Bio: I am a mother, an author, a musician, a crafter, a teacher and a seer of dragons! This blog will be focused on sharing my experiences and, hopefully, helping you through book reviews, short articles on family and home life, crafting, and writing, and the occasional off topic ramble just for funsies. Feel free to comment, ask questions, and lurk! Welcome to the Whimsical World of ESTyree!

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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Christina says:

    Hi I would love to be a part of the National Children’s reader week. I am available to do book readings, signings, libraries, schools or where ever you think would be a good place to set things up. will be here through Wed or Thurs or longer…Please email me at moondon65@yahoo.com I’m on campus.
    And thank you YES what ever I can do to share The Yellow Coat out into the world …your blog would be great!
    also look at http://www.theyellowcoatstory.com
    Thank You!

  2. Found ya! I love the Whimsical World phrase. Conjures up so much. Also your cat is adorable. Thanks for finding me so I could follow breadcrumbs back here. Yeah, too much Hansel and Gretel as a kid, I know.

    • Hi there! I actually have a crochet and beaded jewelry side business (ok…I pretend like I sell things but usually just stockpile them like yarn and gem dragon) on Facebook called Whimsical Designs by ESTyree and I couldn’t resist using the twist of phrase here! That cat is an insane attack droid..but she has her moments.
      I’m super happy that I found your blog! You have a great way with humor and my funny bone enjoys it.

    • Moxie in the Making says:

      Oh my gosh. This is too funny. I used that same phrase of following breadcrumbs to thank LMM for visiting my blog and now I found your blog through hers! I love these adorable coincidences! (Sorry. I just had to share my delight. It was really exciting for some reason…)

    • If you would like to send information to me @ alaynabellesmom @ gmail.com I would be more than happy to see if I can fit you in. I am currently trying to get my to be read list read through (it is a nice thought anyway) and also working on my own novels so…I can only promise to try. But please do feel free to send the info

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