The Calm…

There’s a calm settling down around the house tonight. Rooms cleaned. Shelves, books, and pens organized. I feel collected and ready, a woman standing on the precipice and preparing to lift the umbrella, to dance in the rain, because that calm will break and that storm will come in just a few short hours.

That’s right, we are right at 4 hours until midnight. 4 hours until the 1st of June. Which means it is 4 Hours until the beginning of the #HotandSticky Summer Writing Challenge.

488 words a day for the next 4 months. Sound simple? Well, 4 months over summer vacations, camps, the beginning of school…maintain a writing habit over those 4 months and you should be able to maintain it for the rest of your year too!

So what have I been doing to prepare while everyone else outlines and preps? I’m attempting to create an Excel sheet that shows the day, has a blank for me to input how many words I wrote (and adds it together at the bottom, of course), and a row for the amount of words I SHOULD have at the end of that particular day. Of course, I’m not that tech savvy so this has been going on all day long. Oh well, At least I’ll be prepared…write? I mean, right?

If you want to know more about this fun and frustrating good time, check out all the things Adrian and Dalton have to say about it on their YouTube Channel (Stripped Cover Lit). After all, this is their baby!

Are you participating in #HotandSticky? Let me know down below! I’ll see you guys with an update soon…and a book review or two along the way as well. (if you want to watch my announcement and updates videos for #HotandSticky Summer Writing Challenge, or anything else I’ve done, check them out HERE)

#Writespirations #85

Sacha Black’s writing challenge for this week, which I managed to conveniently stumble on while getting ready to work on cleaning and organizing a very messy room (really, I don’t know how I let it get so bad every time. Just fold the clothes Beth…but I digress)…Where was I? Oh yes, the writing challenge for this week, which is to post your current WIP’s title and a 150 word snippet.

So here it is:

Paulonious Punk and the Search for an Adventure

By Elizabeth S. Tyree

“Dude, we rode our bikes a block to get a drink from the gas station,” Pauly didn’t sound like he agreed with John’s idea of an adventure.

“A block and a half,” John corrected, “We had to a road AND ride in a busy parking lot to get big drinks and candy bars at a BRAND NEW GAS STATION.” John’s face had the wide eyes and raised eyebrows that say ‘AHA TAKE THAT.’

“With our mom’s in the car behind us.” Pauly obviously wasn’t in the right kind of mood for this talk.

“Whatever P-man,” John tossed the spare apple to his friend, took a juicy bite from his own, and plopped down on his favorite ‘captain’s’ chair.

Paulonious made a face but didn’t say anything about John’s use of the nick-name. He didn’t mind being called “Pauly”, “Pauly P,” or even “Punk” but he absolutely HATED it when the big boys at school called him The P. kid, P.P., or the worst P.P. the Whiz Kid.

(ok, I went over by 17 words…but come on, P.P. the Whiz Kid! 😛 )


The 7/7/7 Writing Challenge

Welcome Everyone! Today’s post is being brought to you courtesy of Eliesha at SharpeningtheQuill who nominated me for this 7/7/7 challenge.

The RULES of the challenge are:

  1. Find page 7 of your WIP
  2. Find Line 7 of page 7
  3. Share the next 7 Sentences
  4. Nominate 7 other writers

Since I have several WIPs at the moment, I wasn’t quite sure which to use for this. After much debate (and an internal about ‘tweaking’ line 8 into the mix…thus making one of my WIP sections incredibly exciting) I’ve chosen to give you two sets of lines. That’s right…TWO. Because I’m stubborn, difficult, and couldn’t decide between my two current favorite ‘babies’.

The First comes from Dragons in the Deep. Since this is the fourth book in the series some of the characters may be known to you. Don’t get too comfortable though, this book has a few sections that will put you on your ear. I know first hand how wobbly this deck can be!

A Quick Section Intro: Jane and Anna were excitedly discussing the possibility of someone having done something and creating the illusions that something devastating had happened. They got caught. Oh, and they’re on a ship in the middle of the Caribbean with several people who don’t know their secret(s).

She grabbed Anna’s arm and raced away as a desperate Jason grasped after their retreating backs, yelling “Traitor” as they slammed the door. Nickel, Joshua, Flynn, and Garron moved to stand between Jason and the exit, their inquisitive gazes burning into him as he searched for an answer.

“So, let’s start with that sea serpent…”

The Second excerpt comes from Paulonious Punk… a children’s chapter adventure book that is doing it’s best to keep me on my toes!

Background for the scene: Two 9 yr old boys are on the search for an adventure and decide to begin at their ‘clubhouse’, which is also the workshop for Paulonious’ super cool Grandpa. John, Paulonious’ best friend, has just identified the song on Grandpa’s radio as the Dizzy Gilespie classic, “Salty Peanuts.”

“Oh no,” Grandpa, busy with his tools again, winked over the project at Pauly, “Grandma Punk did bring in some fresh raisin cookies for you though.”

After snagging few, the boys took up their usual places, one on either side of Grandpa, watching his intricate movements that were always timed perfectly to the music. Without ever raising his eyes or missing a beat, the old man snagged a cookie from Pauly, shoved the entire thing into his mouth, and went back to tweaking the nuts and bolts on an odd looking wooden seat.

I Nominate:

  1. @cyallowitz
  2. @brianawrites
  3. @AuthorSamBritt
  4. @andrea_heckler
  5. @MissBenison
  6. @AgathaChocolats
  7. @MaddieC123

I can’t wait to see what you guys are working on! However, if you don’t wish to post, I will not hold it against you in the future! Just know, that it’s sad for those of use waiting to see what 7 lines you’ll post for us to drool over.