Door to the Wonders of Writing…

I wish that I had a beautiful picture of my classroom door to share with you today. I don’t. The door itself is a large, brown, wooden block on hinges and I cannot decide what to do with it.

Should I use my mother’s extensive art knowledge and my almost impossible to live up to creativity to creat a Hobbit hole effect with some pithy sign on the Hobbit door? (Ms. Tyree’s class…where imagination creates!).

Perhaps I should take the pen poster and make a door covering out of it. Have you seen that poster? Several types of writing utensils lined up with the words ‘Tools of Mass Creation’ below them. Absolutely awesome.

Or maybe a big tree with a wise welcoming owl..Wally theWriter whoooo welcomes you to class. A big notebook page with a yay for writing note on it. A turtle, just because I like turtles, or a Dragon because…well duh! Yay dragons.

As you can see,the list is potentially endless and driving me mad. Any thoughts?

What Are You Reading?

This week I am going to be splitting my time between reading a few fascinating curriculum books on writing, and my own Dragon on My Neck. I know it might seem weird to read your own work, but I need to brush up on the facts and, hopefully, find any errors editing missed so my re-formatted and re-covered edition will be as near to perfect as I can get it!

So what are you reading this week? Is it fascinating and delightful, or just something to plod through?

I can’t wait to hear what it is!

Lost and Found -free spiritual book

Currently Free through the Kindle app, Dr. Tyree’s book “Lost and Found” recounts 6 things lost in the Garden of Eden and regained in Christ.

Dr Tyree has been serving as a minister with churches of Christ for over 30 years. A graduate of Harding University (BA, 1984), he has also completed work in Theology and Pastoral Counseling. His greatest passion, however, is preaching and teaching. Out of that pursuit has come the need to put down on paper some of the thoughts that so readily spill out of his mouth.

You can find more from Dr. Tyree at Tyree Tomes

Introduction to The Other Side

Hello and welcome all to this very special edition of Super-Natural Salsa, where we take myths and legends from around the globe and lay them bare in half hour segments. I am your host, Sassy Susy Sakowich, and do I have a story for you today!

Deep in the heart of the deepest depths of the ocean, surrounded by decaying relics of long forgotten civilizations, lives one of the most terrifying creatures in all of humankind’s mythologies.

Just one of his eyes is bigger than your head, his body is bigger than the tank of an S.U.V. my brother just bought, and when you add in his extremities…well, it’s safe to say that he’s bigger than most blocks of houses; and he isn’t alone.

A complex society of these sea beasts ranges throughout the world’s deepest waterways and, though feared by humans, these creatures rarely bring themselves to the surface, preferring to keep to themselves within the engulfing shadows of their homes.

As with most things, there are some exceptions. They emerge to socialize with other sea creatures during the annual Fire Falls {meteor showers}, ancient history week {school is school after all}, and whenever a lovely storm can camouflage their presence from the pesky humans who drove them deeper generations ago! but no long believe in, or fear, their presence.

It wasn’t always this way. Once, long ago, the beasts were free to rest on the calm waters and bask in the warm sunlight, their large bodies and floating arms creating a beautiful play area for other sea life. Humans changed all of that when. They became bolder and more likely to attempt landing on the poor animals in search of fish for supper. The beasts did not begrudge humans their food, it is the way of the world that some creatures must eat others in order to thrive. However, these sailors were stomping all over the poor animals, leaving scars and cuts from anchors, and ruining the safety that the traveling playground should have provided.

When you think about it, they had every right and many reasons to get upset and snap at those explorers! Of course, the sailors took it poorly and began to tell some fearful tales about creatures with long tentacles and a body over a mile-and-a-half wide. These horrid beasts were after only one thing…a meal made of humans! They could spear you with a horn, wrap long tentacles around your ship, and pull everything underwater…creating a whirlpool to Suck down anything that might have been missed on the waters surface. (No survivors? Where did the stories come from then, I wonder?).

Norwegians and Scandinavians call these frightful beasts the Sykraken, some Europeans refer to it as the Krabben, and most of us probably know it best as THE KRAKEN!

But do we really know anything at all? Is this chilling tale honestly as terrifying as all that? Or do we just fear them because we fear what we don’t know?

Here today, via satellite from the waters beside an undisclosed Caribbean Isle, and hoping to answer a few of our questions is a very special guest and a dear friend of a friend. Please Welcome to the Blender, Sergio de la Kraken!

The Eye


Sneaky Snipes

Have you ever heard a half whispered response in someone’s conversation and just known it was about you? That little joke your parents make to each other that you’re sure has to do with your goals or hair color (whatever) but you brush it off and go on…then later as you are trying to write, study, or concentrate on your current Netflix obsession it hits you. You want to scream, break something (maybe their noses?), break down in tears. It hurts and you know they don’t care, probably because it wasn’t even about you, so you simmer and seethe all day. Maybe you confront them, maybe you get over it, but those sneaky snipes have a way of cropping up in the back if our mind sometimes even years later. They burrow down deep into the subconscious and wait for the right opening.
Hey look Clive (mine are named Clive and Vic) she’s starting to get everything finished up in her classroom, let’s remind her how worthless her friends think she is.
Yo Vic, she’s about to write, remind her how she has had to rely on aid to keep a roof over her head because her writing SUCKS!

And on and on and on they go. It is difficult to ignore, more difficult to overcome them…and I haven’t gotten there yet. But there are ways to push them aside.

1) follow your dream anyway. This is hard,one of the hardest things you can do. And yes, you may have to work another job and/or live with relatives. Times will be difficult, but dreamers who want to achieve will have to deal with those things.

2) just give up – I don’t recommend it. When you stop pursuing what you love, when your words become hollow because you no longer believe in them, you lose part of yourself. It becomes easier for other things to slip in, for mistakes to be made, and for your world to tumble and crumble around you. Just keep dreaming and working toward your goals.

3) take a break, crank up the music, and just dance. Or go for a walk, go swim, horseback ride, etc. Clear your mind, open yourself to the possibilities and inspirations that surround you, and once again remind yourself that no one can truly know the pain, sweat, and tears that have brought to where you are (and you don’t know theirs!) so the only person making you feel this bad about yourself, is yourself. Let if go, move on. There is no room for doubters and if those big mouths didn’t believe in you, they would be gone by now!

What do you think?

May you have a blessed day and May inspiration be around every turn!

Indie Authors Unite

I am an indie author with a big problem…my computer is on the fritz (still!). Since I can’t currently type in my new work and get the ball rolling on the editing/revamping of the other seven things I’m in the process of procrastinating, I thought it would be nice to salute those of you who are indeed indie authors like myself.

So take a minute and give us a blurb and a link or two in the comments. Perhaps someone will see it and give your work a go! Who knows, we may even get some reviews out of this…and I am always desperate for reviews!

For my part, you can find my novels at
Aliphonsore is the only known fairy dragon in existence and he has brought to head a war that will change worlds. Can his new friends help reunite his family and stop the power mad Fairy Queen? Or is he doomed to live all eternity as a frozen silver necklace? Find out more in Dragon On My Neck, The Stone Dragon Saga Book 1

You can find Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree’s works at:
His will lead you deeper into your knowledge and understanding of the Bible and, hopefully, strengthen your spiritual knowledge and life. Whether reading for fun, educational value, or a better Godly relationship, Dr. Tyree will provide you with the words you need.

You can also find us in snippets at Tyree Tomes

May you have a blessed and productive day!

Grammar Grouch Playtime!

I am a word use and grammar patrol kind of woman. I try to curb my compulsions around other people because, apparently, it’s rude to point these mistakes out to the ‘normals’. I have had friends and family get mad at me, a coworker refuse to talk to me ( It’s HAMBURGER not Habooger!!), and at least one friend who actively uses the writing process when texting with me. And I’m not even the most stringent grammar officer that I know. So what are we supposed to do with ourselves for Grammar Police fun? How about read a book that is made up of only typos?

Just My Typo by Drummond Moir
*I was sent a free copy in return for an honest review*

The book Just My Typo Is a quick and hilarious fix for those of us who find typos to be humorous. Compiled by Drummond Moir, this collection provides typos from all sections of our lives, whether it be in a religious text, the newspaper, your classic lit over there on the shelf, or even in a love note, and some of these typos will make you have to drop the book and laugh. I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing twice, but I will let you find your own happiness with that experience.

Though I do usually do in depth reviews on my books, especially the ones sent to me for free in exchange for honest reviews, as this one was, the in your face celebration of mistakes is kind of a ‘what you see is what you get’ work, and I give it 4.5 out of 5 dragons.

For more information on this author and his books, check out the Random House Page at:

The Last Tea Party

“She’s getting the china out!” Vivian whispered excitedly before quickly stiffening back into position.

“Tea Party Time!” I roared, before remembering where I was. Ever since that Toy Story movie had hit theaters the year before, Rose had been even more intent on proving our full capabilities.

“Shut it Tim!” Gus hissed urgently, “She’s on her way back!”

So, as the movie would say, we went soft seconds before our beloved 6 year old burst through the door expectantly. “Shoot,’ she shrugged and scooped us up. “Time for tea!”

That’s what we all thought would happen, tea time with our favorite girl, but just as she began to settle into her chair at the patio’s princess table, Uncle George called her back into the house.

That was 16 years ago and though most of my head has since been carted off to surrounding trees, I can still remember that first/last day like it was yesterday. I wonder where little Rose went…but at least with the house abandoned we can talk to each other!


Updates and Giveaways

Happy Friday, friends! I just wanted to pop by and give a quick update on the comings and goings over at Tyree Tomes.
If you haven’t like the Facebook page yet, now is the perfect time to do so, as we are just a few likes away from our first big giveaway. Speaking of giveaways, Dr. Tyree will be starting his e-reader giveaways using the Kindle app. These giveaways will now be limited to Mondays and Tuesdays each week, so I will try to remember to post the links either Sunday evening or Monday morning.

In other news, my computer is still down for repairs so I am using Mother’s iPad for posting purposes but never fear…my novels and stories are generally handwritten first anyway so I am still working away! I even got to utilize my writer’s loft yesterday for the first time all summer! If you want to check out my stuff between posts, just head over to Tyree Tomes on Facebook OR

Thanks guys. May your inspiration flow, may your words grow, May happiness abound, and may you Have a blessed and wonderful day.