Weekend Three: Who are you Reading…or watching…this weekend

This week’s Who are you Reading article has two missions.  The first is to ask that you, my wonderful readers, leave me a comment telling me what book you are reading and/or what movie made from a book you are watching this weekend.  (Message in a Bottle, Twilight, Harry Potter, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, and Willy Wonka are all on different channels of my cable television today). 

I really am VERY interested in hearing from you all, so please do not be shy in commenting!


The second mission of this humble entry is to let you know that I have placed both of my currently available books on the ‘free download’ list for kindle and compatible devices.

Dragon on My Neck (The Stone Dragon Saga, Book 1)


Dragon in My Yard (The Stone Dragon Saga, Book 2)

will BOTH be available for FREE download beginning tonight (September 28th) at midnight, and running through midnight on Monday (September 30th).

My hope is that many of you will download, read, and recommend…and even, dare I say it, review or comment with your thoughts and opinions. I look forward to seeing the numbers and, hopefully, reading the comments.

As always, Keep on Reading and have a Blessed Day!


My ‘side’ work

My ‘side’ work

This is the link to my Facebook page for Whimsical Design, the ‘store’ of handmade items that I create and occasionally sell. 

I was supposed to be taking my inventory to a car show this weekend.  I have almost everything boxed, crated, and ready to head down the road…the only problem is that there are all outside booths, no cover, and somewhere between 60% and 100% chances of rain over the show throughout the day (as in…they WILL have rain, it just depends on what time of day you get there as to whether or not you get wet.)

When asked, the woman in charge said “If people think that their wares will be injured or ruined, they can feel free not to come set up.”

SOOO…I’m not.  Everything I have is yarn or fabric, the rain will not do me any favors. 


This week’s FREE Kindle download from Dr. Tyree

This week’s FREE Kindle download from Dr. Tyree

A brief discussion of the Apostle Paul, his personal understanding of his mission and identity. Sections include, “In the beginning, Saul,” “A Conversion Comparison,” “What Paul Believed About What Paul Believed,” and “Paul’s Partners.”
Dr. Tyree wrote this book after years of preaching, researching, and even teaching a college course on the “Life and Letters of Paul.”
Have a Blessed Day, and go read a book!

Who are YOU reading…suggestions

Perhaps the reason that you haven’t commented on last week’s edition is that you aren’t sure what to read at this point. With that possibility in mind, I have a few suggestions to offer during this week’s “Who are YOU reading?” that should be good for the whole family.


A.A. Milne – Though famous for being the genius behind the ongoing wonder that is Winnie ther Pooh, this man wrote several books, both before and after the Hundred Acre Woods, that could be suitable for most of your family.  His poetry for young children is so fun to read aloud that you won’t remember you’re supposed to be an adult! Winnie ther Pooh is also always a great choice! (and yes…the ‘r’ is there on purpose!)

Dr. Seuss – need I say more?

Jack Prelutsky – his series of poetry books will have the entire family laughing so hard that a knee slap might be in order! Even infants enjoy listening to the great rhythm of the words, while the whimsy and just plain odd subject matters can make even Grandma giggle.

Ann M. Montgomery – The Babysitter’s Club and the Babysitter’s Little Sister series’ are great for both boys and girls.  I have read these books aloud to a fourth grade class and had all of my students hanging on each word. 


Caroline Keene – Nancy Drew, a classic series with good clean sleuthing fun for us all!


Elizabeth S. Tyree – I will not go so far as to give myself a glowing review, but I will ask that, if you are interested in fantasy fiction that is cleanly written and whimsically portrayed, that you go to amazon.com and find Dragon on My Neck by Elizabeth S. Tyree. There are already two reviews there for you to see.


Though usually credited to several authors, books like encyclopedias are great for fun and learning. I absolutely love to look through my Encyclopedia of Mythological Creatures and my Greek Mythologies books when I get a little bored.


If you are looking for a good theological, straight from the scriptures study/discussion you should check out Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree on amazon.com.  You can also find both of us on facebook at www.facebook.com/TyreeTomes


Remember, engaging your brain with something like silly rhymes or an interesting mystery novel…or even a quick peek through the non-fiction section…can help keep your mind active, and an active mind remembers things better, and continues to move more quickly as it ages!

As always, please feel free to leave some comments! I enjoy hearing from my readers.  Until the next time, Have a Blessed Day!

A Partial Review

I have a confession to make…I did not finish reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones last weekend (or this week for that matter).   Between preparing to take my online craft business to a real world show next week, and playing with my sweet monkey girl, I have actually only finished the first 165 pages (out of 615).

So far I can only tell you that the storyline, plot twists, and characters are all well done up until this point. I actually feel like this is one of the most well written young adult novels that I’ve read of its genre since J.K. Rowling introduced us to the world of Hogwarts.  In fact, though there have been a few of the series books to become movies, I am actually looking forward to seeing how these characters translate to the big screen almost as much I looked forward to seeing the Weasley twins on the big screen…if you were around me at that point, you would now be spitting your coffee from the mug and staring at the screen in amazement while quickly calculating the safest distance.

At this point I feel that I must also make a quick statement on the other two, highly popular, recent Young Adult Fantasy/Sci Fi book series that became movies.  While I do enjoy watching the Twilight series AND the Hunger Games, and I have read them all at least twice, I was sadly disappointed in the lack of development for the characters and, to some extent, even the storyline within these series.  It is as if they had a wonderful idea for plotline, came up with some characters to move it along, but weren’t sure how to translate that.  As I often have that issue, I completely understand how that could happen.  However, I feel it could have been tweaked a little more.  Many, many, other people have different opinions on the matter and that is all I have to say on it at this time. (You should hear my Romeo and Juliet rant!)

Please feel free to leave me comments with opinions, questions, random comments, or suggestions for other books to read.  I look forward to hearing from you! (also, please do not be offended if you love the books I just degraded…they are good for what they are, I didn’t find them as fascinating in their actual printed form as so many others did).


Dragon in My Yard

Dragon in My Yard

The second book in Elizabeth S. Tyree’s Stone Dragon Saga, we follow Aliphonsore and his new friends in their search for his statue family.  Meanwhile, the crazy fairy queen has also been awakened, and is already sending out searches of her own.

Don’t miss out on any of the action! Get  your copies of this series today!