Batting Around 2-Cat’s Perspective

My best friend is a big fluffy ball. Every day I wake him up with a POUNCE and he rolls from the top of a pile of his siblings to come play with me. WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN!

Sometimes he gets so excited that his ends start to unravel and he becomes a long trail of fuzzy strings. When that happens my mom picks him up, rolls him up, and sends us both for naps. I’m not supposed to get him all riled up, but it is so exciting to run around together that I sometimes forget that part.

He hasn’t been looking too great lately though; I think he might be sick. His fluff has started to frizz and he snags and flops now. I’m afraid he may not be with me much longer, Mommy took him off of the pile today and put him in the other room.

What’s this?? It looks like my friend but he’s not a ball anymore. Mommy made him into a toy for me…AND HE SQUEAKS!!! I don’t have to sneak him off a pile anymore either, Mommy says he can live with me all the time now!

(my actual creepy kitty, making friends with houseshoes)




Batting Around

I missed Short Story Sunday yesterday due to an extreme lack of story and extra not-feeling-good in both my daughter and I. We still don’t feel very well, but I did get a story started last night so I am plunging right ahead with it!

Batting Around

The world begins to roll on past me, pricks of pain shredding my skin. This dizzy insanity serves to once again remind me that I am made for a more sedentary lifestyle. This is not what I am meant for, this terrifying spin that leaves me spread thin and tangled on the floor. And does anyone ever ask if I’m ok? NO! They just roll me back up and throw me on top of the basket. Then it’s a perfunctory “bad kitty” and a tap on the nose for my persecutor. As if that will stop him from leaping over my brethren and tearing me apart as soon as the mistress has turned her back again.

I know I’m complaining about something that cannot be changed immediately, but several of my kin have been saved already. I watch them as the mistress chooses their bright hues and weaves them into her life…but I am just a muddy green and there is no need for my colors in her work, so I am left on the top of the stack, attacked daily by that mottled beast.

Wait! She has chosen me and loops my fragile body around her hook. She is making me into something special! I am a butterfly slowly emerging from my cocoon! What is this?? A CAT TOY?? NO! This can’t be right! PLEASE DON’T THROW ME BACK, I WAS GOOD YARN ONCE! A cat toy…I can’t believe my life.

(a beautiful hand spun green via:


I Love Yarn – True Story!

I Love Yarn - True Story!

Yarn is a passion of mine..not making it, because Lord knows I don’t have room in my room for a spinning wheel, but finding it, buying it, and using it to create something cute, weird, fun, or wearable (OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!). I crochet on an almost daily basis and take a little project with me on every trip and car ride, even to church!

So how is it that I, yarn lover, missed this year’s I Love Yarn Day??

I was busy with the kid all day long, that’s how (plus, I thought it was today!) but I did make an adorable owl beanie hat for an order a friend made for a newborn!


My ‘side’ work

My ‘side’ work

This is the link to my Facebook page for Whimsical Design, the ‘store’ of handmade items that I create and occasionally sell. 

I was supposed to be taking my inventory to a car show this weekend.  I have almost everything boxed, crated, and ready to head down the road…the only problem is that there are all outside booths, no cover, and somewhere between 60% and 100% chances of rain over the show throughout the day (as in…they WILL have rain, it just depends on what time of day you get there as to whether or not you get wet.)

When asked, the woman in charge said “If people think that their wares will be injured or ruined, they can feel free not to come set up.”

SOOO…I’m not.  Everything I have is yarn or fabric, the rain will not do me any favors.