This isn’t your typical fairy tale, with a fair maiden locked in the tower and guarded by a fearsome dragon, just waiting for the bravest of knights to rescue her from such a frightening and drearily boring life.

Nope, in this story the fair maiden is anything but ordinary. In this tale, the maiden is the DRAGON and (bum, bum, BAAAA) that dragon is ME!!

Hello, my name is Frieda and I’m not supposed to exist. I know this because all three of the people I have tried to speak to took one look at me and then SCREAMED it. Well, more like they stammered it to begin but the screaming isn’t usually far behind.

Anyway, I don’t know how I got here, or where I’m from, or even if I have a family somewhere. I do know that so far it seems like those people are right, there is no such thing as dragons. Maybe I don’t exist. Maybe I just made myself up. I’m really good at pretending you know. Why just yesterday I pretended up an entire meal to go with my old cauliflower and it was delicious!

Well, I had better get going now. There have been rumors whispered among the animals, brought to them on bird’s wings that strange creatures are stirring. Creatures that that maybe shouldn’t exist. If they’re right, if the rumors are true, I want to find these strange creatures and see if they know who I am.

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