#BeWriter’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome, Welcome to the next to last #BeWriter’sQuoting Wednesday of 2015 (I’ll come up with a good combo name…just wait for it!).

Remember to check out Silver Threading and Ronovan for more information, rules, prompts, and general merriment.

This week I wanted to continue with the ‘gifts’ theme we’ve been exploring for the Holiday season…and away we go!



Passionate about writing? Write..Passionate about miniature, ceramic goat herders? Open a museum/auction house. Passionate about the person you stare at through the window at night? Seek help…that wasn’t isn’t calling you! 

Hopefully we all have things light a fire inside of us. Writing and reading do that for me. I get started and lose myself entirely in the story, whether it’s mine or someone else’s. Someday I will be doing that for a living and acing it, right now I’m doing it for (mostly) free and loving it. Whatever you’re passionate about, I hope you pursue it throughout the new year.



Trudge on, push through that block, work every day: A muse comes to you through hard work, not booze and pretty lights (ok…not normally through booze and pretty lights). 

Inspiration comes and goes but when you keep going without it, that is when you discover the true depths of your passion and gift. Keep on swimming!



This is technically something for a teacher, but every author, every artist, every person that is passionate about their work becomes a teacher through that passion. Thank you all!

Remain passionate, seek personal inspirations, and pour yourself into making sure that the joy and passion you find in your gift shine through in all you do. Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, and any other holiday that happens in this end of year time.

I hope that my love, joy, and passion for words shines through to you all. I adore sharing it with you and I thank you for sharing your passions with me. until next time…

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – ESTyree style

This morning I discovered something fun and thought provoking…a blog post sharing quotes about writing, from writers. Silver Threading, a funny and talented blogger, posted a quote from Diana Gabaldon (The author of the Outlander series). You can find her post HERE. She also called other bloggers to post their favorite quotes about writing. So, since we do little in moderation when it comes to writing, I have brought to you of my favorite writing quotes. You’re welcome.

May they bring you inspiration, understanding, and maybe even a giggle.

If you want to join in on this awesome Quote ‘challenge’, remember to title your post “Writer’s Quote Wednesday” so we can all find you!

“Of course its happening in your head, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?” I put two Albus Dumbledore/J.K. Rowling quotes here because they are both things that authors need to remember. As an author I need to know that it is not only ‘ok’ to be in my world while I write, but it is probably actually better. I couldn’t get my story out otherwise.


I feel these two are mostly self explanatory…if you want to be a writer BE A WRITER! Treat like you would being a CEO or a Teacher. It is a JOB or it is nothing and you don’t write, you take anti-psychotic medication and ignore the stories trying to come out.

This one…ahh, this one rings very true with me. This is a quote that I feel embodies my approach to writing, speaking, and anything else with words. I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to words, I feel the correct combination of words could make a can of tuna sing itself to the cash register. Ever wonder why most of the stories of fairies/witches/etc include ‘magic spells’ and ‘chants’? This is it…words are power, the words invoke the feeling.

This…just this. Joss Whedon has written so many amazing things…more than any of us will ever hear of, I’m sure. He is the man behind the cult classic movie and television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and the spin-offs. There are still comic books and graphic novels going from those! Now he’s bringing us the Avengers…this man is amazing. So to see this quote from someone like that really brings it back to us. In the end, in the twilight hours as gray sneaks in, we are all just someone with a pen, a keyboard, and an idea.

I’m just going to leave this here for you and back away slowly. Gentlemen, you know you secretly want T-Hiddles to tell you this too.

Book titles: How do you know when it’s right, and when it’s just you?

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am addicted to books. I love to look at them, to read them, even to smell them! Most of all, I love to write books. I currently have several children’s stories and young reader books that are waiting on me to get my act in gear and get illustrations and editing completed. But here’s the thing…how do you name these amazing works of art?

Over the past few years I have come up with a few titles for my books and short stories that I thought were GENIUS…and that nobody else got. I wish now that I had kept a list of all of those potential, but not quite there, story titles. Not to actually name a book that, but to make an art piece or a list on the wall to have something to laugh at when I suddenly run into a wall of thirty foot deep writer’s blocks.

However, I do have a few names already tossed out for the newest work in progress. While I don’t know the real name of this book yet, I have been calling it “Dragon on the Sea”. So far, I’ve thrown out a few other titles that were even less likely to succeed than this one. Things such as, “Undertow Dragons”, “Scales in the Sea,” “Seafoam Dragon,” and, my personal favorite, “That’s Dragon, with an Arrrrr.”

I think they all have merit, and certainly make me giggle, but I don’t see everyone looking at the book at immediately saying “Oh, I want that!” or, “hehehe, Pirate Dragons right? YES!” So the quest continues…although I may have to actually paint that last title over my work station soon.

My question to you is this…do you start with a name in mind? Do you randomly assign a title just to have one? Or do you wait and let the story tell you what its name is? What are your thoughts and suggestions on this quest? Help me out guys because the good Lord knows I don’t have a clue!

Until next time, Have A Blessed Day!