NaNoWriMo Day #1 – Appreciating the First Draft

Red Sofa Literary

By Aimee Hyndman

My writing process begins in an explosion, usually accompanied by dramatic music. The initial spark of the idea usually comes from something exceedingly simple. A line of dialogue from a friend. A cool move in an action scene. A lyric. And sometimes the ideas come from literally nowhere. Like my idea for HOUR OF MISCHIEF for instance. A single concept that hit me without any preamble: One armed thief teams up with the God of Mischief to save the world.

From the idea, it’s generally all downhill from there (or uphill, depending on your perspective). My mind starts compiling characters, side plots and scenes like a sponge. I start spacing out in class and walking with a glazed look in my eye. The novel almost plots itself.

This is of course why I’ve never tried to be a pantser. I have never gotten an idea for a novel…

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