Meet The Dragons

Here is a glimpse into the very first Stone Dragon Saga book: Dragon on My Neck. Here we meet a few members of the dragon family, including our narrator and only known fairy dragon, Aliphonsore. If you enjoy and would like to read more, the books are available on Kindle and paperback through Amazon.




“How do these things begin,” Al paused and tilted his head in thought, “Ah yes; Once Upon a Time…


As Al began his story the air around him shimmered and moved. Slowly pictures formed and the girls were stunned, yet again, as rolling green meadows full of brilliant wildflowers and flirting fairies came into view in the center of their living room.


“Oh Look,” breathed Jane, pointing to a griffin that seemed to dance through a circle of trees as it played with dryads.


“And look at that!” Anna exclaimed, turning her friend’s attention to tiny being flying out of unfurling moonflowers.


The picture, which had started out around the size of a small television screen, languidly expanded and moved until the room’s three occupants became surrounded by what the girls suddenly realized were Al’s own memories. Al himself was silently meditating, allowing his new mistresses to enjoy the vision of his childhood home. After a few minutes Jane and Anna, who had grown silent in their enjoyment, began to notice sounds creeping into the picture. The leaves and grass rustling in a light breeze, the airy voices of pixies and fairies, the delightful sounds of griffin and phoenix wings, and the dozens of other noises an enchanted world brings. Presently, Jane and Anna both turned in surprise as a childish and familiar voice declared, “You may be bigger than me Jonsturny, but I can shoot fire AND ice! All you can do is light the candles for mom.”


Accompanying this taunt, the image of an even smaller Al flew into view, followed by a much larger emerald green dragon.


“At least MY flame is big enough to light a candle Aliphonsore,” jeered Jonsturny, “You’re lucky to singe the wick.”


“Well MOM says…”Al’s retort was interrupted by the sharply musical voice of a somewhat medium sized dragon, decked out in deep orange flowers a few shades darker than her own scale color. Amethyst eyes flashing, she called the boys to her.


“I told you two to be home an hour ago! Your father is bringing the fairy’s royal family home for dinner and I need your help.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jonsturny murmured.


“Sorry mom,” Al whispered.


The brothers hung their heads and darted sheepish looks at each other as they followed their mother on the homeward path. Soon they entered the mouth of a large, well lit cavern. There they found three more dragons already making preparations. A small pink one wearing a diaper was carefully attempting to decorate with flowers and leafs while a slightly larger turquoise dragon supervised. They were being watched by a smiling older dragon whose purple body was shot through with silver.


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