Friendly Conundrum

Here is the story that should have been posted last Sunday…if I had ever gotten around to remembering that it was typed up and waiting to be posted. We’re at the end of the beginning of week 9 in school, so I’m hoping to actually remember this routine again at some point in the near future! In the meantime, you will have two (YES!) short stories out of me today, last week’s and this week’s, and since Wednesday is the last day of school this week (FALL BREAK!) I should have minimal issues with getting the next one up on time as well. I hope…Well, that’s enough drivel from me. Without further ado, I present last week’s Short:

The Wrong Kind of Blond:

“Short, Blond, and Bubbly; just how I like them,” Jules crowed excitedly to her best friend as the duo eyed a group of less than fresh surfers tumble into the restaurant.

“Julia,” Meghan sighed, in gentle reprimand, “You shouldn’t pigeonhole people like that! You just keep getting disappointed…remember last week when your ‘blond, vapidly stupid hippie’ turned out to be a bad dye job on a PhD who was just bored? Besides, you are a certifiable genius in your area, don’t you want someone to talk to?”

“That’s why I have you Smootzy!” Julia grinned and leaned her almost 6′ frame down to pinch her 5’2″ friend’s rosy cheeks. “Lets go get ’em!”

“I guessss,” Meghan’s voice trailed off and her feet stilled so suddenly that Julia was yanked to a standstill. “Jules, WHO is That?:

:”Who?” Julia peered around the bar are bewilderedly, “The only new guys are that football team and we see them every week…OH!”

There he stood, a tall muscular dark haired man, his piercing green eyes scanning the area as if looking for someone.

“Ew Megs really? HIM? He is EVERYTHING we said we would never look for! Tall, not short, green eyes instead of watery blue, MUSCLES! I mean, come on and snap out of it already! He even looks SMART! UGH!”

“But he’s GORGEOUS,” Meghan sighed appreciatively, “Just because I swore off the flavor doesn’t mean I don’t like to look ever once in a while you know.”

As he scanned the bar, Julia tried to shrink into the background while Meghan merely stood transfixed, refusing to be budged in the direction of brain damaged dudes any more.

Laying eyes on the subversive struggle between the friends, the dark haired mystery man  smirked to himself, causing three nearby women to swoon. His Italian leather shoes and almost cat-like grace allowed an almost silent maneuver across the floor as his curiosity took over, so that as Meghan looked back up to sigh sadly at his sudden disappearance, he was already moving into place beside her.

“Hello,” His voice, soft and deep as a cashmere sweater, seemed to surround her, exciting a frustrated groan from Julia. “My name is Joseph. I saw the two of you over here playing tug of war over your beautiful arm and I let my curiosity take over I guess.”

Meghan promptly passed out, causing Julia to awkwardly catch her best friend by the armpits and glare up at the new guy.

“Way to go ROMEO!”

Joseph looked close to tears as he helped set Meghan in a comfortable booth and sank down on the floor beside her before wailing, “WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!”

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