Worth It:

Above All Else, Remember This:
That the dreams you dream in your most secret times and the deepest locked away pieces of your inner self are WORTH IT! They are worth fighting for. They are worth working hard for. They are worth your time, your attention, and your acknowledgement.
What’s more is that YOU are worth it. Your happiness is worth it. Your time is worth it. Your dreams, hopes, and aspirations are all worth it.
If only you will believe in yourself even half as much as I believe in you and you will be seizing the day, taking the world, moving all the mountains, and looking forward to new dreams by month’s end. You are more than able to do anything you wish to do. Whatever you please is within your grasp if you only look at things the right way and realize that you can close your fingers and hold on to it. And I…Well I am proud to say that I know you, because I am more than proud of you.
So go, darling, Realize your Dreams. Reach Your Goals and climb up to the stars…I’ll be right here holding the ladder, supporting whatever you do, and basking in the glow of the night sky.

Mending a Broken Heart

My Q&A a Day journal has some deep and meaningful questions sprinkled throughout its pages. Yesterday’s was the incredibly thought provoking “Write Down the Cure for a Broken Heart.”

I was stymied for a minute or two before coming up with this answer:

Pray it out, Write it out, Cry it out, Cuss it out, and burn it all back together with chips, salsa, and action flicks. 

Now I want to know what your advice would be. Since the journal only allows for two or three small lines per answer, I want your response to be condensed into just a few short sentences. I hope none of you are currently dealing with this issue but…let me have it….How do You Cure a Broken Heart?