Writer’s Quote Wednesday Challenge

Silver Threading and RonovanWrites have this lovely new writing quote challenge for us. Basically, choose a writing quote and then use that as inspiration for a piece of flash fiction, with quote as the title or used within the piece.

Ok, I like a challenge. I can do this (maybe-ish). For my first week of the challenge I’m going to almost stick to the “Romance” theme suggested by Silver.



My Heart is almost a breathing, sentient being. It makes it own choices, decisions I wouldn’t ever agree to if I had a say. It ties a string around things it loves and causes me to stumble and pull if I walk away from them. To top it all off,  I think my heart and my stomach are in cahoots.

They drop at the same rate, my stomach often enjoys cradling my heart like they’re best friends just trying to make my logical head spin.

Logical, pah! They’ve ruined that. My heart and my stomach, they breath into everything that magical mayhem of belief, desire, magic.

They send my mind reeling and I must write, write until my hands cramp, until my fingers numb, until pen after pen has expired. Write until I cannot help but sleep, and in sleeping my dream self begins to write. Every place, person, and idea my heart has stored tumbles out of me like the fully formed Greek myths, but with more editing needed later. A novel, a short story, a prose poem that makes no sense…they all leap and bound, in love with ink and the sound, oh the sound of pen scratches and liquid words.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Good February everyone!! Welcome to the first Writer’s Quote and #BeWOW Wednesday of the 2nd month of 2016. For more information on what we do each we, check out Silver Threading and RonovanWrites.

For the shortest month of the year, February sure seems to be packed full of all sorts of amazing things (Not the least of which are my 31st and my mother’s *ahem* day of birth celebrations :O ) So with that in mind, today’s quotes are going to center on something I seem to be having issues with this year…finding time!

As an author, a mother, a daughter, and a friend I often find myself without the ability to even make my own schedule. I run in between the lines, trying to find the time for anything I want to do inside and around the schedules of others. However, I keep trying even when I feel like breaking down and crying…and I keep trying BECAUSE positive-quote-confucius-600x600



Writer’s Quote Wednesday -Birthday Bash

Welcome back to Writer’s Quote Wednesday! This is a weekly get together across many blogs and hosted by the fabulous Silver Threading! Check out her blog for the week here and while you’re at it, check out the amazing Ronovan’s #BeWOW (Be Wonderful (or Writing) on Wednesdays) and see what that’s all about in this post. Silver and Ronovan joined forces and we like to Be Wonderful and Quote Writers all over the place on Wednesdays. 

Today would be Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s 184th birthday and, since he wrote one of my favorite children’s books of all time I thought I would take today to share some quotes from a great author…better known as Lewis Carroll. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass inspire creativity, self acceptance, and a love of strangeness. The Mad Hatter has long been one of my favorite literary characters and the quotes I’ve chosen for you today share that oddness and whimsy that translates into lyrical sentences and happy times. They always remind me that I am an author, a creator, and a fairy tale of swirling words waiting to be written down!

Without further ado…welcome to the wonderful, whimsical, writing world of Lewis Carroll:


This quote is handy for authors, I think of it all the time as I write and try to make sure my audience has room for their imaginations. 


selfish actions tend to make us feel poorly in the end…but things we can enjoy with or for others make life a little sweeter every day. 


If you wrote a sentence, read a page, ran an errand, or even just washed the dishes, you’ve come farther than you know! Every day, every action,very choice, every breath…look how far you’ve come. 


Write the story, live the story, go kiss that crush you’ve been aiming for..whatever. 

Finally, these two speak for themselves. We are, each of us, something amazing and unique. Don’t worry about the differences, celebrate them!

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome to the December 16th edition of Be Writing with Quotes on Wednesdays! (A.K.A. BeWow and Writer’s Quote Wednesdays)

For more information and some great quotes go check out the proprietors of this phenomenon Silver Threading  and Ronovan Writes

I found the following 3 quotes and have been holding on to them for this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday and BeWOW because they seem to fit so well with each other, and with Silver’s Christmas gift quote request.

First we have:


When we choose to become writers, artists, accountants…whatever it is we are…we are locating our true selves, our gifts. In the case of artists and authors, we then give it away by letting the world see what we have. It is a very odd and heady thing.

Next is:


When we find that gift, our meaning of life as Picasso called it, then we must not neglect it. Focused attention isn’t just the way to a person’s heart or apartment, it’s the way to perfect our gifts and let them shine. Do you really want to give away a dirty, shabby, frayed present?

And Finally:


I think this speaks for itself and I know that this is at least something that I hope and pray for with my writing. Whether it be the picture books, the YA, or the Adult novels I’m working on, I have a yearning deep down inside that my writing or the story of my writing will do this for someone someday. 

Writer’s Quote Wednesday -Snowflakes



Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah…these are all traditions celebrated by different people throughout the world when December rolls around. Write’s Quote Wednesdays and BeWOW are traditions celebrated every week around the world by many of us. This month, Silver has asked that we combine the traditions and I found the perfect first quote to do that with. More of a winter quote than a “Holiday” saying, I still feel like it brought to mind everything the Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and writing are all about.



Every person, no matter what they do, is a unique individual. Though we really celebrate these things through pageantry and gifts and traditions in December, that individuality shines brightly all year round. We are each a snowflake, our writing styles and interests differ even from those closest to us. So go be a glittering snowflake, let the light shine on you, and dazzle with your talent, your beauty…your words.


Happy December everyone!

*to learn more about the fabulous traditions of Writer’s Quote Wednesday and BeWow check out Silver Threading’s page*

Writers Quote Wednesday – or Whenever

Writers Quote Wednesdays are the delightful and fun weekly invention of Silver Threading, a woman who has an entire blog full of awesome! Check out this week’s WQW, as well as her rules, posts, and comments for more Information.

Ronovan, of ronovanwrites.wordpress.com and Lit World Interviews, has joined the Threading Movement for Writing Quotes on Wednesdays by creating his own weekly prompt post #BeWOW   (Be Wonderful and/or Writing on Wednesdays). Head over to his pages and see what his rules, ideas, and entries are like!

Today, halfway through NaNoWriMo, I wanted to share a few quotes on something that practically anyone alive has some experience with…and that becomes horribly prevalent (or more so, anyway) for many during the month of November. PROCRASTINATION.

That’s right, I said it..procrastination. Let me be the first to admit here: My Name is Beth, I am an author, a mother, an educator, an avid reader…and I am a procrastinator. A queen of procrastination…I have a crown. They should give me a sash…in fact, they were supposed to order one for me last year but, surprise surprise, it hasn’t happened yet. NCIS marathons are killer. 

There, phew, I’m glad that’s out of the way. Now we can get around to figuring out what, exactly, this whole procrastinating thing is about.

For those of you who are not aware because, let’s face it, there are at least two of you that are in denial, procrastination is defined by dictionary.com as: the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.

The weirdest part, which is also the funniest and the saddest depending on my mood, is that I procrastinate by doing other things that I previously procrastinated about. For example, to give myself a reason to not do dishes Monday I decided to work on NaNoWriMo. To give myself a reason not to work on NaNoWrimo yesterday, I cleaned out the bottom shelf of my fridge. Today I’m writing this post instead of NaNo-ing and I’m sure when it comes time to wash a pan I’ll be suddenly stricken with a grand idea and write a few thousand words instead of scrubbing things.

So what can we do? I have no idea…but I do have a few quotes on the subject for you. Obviously, I never stop at one or two when there are so many to choose from! (I procrastinated everything and anything yesterday by spending nearly two hours on Pinterest finding lyrics and quotes that have absolutely no part in anything I’m doing right now…except that I love music.)


I’m not so lazy as I am fearful…if I don’t do it correctly, if I fall, If I fail..my over thinking skills are amazing.

I did, however, take the time to only choose my top 8 motivational quotes to help you overcome procrastination…because I care.


Villainy is Afoot

Writer’s Quote Wednesday is a fabulously fun and (sometimes) frantic bit that Colleen over at Silver Threadings has been fronting for a long time now. To see the post put up in her honor today (Ronovan, no one was fooled dear. Sorry.) check out this Mark Twain quote post, which is a fabulous little bit about character.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is also what I want to talk about today. However, instead of discussing the type of character one shows through ones words, or the type of character a character seems to be through their language, I want to talk about the flip side of any good character…the villain. (bum, bum, BAAA).


Hook, in Once Upon a Time anyway, works through his story and slowly becomes a hero.

I know I may have mentioned this once, or twice, before but I am often more drawn to the villain of a story. I can identify more with them, I can understand their convoluted reasoning, wants, and deepest (if not darkest) desires. There is a part buried deep within us that has those moments, those gut wrenching, knee-jerking, heart twisting villainous thoughts…and most of us choose not to go with those thoughts. However, those of us who are writers can use them to infuse our antagonists with real zeal and lifelike qualities…like an action figure of Darth Vader or Thanos.

Remember that the villain does not usually start out evil and bent on revenge...there is something that pushes them to it. Whether it be slight, imagined, or a huge cosmic twist, something happened and villains cry for help too.

Remember that the villain does not usually start out evil and bent on revenge…there is something that pushes them to it. Whether it be slight, imagined, or a huge cosmic twist, something happened and villains cry for help too.

The idea of hero and villain is very fluid and that is something I adore. Hook did save Peter a few times, after all, and the Beast becomes a prince with Belle’s love. Because they are seen. Because people try…seeing them as evil alone leaves them that way.

Loki may have a villainous agenda, but he honestly sees himself as working toward the good of his people, of his family, and of himself.

Loki may have a villainous agenda, but he honestly sees himself as working toward the good of his people, of his family, and of himself.

Villains are even more difficult to make believable than heroes. Heroes can have that ‘too good to be true’ quality about them and still be beloved (*ahem* Captain America *ahem*). Villains won’t be believable like that.

While I never believed that Draco was completely ruthless, the point here is that villains with no soft spots are unbelievable. They fall flat, no matter how horrid they are .

While I never believed that Draco was completely ruthless, the point here is that villains with no soft spots are unbelievable. They fall flat, no matter how horrid they are .

Oh, but we do!

Oh, but we do!

Alan Rickman, the amazing man who brought total life to Severus Snape, is a grand example. As he says, you are not supposed to like Snape. However, the baggage he slowly unpacks has us all feeling for someone we thought was the bad guy. And maybe he is in some places, but really he is just trying to do what he can to save the world his love tried to protect. The romance in the villainy has people the world over seeing the word “Always” in a new and different light.

If you want to see how your villain(s) stack up, check out the Better Novel Project’s post about it here and the One Year Adventure Novel’s post on writing good villains here.


Every villain has motive, these 39 give us a great place to leap from when discovering the catalyst for our characters.

So what do amazingly well done, interesting, sometimes even beloved villains look like? Well, let me show you a few:

The Joker is a multi-dimensional, insane, murderous villain...who loves and who, in some twisted way, sees Batman as his best friend as well as biggest foe.

The Joker is a multi-dimensional, insane, murderous villain…who loves and who, in some twisted way, sees Batman as his best friend as well as biggest foe.

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinze, Harley Quinn, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who helped the Joker escape and had her license revoked when it was discovered. She escaped her cell during an earthquake  and became the fun loving Harley Quinn. Joker's sidekick and love. Their love caused a lot of horrific things...like Harley being sent off in a rocket! Complex emotions are difficult for us all...

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinze, Harley Quinn, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who helped the Joker escape and had her license revoked when it was discovered. She escaped her cell during an earthquake and became the fun loving Harley Quinn. Joker’s sidekick and love. Their love caused a lot of horrific things…like Harley being sent off in a rocket! Complex emotions are difficult for us all…


Not only is this a great question for anyone pushing to obtain their dreams…it is the basic principle for villains. Pick out the nemesis and find a way to get around them.

Do you have a favorite quote about villains? Who is YOUR favorite villain? Do you adore a villain or two that other people can’t understand? I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Have perfectly multi-faceted day everyone! Happy quoting.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Frustratingly

Welcome to our weekly gathering of quotes! If you would like to know more about why several bloggers have begun to enjoy writing up these posts…go check out Silver Threading and blame her for making it so fun!

This week I want to focus on writing through the frustrations. I don’t know about you guys, but when I get flustered and frustrated my brain likes to go on vacation. My tongue and my hands/fingers get spastic (more than usual) and the little minions in my mind are just traipsing around; dancing and cartwheeling all willy nilly.  When that happens, it doesn’t matter how long I stare at the notebook (or reading book, for that matter) I won’t be able to comprehend or write anything that makes any sense whatsoever.

Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re stopping yourself from saying them. When you have an idea, when you have sentences swimming in your head, and you don’t immediately stop to note them down then you’re stopping yourself from saying them. Those words won’t sound or feel the same when you try to recreate them later on at a more ‘convenient’ time

This has been happening to me the past few days. What’s worse is that part of the reason for my frustration is that I had a sudden epiphany and I KNOW what happens in the next big scene, but I can’t seem to get us to it. I’m a blank with a tight, tingling ache in my head and down my neck each time I try.

Imagine with me…you’re writing or composing or painting or whatever it is you do and suddenly you’re stuck. Not really creative block, per se, but definitely not moving forward with the work. Frustrated, sad, and angry you walk outside and see it…a pinata shaped like a cowboy hat with a box next to it…the box contains a couple of bats and a sign juts out. The Sign says “I can help, HIT ME!” Suddenly, in the midst of desperate whacks at the hat, your jumbled brain shifts everything back into focus. The crack in the pinata did it, you were opened up again!

Finally, sometimes you just have to move in a different direction. I’m about to have to take my own advice I suppose…Or I can listen to Dolly Parton. She’s pretty smart!

When you get frustrated, when the winds have changed, your inspiration trickles to a halt and the mind minions go on strike…imagine yourself on a boat, sitting still with contrary winds and then imagine yourself tugging on that rope..the one right there next to your dominant hand. You see what happened? The sails shifted, the contrary wind is now your friend, and you are moving once again. (Sometimes, it takes more than one tug on the rope…don’t be discouraged!)

Writer’s Quote Wednesday ~ Inspirationally

If you would like to participate in these wonderfully inspiring Wednesday posts, please go right ahead! Check out Silver Threading  HERE for the inspiration post every week (and all of the rules etc.) then post your own! Remember to title it “Writer’s Quote Wednesday” so we can find you!

Over that past few weeks I have shared with you some of my favorite quotes over creativity, consistency, confidence, and just writing in general. This week I want to look at something that Silver Threading is also touching on this week (I’m following the prompt…AHA!) and that is Inspiration.

There are so many things that can inspire us on a daily basis that it took me a while to be able to decide that I could even tackle this topic. The world of inspiration is so versatile, personal, and vast that each one of us could have some hidden inspiration point no one is even aware of. In fact, I HOPE we do!

That being said, here are a few things that inspire me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favorite books. The absurdity melds with creativity, imagination, and just plain ol’ life to create a beautiful and relevant piece of art to be drunk by our minds , hearts, and imaginations. I always come away feeling inspired whether I’ve read the book(s), read an adaptation, or watched one of the many adaptations (movies, serial productions, the old Disney through the looking glass show, it doesn’t matter!).


I love using word play and this character is always mixing things up for me. The movies are great, the characters are snappy, and Jack Sparrow is a wonderful play on hero/anti-hero/comic ideas!

Whimsy, Fantasy, and Tea…sign me up!

Darn Tootin!

This always makes me feel like I need to push myself so I’m not one of those people who wind up needing limits! How sad would it be to cage yourself in like that? Push the limits and break through them!.

This always reminds me to keep dreaming, keep writing, keep noting down my inspirations. Because, really, what else am I going to do with my time?

This always reminds me to keep dreaming, keep writing, keep noting down my inspirations. Because, really, what else am I going to do with my time?

Finally, I want to leave you with some words from the ever Inspirational Zooey Deschanel who is ever adorkable and inspires people of both genders to stay open, honest, and nerdy. Zoey D.

I hope that this post has helped your “Hump” day be inspired! Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone!

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Creatively

Last week I gave you 7 quotes that I felt best summed up the world of the writer, by writers an for writers. This week I want to expand our look at quotes in a discussion about Creativity. How many times as  you said, or heard someone say, something along the lines of “Oh I just can’t write/paint/dance/etc right now, I don’t feel creative (or inspired)?” What about “I don’t know how I made that piece, it was a creative muse…”?

When you aren’t in the moment, those sentences sound a little odd right? Kind of like cop-outs or excuses, either for not working or for everything you make not being as “brilliant” as one particular piece. However, and please forgive my bluntness here, these lines and countless others just like them, are a big CROCK! They were invented by people who were feeling lazy, or guilty, or bemused…people who needed the reprieve from questions.

Imagine with me, if you will: You have a delightful little artist’s home with white washed steps leading down to the beach from your back door and a front window over looking the local bustle. Perfection, right? But then your next door neighbor’s third cousin twice removed asks you five times in a row what, exactly, you’re working on right now and you just kind of snap. It’s either say ‘well the muse isn’t with me at the moment so….” or knock them on their backside and dirty up their toga. So you use the muses as an excuse, it catches on, you stay out of trouble, and your descendants have a built in excuse.

Interesting, right? Well how about this, you say your creativity is low because the ‘muse’ isn’t with you or your lunch wore off too quickly…Albert Einstein says that “Creativity is Just Intelligence Having Fun.” So then the question is, did he qualify that statement? Is the next line, “but only if you have had your coffee, your blood sugar is perfect, your nap kicked in, and the muse is dancing beside you.” NOPE! It ends with one line. One little quote to let you know, creativity is its own form of intelligence, dancing through your mind and coursing through your veins. Not to say there isn’t a cycle, mind you, but that the excuses aren’t doing anyone any good, especially you!

If all you are doing is making excuses, then I have to ask you: Do you really love to write (or create) at all? Is this one of those middle school relationships where you thought you wanted to hold hands and be cool, to be able to say “I’m dating…” but in reality you still just want to curl up, watch cartoons, and eat greasy food without having to worry about some other person wanting you to look cool, pretty, or less shiny? If it is, that’s fine. Not everyone is cut out to do what we do. But think about this, in the Princess Bride Wesley calmly and sweetly continues to bear the brunt of Buttercup’s harassment until, miraculously, one day she realizes that “As You Wish” means, “I love you.” And then, amazingly, she realizes she loves him too. They have a hard road, filled with choppy ocean waves, pirates, kidnappings, evil princes, and even DEATH (two or three times really) and yet, in the end, their love prevails. IF you LOVE something or someone that much, then that is truth. That is where you should be. If you LOVE writing like Farm Boy loves his boss, then you should be a writer. You may never see anything come from it, but that’s ok Because:

Finally, remember that it does not matter what you are good at. It matters what you love to do. If you are passionate about what you do, that love will shine through and maybe, just maybe, it will create that bubble around you that allows you to continue without losing your love of the art of your job. Yes, you may have to ‘work’ at something else as well. In fact, you may have to ‘work’ incredibly hard at being able to just keep at what you love. However, as a very wide woman (who knew a thing or two about being in love with what you do) once said:

Happy Wednesday ya’ll! And remember…if you have any favorite quotes by writers, for writers, or that can be squidged in somehow to be about writing…blog it out! (or, if you don’t have your own blog….pass them to me and I’ll pop ’em in!) Tag it ‘Writer’s Quote Wednesday so we can find you and then give us some great insight or cutesy sayings. We love it all! Check out my buddy Silver Threading for more details, since this her brain baby. May your inspiration, creativity, and writing utensils always be close at hand and may the Lord Bless you, always.