What Are YOU Reading Wednesday

Amazingly enough, I am actually reading a non-school related book this week. Of course, it is StoryBranding 2.0, a book for authors who are looking to write their brand. (I think anyway…I haven’t gotten very far into the book yet.). Now, I got this one (and a few others) from StoryCartel.com which leads me to two questions for you today:

1) How do YOU feel about receiving free merchandise (specifically books) in order to give a review. Do you feel like it pushes the reviewers to give more favorable reviews, or do you think that they are still fair and honest?

2) Do You read books concerning your profession or your writing goals? Would you consider reading the almost self-help like information on “HOW-TO” write to your brand, market your story, writer while standing on one toe in the snow, etc.?

And of course, there is always that third question of What are YOU reading this week? That is, really, what this weekly post is all about. Learning more about my audience through their reading preferences. Although, usually, I get a comments about how you guys aren’t reading anything more than your own works as you edit, the inside of your eyelids as you try not to cry your way through the writer’s block, and (obviously) my ‘fabulous’ blog. I do appreciate the support, but we should all be a little more well read at this point 😉

May you find the words that open up your world, and may they (and you) be blessed beyond measure!


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