I went to the store for a dog chain today and ended up also buying blue hair dye. Now, before you start telling me about not letting boredom make you change your appearance etc…let me tell you, I’m not bored. Ok, I might be a little bored with the whole rarely leaving the house thing, but I’m mostly frustrated at not having time to do more now that I am home 24/7(ish). I am also a teacher who loves bold, bright hair colors. I have an amazing administration team who is very open, very accepting, and very person oriented (as opposed to political agenda oriented); however, I bet that not even my amazing principal would be ok with me showing up blue hair with orange tips (and possibly roots, I haven’t gotten that far yet). I know that I am still distance educating, but I like to change up my colors over the summer and this feels like the time.

Here’s the kicker though, I bought the dye, got home, looked in the mirror, and thought, “Oh, my hair looks pretty good. I’m cute!” *insert forehead slap here*

Have any of you changed your hair lately? Hope that you are all well and safe!

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