and a world that brings you everything you could ever want or need…even if not in my work. Enjoy and have a Blessed day!!


Essays on Christian Worship

Essays on Christian Worship

Written by Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree, minister and professor of Biblical Studies at Northwestern Oklahoma State University (Ride Ranger Ride), this book contains

five short essays, each covering a different area of christian worship: prayer, singing, giving, communion, and preaching.

Spirituality in a Modern WORLD

It’s Sunday, do you know where your preacher is? Did you get up this morning, rush everyone to get fed and then dressed in their finery so that you could go fidget together with the congregation? OR, did you do what so many others choose to do and use this day to sleep in, take a leisurely morning breakfast, and schlep around in sweats?

That’s okay, just pause in your channel surfing to listen to that televangelist for two seconds before going back to the sports game, and later you can hit ‘like’ on that picture of Jesus.


Now, I’m not saying that you, or anyone else for that matter, are not spiritual.  However, it is incredibly and increasingly difficult to act as Christians should, especially in a society where we are constantly bombarded with extreme immorality, poor judgment of all shapes and sizes, and just plain idiocy; AND, IT LOOKS FUN!

There are times when I am painfully jealous of the people who can schedule things for Sundays and Wednesdays without having to go around church time. In point of fact, I was one of those people for a few years. As a preacher’s daughter, I was at the building almost every day and rarely missed a meeting growing up. When I moved out, I took the opportunity to begin to stray and stopped attending regularly for a few years. It wasn’t until I found out that I was pregnant and destined to be a single mother that I began to reevaluate my life and attend services more regularly again (that kind of thing can really make a person look around and take note!) So, not wanting my daughter to lack a spiritual upbringing, I “changed the channel” and began once more.

 Sadly, there seems to be more single parents and less church attendance these days.  Someone hit the switch and when basic beliefs in general societal mores were questioned, church attendance (or even just ‘spirituality’ if you belong to something outside of the typically accepted Christian groups) took the hit.  Now it has fallen almost completely to the wayside and is no longer ‘trending’ as it was 40, or even a mere 20, years ago.  We get more upset by someone taking our controllers or cancelling our favorite show than we do about missing out on a worship service.  Don’t worry though we do have TBN on basic cable!

Think about these things and maybe take a ‘field trip’ to services, you might like it and, even better, it may do you or your family some good.

Until next time, have a Blessed Day!