Writing Playlists

I may have mentioned this before, but I have Musical ADHD. I start a song I LOVE and hit the ‘next’ button within seconds. Or I hit on a song that I kind of like and get stuck on it, so that I play it four or five times in a row and quickly learn all of the words, back up percussion noises, and a full dance routine complete with car variations. So when I hear that people have playlists for their novels, or sen just for their writing time, it amazes me!

I often turn the television on reruns and low volume while I write, so that I hear the murmur of known voices and activities without the need to see what’s going on…been there, watched that! If I’m able to get up to my ‘writing loft’ (this does not happen often in the winter though! WAY TOO CHILLY!) I take my phone or computer and turn on Pandora or iHeart radio and crank it, the music causing me issues if its low and whispery…i.e. I try to write while listening and wind up just having to stop trying to write because I can’t really hear the music! So I crank it up and dance while I write; my handwriting is pretty poor to begin with so it doesn’t matter much if I wiggle a bit here or there. But it completely depends on my mood, my surroundings, and the content of the sentence I’m writing at the time as to whether I’m listening to classic rock, pop, alternative, reggae, ‘beach music’, red dirt, classical, or some other random piece. HOW DO PEOPLE SET ONE PLAYLIST FOR WRITING???!!???

Maybe its just my musical background, I did major in music education before switching to elementary ed. Perhaps all of those years of practicing and learning to play so many different types of music has hardwired me to keep switching things up. I don’t know…but I sometimes worry about my inability to just choose a kind to write along with. Of course, normally I just worry about the people who don’t include variety into their own lives…musical variety that is!

Do you have a set playlist for your writing/activities? Do you always listen to the same things as you write, exercise, cook, work, etc.? If so, do you have any tips or explanations for me? If not, how do you feel about people who do? Have you even heard of this one playlist thing? Is it a craze? I think it might be a craze….And I’m aching to find out! Let me hear from you, and have a blessed weekend!

Do you think they’re all listening to the same thing?? CRAZY